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The Scatter Monsters slot developed by Quickspin and released in January 2023 invites all players to attend the Scatterbury festival where monsters gather for a legendary party.

Welcome to the Coachella of the Underworld, Quickspin’s Scatterbury Festival is the demonic version with a host of zombies, demons, and vampires to fill up the soul counters and unlock special features. Among these features, symbol upgrades, color deletions and a free spins bonus with a dynamic multiplier can be triggered to take you to the bowels of the earth.

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Scatter Monsters - Slot Review

Scatter Monsters Slot to Play

Scatter Monsters is a Scatter Pays slot that plays on a 6×6 symbol grid with an average volatility and RTP of 96.08%. Wins of up to 1493x the bet with brand new mechanics are to be expected during this hot festival.

Start the game with a great preview of what’s to come. Carried by a heavy and electric rhythm, Scatter Monsters slot shows a lava lake surrounded by underground creatures. The game’s reels feature all sorts of monsters from the underworld, the place where Satan awaits you when you enter the VIP corner in the Free Spins bonus.

Scatter Monsters compared to 3 different Quickspin slots

Slot nameBetting rangeRTPMax. winMultipliers
Scatter Monsters0.20-10096%1,493xNo
Cash Truck Xmas Delivery0.20-10096%25,000xYes
Raven Rising0.20-10096%6,804xYes

By adjusting your bet between $0.20 and $100, you will get your ticket to the festival and can spin the reels to make winning combinations. With the Scatter Pays mechanism, wins are formed when at least 8 identical symbols are positioned anywhere on the grid. Depending on the symbol and its number, you will win different rewards. The small vampire, small zombie and small demon will pay up to 0.75x, 1x and 1.25x the bet respectively. The Vampire, Zombie and Demon will pay up to 1.50x, 2x and 3x the maximum bet, while the large version will pay up to 4x, 5x and 10x the maximum bet. This may give you an idea of the payouts, but we suggest you take a look at the table to get more details on this. Also, a Wild is present to replace all other symbols except the Heavens Gift symbol.

When a win appears on the screen, the winning symbols are sucked into their respective counters and the symbols disappear from the grid. The remaining symbols tumble and new symbols appear to create successive new wins.

Scatter Monsters slot comes with new mechanics to add a dose of action to the festival. Filling up the various soul counters allows access to color removal features, symbol upgrades or access to Free Spins where the win multiplier increases progressively.

Good & Bad sides of Scatter Monsters

Good sides

  • Several base game features
  • Upgrade weak symbols
  • Wide betting range

Bad sides

  • Very low max. win
  • No bonus buy feature

Heavens Gift

Heavens Gift is a symbol that can fill up between 10 and 50 souls in one of the soul counters.

Soul Meters

By filling the Soul Meters completely, you will unlock one of the features when there are no more wins. You fill up these meters with winning combinations or with Heavens Gift. You can easily overflow the counters to trigger the feature several times.

Vampire Soul Meter

It will take 20 vampire souls to fill this meter and trigger the Symbol Upgrade feature. All weaker symbols of all colors will be upgraded to their strongest version.

Scatter Monsters

Fill up the blue meter to unlock the symbol upgrade feature!

Zombie Soul Meter

It will take 40 zombie souls to fill this meter and trigger the Color Removal function. All symbols of a random color will be removed and their souls will be stored in the corresponding soul meter.

Demon Soul Meter

It will take 60 demon souls to fill this meter and trigger 8 Free Spins. Once the meter is full, it is possible to overflow it to get an additional Free Spin for every 25 demon souls collected.

Free Spins

During the free spins, you can also win 1 additional free spin for every 60 demon souls collected. The demon souls left in the Soul Meter after each free spin will be converted into a win multiplier applied to the spin. So, depending on the number of souls left, you can multiply your winnings by 1x, 3x, 5x, 7x, 10x or 20x.


This feature, which is also known as Scatter Pays mechanism, allows players to form winnings no matter the position of the symbols. There just have to be 8 or more of the same symbol anywhere.

We offer a free version of this slot, so you don’t need to worry about spending any money.

In order to win, you must land on 8 or more of the same symbols. Plus, Scatter Monsters has a Scatter Pays feature, which increases your chances of winning big! If you’re not so lucky, try our other slots.

You can try out the demo version directly on our website. If you mean to deposit real funds and try your luck with Scatter Monsters, you can check our list of trusted casinos and find one that suits your needs best.

Yes, you can do that by filling up the red meter with 60 symbols.

Software Quickspin
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 6x6
Paylines Pay Anywhere
Slot Game Features Free Spins, Pay Anywhere Feature, Symbol Collection, Upgrade feature, Wild Symbol
Min. Bet 0.20
Max. Bet 100
Slot Themes Monsters
Slot RTP 96%
Scatter Monsters Slot by Quickspin

Game Winnings and Payouts

Scatter Monsters Grand Demon Symbol

x21-25 = €5.00

x16-20 = €4.00

x13-15 = €3.00

x10-12 = €2.00

x8-9 = €1.50

Scatter Monsters Huge Zombie Symbol

x26-36 = €5.00

x21-25 = €4.00

x16-20 = €3.00

x13-15 = €2.00

x10-12 = €1.50

x8-9 = €1.25

Scatter Monsters Large Vampire Symbol

x26-36 = €4.00

x21-25 = €3.00

x16-20 = €2.00

x13-15 = €1.50

x10-12 = €1.25

x8-9 = €1.00

Scatter Monsters Demon Symbol

x26-36 = €3.00

x21-25 = €2.00

x16-20 = €1.50

x13-15 = €1.25

x10-12 = €1.00

x8-9 = €0.75

Scatter Monsters Zombie Symbol

x26-36 = €2.00

x21-25 = €1.50

x16-20 = €1.25

x13-15 = €1.00

x10-12 = €0.75

x8-9 = €0.60

Scatter Monsters Vampire Symbol

x26-36 = €1.50

x21-25 = €1.25

x16-20 = €1.00

x13-15 = €0.75

x10-12 = €0.60

x8-9 = €0.50

Scatter Monsters Puny Demon Symbol

x26-36 = €1.25

x21-25 = €1.00

x16-20 = €0.75

x13-15 = €0.60

x10-12 = €0.50

x8-9 = €0.40

Scatter Monsters Hatcling Zombie Symbol

x26-36 = €1.00

x21-25 = €0.75

x16-20 = €0.60

x13-15 = €0.50

x10-12 = €0.40

x8-9 = €0.25

Scatter Monsters Impish Vampire Symbol

x26-36 = €0.75

x21-25 = €0.60

x16-20 = €0.50

x13-15 = €0.40

x10-12 = €0.25

x8-9 = €0.20


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