Slots with Bonus Buy Feature

Gambling has always been a fascinating activity and avid players know that the most renowned game studios never cease to amaze us. One never knows what new feature the next slot would have. That was the case with the Megaways slots that have taken the industry by storm and offered a mind-blowing number of winning opportunities.

Around the same time, game providers added the so-called bonus buy feature to their products. If you have ever clenched your fists in frustration that you cannot trigger the bonus round after a hundred spins, the bonus buy feature was a godsend. Of course, there were people who accused the bonus buy feature users of gaining unfair advantage. Some gambling commissions also expressed their concerns that the bonus buy would deepen the problem gambling issues.

As a matter of fact, if you play video games, you must have heard of the notorious loot boxes that are essentially a package you purchase and get in-game items, loot, weapons that help you defeat your opponents. The loot boxes were condemned as a form of gambling. Likewise, the bonus buy feature was frowned upon for ruining the excitement of the gameplay.

Now, let’s see what is the fuss all about, weigh the pros and cons of purchasing a bonus buy feature and outline the best slots providing the option of immediate trigger of the bonus rounds.

Slots with Bonus Buy Feature
Slots with Bonus Buy Feature
What is a Bonus Buy Slot_

What is a Bonus Buy Slot?

Bonus buy is an option that enables you to unlock premium features or bonus rounds – multipliers, game modifiers, extra symbols, free spins, to name a few. If a slot has a bonus buy, you will see a button placed next to the “spin” button or the wager adjustment buttons.

Watch our video for the top 5 Bonus-buy slots

The bonus buy allows you to trigger a bonus round instantly, but it comes at a hefty price that is usually in the range 50x-100x your stake worth. The greater the winning potential, the higher the price of the bonus buy. If we assume you deposit Є100, and you decide to use the bonus buy that costs 100x your stake, you will have to pay Є100×100 = Є1000.

That’s a bit on the higher side, but you never know how much you would win from the bonus round. The outcome of the game is completely random and you may win a thousand times the amount of your stake. However, you might not win back even half of the amount you paid for the bonus buy purchase.

Best 3 casinos where you can buy a bonus

What Does a Buy Feature Mean in Slots_

What Does a Buy Feature Mean in Slots?

The availability of a bonus buy feature means you do not need to wait for hundreds of spins and eventually trigger the bonus round. You can immediately activate it as long as you are willing to pay 50x-100x your bet.

Can You Buy Bonus on Slots in the UK?

The UK gambling market is thriving, but it is one of the most heavily regulated in Europe. In this respect, the use of a bonus buy feature is forbidden. If you come across a slot with an active bonus buy option, chances are that this is an unlicensed casino and you are playing at your own risk.

Things to Consider Before Pushing the Bonus Buy Button

Can you afford the purchase

Can you afford the purchase?

Is the risk justified – is the potential payout generous enough

is the potential payout generous enough?

Are you playing with bonus money?

Are you playing with bonus money?

What are the Best Bonus Buy Slots

Wanted Dead or a Wild

Wanted Dead or a Wild

The Wild West slot theme never gets old and Hacksaw altered the popular “Wanted: dead or alive” to provide players with a title that would keep them on their toes for hours on end. Well, if you get tired of the anxious, butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling that namely the next spin would trigger the bonus round, the bonus buy option is exactly what you need.

There are three bonus rounds you can trigger by landing a certain number of symbols during the base game. However, you can also trigger them using the bonus buy option as follows:

  • The Great Train Robbery – 80x your stake
  • Duel at Dawn – 200x your stake
  • Dead Man’s Hand – 400x your stake

Although the price of 400x your stake looks intimidating, you should consider the fact that you gain immediate access to a superb game feature and you have the real chance to win twice as much as you spent for the purchase.

Wanted Dead or a Wild Free Play.

Azticons Chaos Cluster

Azticons Chaos Clusters

Whenever we think about a game studio specializing in grid slots Quickspin is the first that comes to mind. The Azticons Chaos Clusters is a high volatility roller coaster that comes with a massive win potential and a great part of that winning potential lies in the bonus round called Sacred Free Spins.

To trigger it, you need to land four scatters in which case you get 7 free spins. The more scatters you land, the more free spins you get. Each winning cascade increases the multiplier. If you want to speed up your journey into the rainforest, you can purchase the bonus round at the price of 150x your stake worth.

Azticons Chaos Cluster Free Play.

Stargate Megaways – SG

Stargate Megaways

Stargate is a Megaways slot by the industry veteran SG. Is there anything better than a slot offering up to 117, 649 ways to win along with the option of triggering the bonus round immediately? We think not.

When you start playing, you will see a segmented trail on the left. Each winning cascade moves the position of the trail by 1. When you reach segment 5, you are awarded a modifier that can be anything from a random wild to wild reels, expanding reels, mystery symbols or the so-called “regenerate” where all symbols are replaced by new ones thus giving you new winning opportunities.

If you proceed to segments 7, 8, and 9, you get free spins, multipliers, increased number of payways, cash, extra wilds. To gain instant access to segments 5, 7, 8, or 9, you can purchase them at the price of 31,5x, 45,5x, 72,5 or 123,5x your stake, respectively.

Stargate Megaways Free Play.

Vikings Go To Valhalla

Vikings Go To Valhallа by Yggdrasil

Vikings Go to Valhalla is a feature-rich, exciting title, but this time around, we will focus solely on the bonus buy round. Let’s see if it is worth the purchase.

For the modest price of 7x your bet, you can buy a spin on the Ragnarok Wheel where you may win 7 Ragnarok free spins with a multiplier and sticky wilds.

The regular free spins can be purchased at the price of 80x your stake.

If you do not want to count solely on your luck and you are adamant you are getting those Ragnarok Free Spins, they can be yours at the price of 330x your stake. When you use up your Ragnarok Free Spins, you will spin the Ragnarok Wheel.

Vikings Go To Valhalla Free Play.

Bison Bonanza

Bison Bonanza by Blueprint

If you live in a country where bonus buy is available, here’s what you can get when playing the Bison Bonanza slot.

You can get instant access to the free spins round at the price of 100x your bet. No matter if you trigger the feature organically or take advantage of the bonus buy option, you will have to choose between the following:

  • 5 free spins with a multiplier between x8 and x500
  • 8 free spins with a multiplier between x4 and x200
  • 12 free spins with multiplier between x2 and x100
  • Mystery choice – you are awarded a random number of free spins and a random multiplier

For the price of 248x your bet, you can spin the Bison Wheel where you are awarded up to 20 spins with a multiplier between x2 and x500.

Bison Bonanza Free Play.

Game Studios Offering Bonus Buy Slots

Game Studios Offering Bonus Buy Slots

The bonus buy feature is so popular that we see more and more slotmakers integrating it into their new games. In the end, it all comes down to graphics qualify, payout potential, and sensible price. Based on these criteria, we recommend you the games of Yggdrasil, Quickspin, Elk, Hacksaw, and Pragmatic Play.

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