Sticky Bandits Unchained

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The seasoned slot player knows that Sticky Bandits Unchained is not the first “Sticky Bandits” slot machine.

In fact, it is already the 5th slot machine in the series. Sticky Bandits Unchained was preceded by Sticky Bandits Wild Return and Sticky Bandits 3 Most Wanted, among others.

So in a sense, you know what to expect from Sticky Bandits Unchained. The game is set in the wild west, bandits will play an important role and the atmosphere will generally be dark.

All the ingredients are present for an exciting adventure.

The Best Online Casinos & Bonuses to Play Sticky Bandits Unchained for Real Money

Sticky Bandits Unchained - Slot Review

A restless saloon

We do like games with the necessary excitement, so in that regard, Sticky Bandits Unchained is the right place to be. The excitement starts with the typical “wild west” soundtrack. The sound could easily be heard during a western movie as well.

Visually too, Sticky Bandits Unchained has all the facets you need for a slot machine set in the wild west.

As soon as you unlock 1 of the 3 free spins features, you may enter the saloon.

Sticky Bandits Unchained

In Sticky Bandits Unchained, you will learn to shoot as good as bandits!

The playing area of Sticky Bandits Unchained has 5 reels, each consisting of 3 symbols. There are also 10 paylines on which you have to spin at least 3 of the same symbols from left to right to make a winning combination.

You can play Sticky Bandits Unchained with a minimum bet of $0.20 and a maximum bet of $100 per spin. The RTP is set at a maximum of 96.09%.

Furthermore, the game has high volatility and you can win up to 30,000 times your bet each spin.


As is the case in quite a few “Sticky Bandits” slots, the wild symbol plays an important role. Normal wilds can turn into 2×2 mega wilds. It doesn’t stop there, as you need wilds to trigger each of the 3 free spins features in Sticky Bandits Unchained.

Positive & Negative points of Sticky Bandits Unchained

Positive points

  • Win up to 30,000 times your bet
  • 3 versions of the free spins feature
  • Spin 3 wilds to see 1 of those wilds turn into a sticky mega wild

Negative points

  • May appear with lower RTP percentages

Mega wilds

Logically, you can use wilds in Sticky Bandits Unchained simply as wilds. However, you can also make winning combinations consisting entirely of wilds. For example, 5 wilds on a payline yield 75 times your bet.

In the event that you spin 3 wilds simultaneously on the playing field during the base game, 1 of the 3 wilds turns into a mega wild with dimensions of 2×2.

Moreover, this is a sticky wild, which therefore sticks to its position (mega wilds appear in the form of a female bandit).

Sticky Bandits Unchained free spins

You can trigger all three versions of the free spins feature only by spinning enough wilds.

Standard free spins

The “regular” wild west free spins feature you unlock by simultaneously spinning 3 wilds. You will then receive 10 free spins, in which each spun wild is sticky, meaning they will stick to their position until the feature ends.

Unchained compared to previous parts of the Sticky Bandits slot series

Slot nameRTPVolatilityMax. winFree SpinsMultipliers
Unchained96%High30,000xYes + sticky wildsYes
Trail of Blood92.23%High10.000xYes + sticky wildsNo
Most Wanted95.82%High22,468xYes + sticky wildsYes
Sticky Bandits (1st part)96.58%HighN/AYes + sticky wildsNo
Wild Return96.22%High1,492xYes + colossal symbolsNo

Peacemaker bonus

You unlock the peacemaker bonus free spins feature by spinning 4 wilds at the same time. In this version of the free spins feature, you do not receive a fixed number of free spins, as the feature ends as soon as a drum symbol lands on the playing field. This is the cylinder of a revolver.

It has room for 5 bullets. In Sticky Bandits Unchained, the cylinder is not filled with bullets but with multipliers. These are 4 multipliers of x2 and 1 multiplier of x3, x5 or x10. One of these multipliers is chosen at random and then applied to the winnings of the last free spin.

Peacemaker bonus fully loaded

The peacemaker bonus fully loaded free spins feature is unlocked by simultaneously spinning 5 wilds. This version of the free spins feature is actually exactly the same as its predecessor with 1 important difference: the drum symbol works slightly differently.

Instead of the drum having room for 5 multipliers, it now has room for 6 multipliers. Of those 6 multipliers, 3 are x2 and the other 3 can have values of x20, x50 or x500.


This is a popular slot machine provider available at many online casinos. You can try the game in demo mode on our website. If you want to play for real money, check out some of the websites on our list of the best options for playing Sticky Bandits Unchained.

No, in this slot machine, as in other online casino slots, no strategies and tactics work. They cannot guarantee a 100% payout of winnings.

The working principle of this slot is standard. Players need to decide the bet amount, spin the reels and wait for combinations of identical symbols to form on the active paylines.

Yes, there are bonuses. Players can count on free spins, a risk round for doubling, a themed bonus round.

Software Quickspin
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 5x3
Paylines 10
Slot Game Features Colossal Symbol, Free Spins, Multipliers, Scatters, Sticky Wilds, Wild Symbol
Min. Bet 0.20
Max. Bet 100
Slot Themes Wild West
Slot RTP 96%
devices Mobile versionTablet versionDesktop version
Sticky Bandits Unchained Slot by Quickspin

Game Winnings and Payouts

Sticky Bandits Unchained Green Bandit Symbol

x5 = €25.00

x4 = €5.00

x3 = €1.00

Sticky Bandits Unchained Woman Bandit Symbol

x5 = €20.00

x4 = €4.00

x3 = €0.75

Sticky Bandits Unchained Red Bandit Symbol

x5 = €15.00

x4 = €3.00

x3 = €0.60

Sticky Bandits Unchained Horse Symbol

x5 = €10.00

x4 = €2.00

x3 = €0.50

Sticky Bandits Unchained Ace Symbol

x5 = €5.00

x4 = €0.75

x3 = €0.25

Sticky Bandits Unchained King Symbol

x5 = €4.00

x4 = €0.60

x3 = €0.20

Sticky Bandits Unchained Queen Symbol

x5 = €3.00

x4 = €0.50

x3 = €0.10

Sticky Bandits Unchained Jack Symbol

x5 = €2.00

x4 = €0.50

x3 = €0.10


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