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Have you ever been to a fortune teller to have your future predicted? If not, today is the first time. Zaida’s Fortune from Red Tiger is all about predicting the future. To what extent you should believe the predictions of a fortune teller, that is for each person to decide.

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Zaida’s Fortune - Slot Review

Zaida's Fortune Slot to Play

Theme & Design

You can see within a single glance that Red Tiger has worked hard on the design of Zaida’s Fortune. Let’s start with the crystal ball. This ball is decorated with a beautiful golden rim.

Around the glass ball we see 2 hands with black painted nails. However, we do not see the head of Zaida the fortune teller, which makes the design very mysterious. Mystery, of course, is something that fits well with fortune-telling. So we are very excited about the design of Zaida’s Fortune.

Grid, Details & Specifics

Zaida’s Fortune is played on a playing field with dimensions of 5 by 4 symbols. The variance is medium to high and there is a payout percentage of 95.74%. We think that’s a shame. For a slot machine with so much potential, the RTP is very low. We would have liked the RTP to be 0.5% higher so it would be above the average of 96%.

PROs & CONs of Zaida's Fortune


  • The theme is very well incorporated into the design
  • During the free spins feature there is a possibility that all 3 Zaida’s features are active at the same time


  • Disappoints numerically

Furthermore, in this game you can win 2,300 times your stake. The stakes in Zaida’s Fortune can vary from a minimum of $0.10 to a maximum of $40 per spin.


What makes Zaida’s Fortune exciting is that in this slot, Zaida is not only busy predicting the future. At any time during the game she can suddenly cause a stir by activating one of her 3 features.

The activated feature then remains active for the next 5 spins. We are talking about the Remove Symbols feature, the Wild Abundance feature and the Multiplication feature. However, the highest prizes are distributed during the free spins feature. This free spins feature cannot be activated by Zaida by the way.

Remove Symbols feature

During the next 5 spins, Zaida will remove an additional symbol type from the playing field each spin. This means that the removed symbol cannot land on the playing field anymore as long as this feature is active. Symbols are removed by Zaida in this order: 10-J-Q-K-A.

Zaidas Fortune

During the base game, a modifier removes the weak symbols from the grid.

Wild Abundance feature

During the next 5 spins, Zaida will add 1 or 2 sticky wilds to the playing field each spin. A sticky wild will remain fixed on the spot during this feature.

This way after 5 spins a maximum of 10 sticky wilds can be landed. These sticky wilds are removed from the playing field after the 5th spin.

Multiplication feature

During the next 5 spins, Zaida will increase the win multiplier by +1 or +2 each time. So during the last spin, a x10 win multiplier can then be active. After that 5th spin, the multiplier disappears again.

Zaida’s Fortune vs. 3 other slots by Red Tiger

Slot nameRTPFree SpinsMultipliersMax. win
Zaida’s Fortune96%YesYes2,300x
Viral Spiral95.6%NoYes5,000x
Narcos Mexico95.7%YesYes10,486x

Zaida’s Fortune free spins

The interesting thing about the free spins feature of Zaida’s Fortune is that it is possible to trigger all three of the above features simultaneously. However, you must first spin a scatter on reels 1, 3 and 5, as that is the way to earn 5 free spins.

Before the feature starts, Zaida shuffles 3 cards on which the 3 features described above are displayed. It is your job as a player to choose 1 of the cards. The feature that earns it remains active throughout the free spins feature. After the 5th free spins you may draw another card:

If that card shows the word “collect”, the prize money is paid out and the feature ends.
If the card shows one of the features, you receive 5 additional free spins. During these spins both features are active. To activate all three features, you need to draw the feature card again after 5 free spins.


We offer a free version of Zaida’s Fortune, so you don’t need to worry about spending any money.

The best that you can land in Zaida’s Fortune is 2,300 times the bet.

Paylines: 30

Grid: 5×4

Betting options: 0.10-30

RTP: 96%

Volatility: High

Max. win: 2,300x

Zaida’s Fortune features Free Spins with modifiers as well as many base and bonus game modifiers such as symbol removal or multipliers.

Software Red Tiger
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 5x4
Paylines 30
Slot Game Features Free Spins, Multipliers, Scatters, Sticky Wilds, Symbol Removal, Wild Symbol
Min. Bet 0.10
Max. Bet 40
Slot Themes Fortune Teller, Magic
Slot RTP 96%
Zaida's Fortune Slot by Red Tiger Gaming

Game Winnings and Payouts

Zaida's Fortune Sun Symbol

x5 = 150

x4 = 60

x3 = 36

Zaida's Fortune Moon Symbol

x5 = 75

x4 = 45

x3 = 30

Zaida's Fortune Star Symbol

x5 = 75

x4 = 30

x3 = 24

Zaida's Fortune Cup Symbol

x5 = 60

x4 = 30

x3 = 18

Zaida's Fortune Sword Symbol

x5 = 45

x4 = 24

x3 = 18

Zaida's Fortune Ace Symbol

x5 = 30

x4 = 15

x3 = 9

Zaida's Fortune King Symbol

x5 = 24

x4 = 12

x3 = 6

Zaida's Fortune Queen Symbol

x5 = 18

x4 = 9

x3 = 6

Zaida's Fortune Jack Symbol

x5 = 15

x4 = 9

x3 = 3

Zaida's Fortune Ten Symbol

x5 = 12

x4 = 6

x3 = 3


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