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Best 5 casinos to play slots for real money
#Casino nameBonusGamesVisit casino
1Bizzo Casino€400 + 150 Free Spins3000+ Read review
2CasiGo Casinoup to €1100 + 375 Free Spins1500+ Read review
3Refuel Casino10% Cashback on Slot Losses2000+ Read review
4Golden Crown Casino100% up to $10,000 + 100 Free Spins1300+ Read review
5Casino.com100% up to $1000 + 200 spins!2000+ Read review

Pros & Cons of playing free slots


  • No need to deposit real money.
  • Try as many as you want. Risk-free.
  • No need to sign up or share your data.
  • Play anywhere from any device


  • No real winnings.
  • Easy-to-win with demo money.

Most played free slots for 2022

Free slot games are also used by foreign online casinos that are restricted from providing such services in a given country in order to entice clients in deciding one day to make the trip for the real-money experience. Countries where online gambling is illegal, free slots are still permitted. Among the most popular free slots games are the “Cleopatra slots” and “Double Diamonds.”

Here are our players most favourite slots. You can play a demo for free or choose the right casino to play for real and try your chance.

NameSoftware providerRTPReelsPay linesMinimum bet
Monopoly MegawaysBig Time Gaming96.4%6117,6490.10
Book of DeadPlay N’ Go96.2%5100.10
Bonanza MegawaysBig Time Gaming96%6117,6490.20
Amazing FactoryPlaytech96.5%5400.20

What are Free Slots?

A Quick Primer for the Uninitiated

Free slots, also known as demo slots, are completely free to play for all players. These casino slots need no cash deposit at any time. There is no real money wagered to play. The units used to play them are called credits. Depending upon the game selected and the region being played in, credits are named credits, dollars, euros, or even funs. What is best about these games is that they are the same games as the paid slots. Players are not playing a watered-down version or a generic version of a game they remember seeing in a casino somewhere. They are playing that exact game.

Documents to verify your account at Bizzo Casino

No Restrictions at Any Time

The best free play games that players can find are the demo casino games that do not hold anything back from the players to experience. Everything is available to sample for as long as they have credits. Players see and hear the reels spin. They play bonus games. The excitement of free spin modes is a real experience. The familiar ching-ching sound that accompanies a big win draws the attention of everyone within earshot. The only difference between free slots and paid slots is no money ever gets lost or spent.

No Strings, No Problems

No registration is needed to play any of these demo slots. It is completely anonymous and safe. No payment information is kept on file, and no email address means there are no random emails in the inbox or spam folder. Millions of players can enjoy the games in their pyjamas after awakening. This is especially important today as staying at home is the safest anyone can make themselves.

Jackpot Slots

Getting Progressive…

Progressive jackpot games pool a fraction of the bets from all players playing to build up the displayed jackpot. Each player’s wager then buys two things. The first is a chance to win any of the prizes listed on the paytable. The second is a chance for the large jackpot as long as certain conditions are met like a maximum bet on the active pay line for the winning combination. For all progressives, the jackpots start at a default value. Each time a player spins, a fraction of the wager spent is used to increase the jackpot by a predetermined amount. This continues until the jackpot is won. Then, the cycle begins again at the default value.


…Then Getting Lucky

The jackpots can get huge for larger networks. If the group of games is available for an entire country, players from all over there can be contributing to a massive million-dollar jackpot. The games are versatile too. They can scale down and localise to a group of machines or even a single device if desired. As long as the jackpot increases until it is won, that machine is considered a progressive jackpot game. For free play games, no money is won, but that doesn’t remove the bragging rights one receives for winning a jackpot from the comfort of their home.

Classic Slots

An Oldie but a Goodie

Classic slots follow the game mechanics of the first generation slot games. The majority of these demo slots have just three reels. The symbols appearing on them are mainly sevens, bars, and fruits. Occasionally, there is a wild symbol added to the game. The pay line is a single one or any number up to thirty lines depending on the game being played.

Live casino

Las Vegas Fun Without All the Smoky Interiors

Classic slots are made to evoke an old Vegas feeling of nostalgia. That’s why they are called classic slots. These games often look like slots from the sixties and seventies complete with a digital arm that can be moved using a touchscreen! Classic is not old, and these demo slots have modern themes. They also do not need to scour the internet for physical equipment like cabinets set up in the basement to simulate that old Vegas look.

Megaways Slots

Megaways slots

Now for Something Different

A Megaways slot is a game where the number of symbols changes on a reel with each spin. A single reel might have three symbols on one spin and five on another. Each reel can change on each spin as the game dictates. Like other slots, the winning symbols must be identical on each reel to make a winning combination. With limited exceptions, the same reel can’t have all the symbols. They must all be adjacent to each other to form a winning combination. Unless they are “scatter” symbols that can appear anywhere on the reels in three or more combinations.

The New Kid in Town

Megaways games are a recent innovation. They are also incredibly unpredictable. There are thousands of different possibilities for each spin leading to a unique player experience on every play. Although Big Time Gaming introduced this way to play in 2016, the company followed up by making the technology they used licensable. Other software developers can use their brands and style after the purchase of the Megaways license. This availability has made Megaways quite popular among other software providers of slot games. This also increases the popularity of the mechanic with the gaming community at large.

Best Slots to Wager Bonus

What Is a Wager Bonus?

A wager bonus is some kind of incentive that a casino offers to the players to entice them to come to play at their casino. The three most popular bonuses are free spins on select machines, no-deposit bonuses, and matched bonuses. There are a few differences and one big similarity.

Free spins are somewhat self-explanatory. They are several spins gifted to players to try a game that a casino wants players to try. Strict wagering requirements lock any winnings associated with these free spins. Before withdrawal occurs, you must meet these wagering requirements.

No-deposit bonuses are deposits that the casino gives players to play within their casino and almost any game. No-deposit bonuses are free money a player does not have to deposit, but winnings from a no-deposit bonus are not withdrawable without meeting wagering requirements.

Finally, matched bonuses are bonuses that the casino will give to players depending on their deposits. A 100% match bonus of up to fifty dollars will see the casino matching whatever deposit the player makes up to the first fifty dollars. Winnings made with this bonus also have wagering requirements.

slots wagering differences

Winning for Profit

The similarity between all of these bonuses is, of course, the wagering requirements. Depending upon the wagering requirements set forth by a casino, the best slots for any player looking to win are the slots contributing more heavily to those requirements. Players get into a payout status quicker and can withdraw money from winnings as soon as the payment processor has cleared a funds transfer.

Here’s a good example. Bill can play either a game with nine pay lines with wagers of one dollar per pay line (nine dollars total) or a game with twenty-five pay lines with a bet of fifty cents per pay line (twelve dollars and fifty cents total). The second game will contribute to wagering requirements faster than the first.

If the second game is extremely popular, then the casino will limit the contributions towards the requirements to 50%. This means every spin is now only worth six dollars and twenty-five cents towards the wagering requirements and the first game is now the better choice at 100% contributions of nine dollars. To see a more in-depth explanation of wagering requirements, check out this article here.

Thumbs up

All of the Fun and None of the Hassle

With demo slots, none of this math is ever necessary. Players are free to wager however much they want with no repercussions or calculations. They can wager this amount as many times as they desire. Players that run out of credits reload the game’s page to restart with a full bank of credits and the ability to spend them all again without owing any money to anyone.

Software Providers

So Many Choices

With the current popularity of casino slots and no end in sight of the demand for more games, hundreds of software companies make games for online casinos. Some of the older players are still in the game and are being joined by new developers every year. It is an open market that rewards cutting edge design and maximising strategies for players. The games come in various themes with an assortment of payout percentages in as many currencies as available.

Casino Software Providers

Cream of the Crop

While there are hundreds of software providers available, there are some that rise above the others due to various reasons: cutting edge design, excellent branding, exciting concepts, etc. These companies are just a small number of all the providers available.

  • Microgaming: A well-known developer established in 1994 praised for their bonus features and progressive jackpots. Many sites all around the world feature their games today.
  • NetEnt: This Swedish company opened its doors in 1996 and began to see success as a software provider in 2002. Exciting graphics and high quality are some of the accolades heaped onto this company from many gaming enthusiasts worldwide.
  • NextGen Gaming: This developer is an internationally known company that provides games all over the globe. They are constantly praised for their quality games and continue to earn that praise with their consistency.
  • Novomatic: The largest manufacturer of slot games, the Novomatic name alone draws crowds of players to casinos the world over. Established in 1980, this company has a considerable footing in both physical and digital casino gaming.
  • Play’n Go: For years, Play’n Go has been developing software in this industry. They have since become one of the top developers of mobile-optimized games after recognising quickly that mobile gaming was a huge future draw.
  • Big Time Gaming: The original developers of the Megaways mechanic took the slot game industry by storm. They are all about engaging their players and giving them something new every time they play.
  • iSoftBet: A leader in branded slots, this developer has many well-known intellectual properties they’ve attached their games onto. They stand by their promise to replicate the excitement and look of live gaming.
  • Thunderkick: One of the newer developers, they stand out with their unique features in both themes and gameplay that sets them apart from the rest of the group.

With just this small fraction of software providers, it is easy to see just how large and competitive the market is for slot games. With each company having its strengths and specialities, there is a wonderful variety of games available for everyone to find something that they like.

What are Brands?

What exactly are branded slots and why are they so important? The simple answer is a brand is something recognizable that someone is a fan of. Pinball machines were using branding for years before they fell into disuse. When it comes to slots, branding a slot can make a huge difference between a success and a flop depending upon the current trends in the market today. They often require a license agreement between the intellectual property (IP) holder and the software provider designing the game.

For the past twenty years, Marvel Films has been releasing superhero movies and crafting a twenty-three movie storyline that also includes television series and other supplemental materials. For many of the movies released, there have been tie-in games released as well. Because superheroes have been a massive draw for the past few decades, it is a recognisable brand that draws people in.

There are many different brands that software providers have used in the past and could use in the future. Here are just some of the areas available:

  • Comic Books: With the attention superheroes get today, there are many opportunities for branding available.
  • Movies: Films usually have insanely large marketing campaigns that intersect with all areas of life, including gaming.
  • Musicians: Many of the more famous musicians have games that play their licensed music in an attempt to draw in their fans. Music fans are incredibly loyal customers.
  • Sports Organisations: With the spread of casinos outside of Nevada to nearly every state having a casino, casinos can use team brands to draw in sports fans. Sports fans are often hardcore fans who rarely waver even when the team is losing.
  • Television Shows: Like films, major television shows usually have some kind of marketing campaign to connect with fans outside of the television.
  • Video Games: One of the less common areas of branding, there are still some slot games based on video game characters. With video games now becoming a powerful medium of their own, there is more overlap between these two areas than ever before.

Anything can be a brand. Cities, board games, pets have all been examples of brands. Even other casino games can be considered as brands for software developers.

Free Play vs Real Play

Problems with Bizzo casino

The Major Differences

Demo casino games are free to play with no money to be won. There is zero chance of collecting a reward. Jackpots become strictly for bragging rights with no life-changing payout. With cash payouts, progressive jackpots, and generous bonuses, is there a point in not diving right away into the regular slot games?

There is a story that circulates among casino workers. A patron walks up to a slot machine and slides the member’s club card into the slot. Unable to get the machine working, he flags over the slot attendant. Seeing the note on the game that it is out of order, she tells the customer that there is a machine just like the one he desires to play in the other aisle. He scoffs at her and says that this machine is the one he felt he needed to play. The attendant is baffled as his feelings led him to a broken machine.

The moral of the story is this: do not rely on your feelings when you play slot games. They do not help anyone win. Due to their nature, slot games are games of chance. There is no skill required to input credits, spin the reels, and watch them stop. The skill necessary for slots is in choosing the correct slot to play. This means the good reason not to just jump into playing paid slots is to do the research first.

responsible gambling

Try Before You Buy

The primary purpose of playing free slots as often as possible is simply to learn how these games work. Playing these games is a great way to learn the rules and expected payouts. Demo slots should be played as often as possible as they are the best way to get acquainted with games. Before there were demo casino games, the only way anyone could learn how to play a casino slot was to either watch someone play and observed or deposit money into the slot and play.

While the first option is not considered a breach of casino etiquette, the person playing may take offence to the close observation while playing. It’s also bad form to ask him or her questions while they are playing their game. This turns out to be a quick way to get into an argument with a stranger.

The second option gets prohibitively expensive. Some of the slot games have a gamble feature. This allows players to gamble their winnings to increase the payout. Many games with this feature give the player the ability to only use half of their winnings. Suppose a player isn’t aware of this and bets it all on a gamble either intentionally or accidentally. In that case, this is a costly mistake as one dollar bets on a machine with twenty-five pay lines uses fifty dollars in just two spins. This type of situation makes free games a real boon to players who wish to “try before they buy” a particular game.


Unlimited Fun on Limited Funds

The last reason to play free slots is to simply have fun playing a game without worrying whether there will be enough money to continue playing. Playing a free game removes the worries that a run of bad luck will end a player’s fun in a short period. Players only have to worry about what game they want to play and that’s it. As gaming is meant to be relaxing and not stressful, it becomes a way to excite the brain’s pleasure area without misgivings. The experience turns out to be fun as well as educational.

Differences Between Slots at Different Casinos

Does One Size Fit All?

Visually, there is very little difference between playing a particular slot machine at one casino and playing the same game at a different casino. The differences are usually seen in the software and only then in a few places. The largest of these differences is how bet sizes are calculated.

Many games have adjustable values for the currency used. This number value can be anything from one-tenth of a British pound to two times the euro’s value depending on the casino’s local money. The wins are exponentially more significant at higher values, but the amount spent on each spin can become draining very quickly.

It is the same for free slots. The values can be adjusted, making the credits more costly. Free play games have the advantage as no currency is exchanged and no money changes hands. Players can experiment with the values and simulate the differences between playing a game as a penny slot or at a whole dollar without losing a dime.

is it legal to play at non Japanlicensed casino

Doing the Math

On a few occasions, return to player (RTP) can differ depending upon the casino’s region requirements and the capital they have available. Software providers understand this and offer their games at various RTP values. For them, it is a simple process to adjust the mathematics involved in slot games.

This is not the case for the casinos themselves. After installation and activation, any alteration to RTP initiates a process that is neither fast nor easy. Making changes in the casino requires a lot of paperwork to the local gambling authority to indicate that a change is made. The gambling authority then orders the retesting of the system to maintain certification.

Deposit method


The final difference between casinos is the deposit method. Demo casino games need no deposit or payment information. Paid casinos, however, do require some type of payment method dependent upon the player’s location. It’s best to do some research on what is available before registering with any online casino. Each deposit method has its own rules regarding fees, deposit limits, transaction time, and fund availability.

Free Slots

Free Slots

With the world having changed after 2020, now is the best time for players to go online and check out the free play available to them. It’s easier than ever to play with the only complex decision being which theme to play. Dragons, spaceships, heroes, or cars, the world and all of its images are there at the click of a mouse or the touch of a screen. What is most important for anyone wanting to play free slot games at an online casino is to have fun with it.

Evolution of the Slot MachineThe History of Slots

Like hunting and fishing, gambling is an activity rooted in ancient history. Odds and wagers are old concepts first introduced in long-dead civilisations. Even the Bible mentions casting lots which scholars believe helped to determine random results. Slot games are like many other modern inventions. They show that humans are exceptional at examining old concepts and making new ideas to send into the future.


Humble Beginnings

Around 1891, it is believed that the first slot machine was introduced by a company called Sittman and Pitt. The device used five mechanical drums as reels with ten poker cards on each reel for a thousand different combinations of poker hands. It cost just five cents to play a spin with no real payout mechanism. This left players who won to approach the bartender to collect their winnings.


The Liberty Bell

Later, in 1895, Charles Fey devised a slot that would immediately pay a player after a winning combination. He called this slot the Liberty Bell. He was the first to use symbols on his reels using bells, cherries, and other fruits instead of poker cards. With many classic slots still using these symbols, Charles changed the landscape of slot gaming. His invention led to many copies of his work, and the first widespread expansion of slot machines in America began.


A Rough Start

Initially, slots were banned in the United States around the beginning of the 20th century. Their nature and their appearance led them to be labelled “one-armed bandits.” Like other prohibitions in the United States, this one did not last for long. Innovation, like nature, tends to find a way. Slots continued to grow in popularity with their promise of excitement and winning. Hotels and bars began hosting slot machines all over the country.


Video Killed the Mechanical Star

In the 1960s, the next major shift in how slot games played began. Bally, one of the oldest game developers in the world today, developed electromechanical reels for their machines. These reels allowed them to display the results of a spin using video graphics. This modification reduced the number of mechanical parts inside the games, making slots much easier to maintain and service.


A New Era Begins

Nearly ten years after electromechanical reels, the year 1976 saw the release of the first video slots. Television was used to display all of the graphics of a game by a company called Fortune Coin. This shift completely removed moving parts from the games and made them 100% digital. This shift proved so popular that Las Vegas soon began to feature these devices, and they became approved for widespread use on the whole strip shortly after. This was when the modern era of slots started.


The Rise of Progressive Jackpots

The 1980s brought gaming to a whole new frontier when the world’s first linked progressive slot was introduced. Slot games surged even more in popularity after this because of accessibility. Anyone from blue-collar to white-collar who played a game now had a shot at winning million-dollar payouts and not just the high rollers who spent thousands of dollars in casinos to make millions. With this accessibility, casinos began to slowly expand beyond Nevada’s borders and break ground in other states.


The Digital Age

Around the same time that the internet began to make its presence known in the nineties, game developers began to design to start online gambling. During this time, technology made tremendous leaps and bounds connecting people from across the country within minutes instead of days. Communication speeds became insanely fast with the development of mobile and fibre optic networks. Slot machines are constantly updated and innovated to take advantage of new hardware and software advances to make them accessible and fun.


Today and Beyond Reality

The mobile market has also become a massive component of social gaming, and players can download whole casino apps into their smartphones to play their favourite games and team up with other players in clubs. With the advent of virtual reality (VR), many game developers are exploring three-dimensional slots and VR games. It’s only a matter of time before a company decides to build a virtual casino where players can roam around wearing their VR headsets and meeting players from around the world while they seek out that million-dollar payout

Slots FAQ

Many of the more recent free slots play well on any modern browser on any computer. Slightly older games may have some problems if they use Adobe Flash Player for the game engine. As of  January 12, 2021, Adobe ended support for Flash Player. They have completely blocked its use, so anyone wishing to use it needs to utilise some type of workaround to play. Casinos that are updated frequently ensure this type of situation isn’t an issue.

A cookie is a piece of information stored on a computer by a web browser. This is used to allow a site to recognise a computer upon a later visit, making them useful for storing login information. They also personalise a user’s experience when revisiting a website later. With reputable websites, cookies are harmless and helpful. It’s always a good idea to ensure that whatever device is being used has adequate security software installed.

Many modern games use HTML5 as the backbone for their game. HTML5 doesn’t need downloads to play games. This also means that a wide range of more recent mobile devices will recognise these games, making them accessible away from home.

Some smartphones have downloadable apps to play slots. These apps offer a limited amount of starting credits that are refilled slowly. This delay in gameplay is an attempt to entice players to spend money to play more.

With the emphasis on getting as many players as possible, many companies design more recent games to play on any platform. This has become one of their priorities. This means that many games are accessible regardless of which operating system is used on a mobile device. Not every older game is cross-platform though, so all games that work on Android may not work on iOS and vice versa. HTML5 was designed as cross-platform limiting problems with the more recent games than with older games on iPhones and iPads.

With no money required to play, there is no deposit needed to play free slots. These games are entirely free to play.

Demo casino games use the same software that paid slots use. Winning combinations on these games rely on random numbers. Specialised software generates these random numbers. The testing process is independent of the company by third-party firms and gaming authorities. Players can do nothing to increase or decrease the odds of winning while playing. There are no skills that affect the generated numbers.

Gambling implies that there is risk involved. If money is not exchanged between the host and the player, there is no risk. So, playing any demo casino game is not considered gambling. It is wholly recreational and legal.

The slot volatility is a term that refers to how much and how often a slot will reward players. When volatility is high, the slot will pay big with less frequency. When volatility is low, the slot will pay more often, but the prizes will be less.

The good news is that we have a great selection of the hottest online slots available today. You can try many of them for free on this site with no registration necessary.

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