Sweet Alchemy 2

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Sweet Alchemy 2 is an online video slot from Play’n GO. In this candy and sweets themed slot, the action takes place on a 9 reel, 9 row grid with a Cluster Pays payout mechanism. To get a win on this slot, you must collect four or more matching symbols horizontally or vertically. Sweet Alchemy 2 has an estimated default RTP of 96.4% and a maximum payout of 10,000x the bet. To play it, you need to deposit an amount between $0.10 and $100 on each spin. Sweet Alchemy 2 slot has a total of three features which are Bonus Wheel feature, Free Spins feature and Tumble feature.

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Sweet Alchemy 2 - Slot Review

Enjoy various kinds of treats

The action in this game takes place in a land of sweets comparable to Strawberry Shortcake. Behind the large game grid you will see a river of raspberries and around it chocolate rocks with lollipops planted in the grass. In the distance is a mountain of white cream, clouds of pink cotton candy and a blue sky that illuminates the scene.

Above the magician’s head is the game’s logo and at the bottom of the reels are the various slot machine settings. The payout symbols in Sweet Alchemy 2 slot are numerous and divided into two categories. Whether it’s the low payout or high payout symbols, they are all represented by candy.

However, the candy with the star shape pays the best and will award you up to 250 times the bet for a combination of 20 star candies collected. Sweet Alchemy 2 slot features two special symbols that are both Wilds symbols.

Sweet Alchemy 2 vs. 3 other Cluster Pays slots from Play n Go

Slot nameMax. winGridRTPBetting range
Sweet Alchemy 210,000x9×996.4%0.10-100
Sweet Alchemy3,000x5×596.5%0.10-100
Moon Princess Trinity4,000x5×596.2%0.10-100
Animal Madness2,250x5×596.2%0.10-100

On the one hand, there is the striped Wild symbol that when it lands substitutes for all regular payout symbols. And when it is part of a winning combination, it clears the other symbols in the same row and column as it. On the other hand, there is the Gobstopper Wild symbol that when it lands stays in place for the next five spins while replacing all regular payout symbols on the game board.

A feature-packed slot with up to 10,000 times the stake to win

Sweet Alchemy 2 slot has a maximum payout of 10,000x the stake and offers three features. These are the Bonus Wheel feature, the Free Spins feature and the Tumble feature.

The Tumble Feature

When you manage to form a winning combination during a game round, all the symbols in the combination are removed and replaced by other symbols. Keep in mind that the more symbols are removed from the reels and replaced, the higher your chances of winning on a single spin.

In addition, as the symbols fall, the playing area will expand, removing one chocolate position after another. This is how the game grid will reach its maximum size giving you more and more opportunities to form a winning combination.

Sweet Alchemy 2

Winnings will cause the grid to expand up to 9×9!

The free spins feature

To activate this feature, you must manage to destroy the entire chocolate area during the basic game. When this is done, you will be offered four free spins as a reward for continuing your game play. Before we go any further, you should know that the free spins take place on a new grid with chocolate squares in play.

During the free spins, there are 2×2 symbols that can land and help you expand your playing area. For every new chocolate square destroyed, you will receive in return 4 more free spins with this time 3×3 symbols.

The next chocolate squares destroyed will also give you 4 free spins with 4×4 symbols this time and so on until the feature ends. In total, you can win up to 12 free spins. Of course, the feature ends when you have no more spins in play.

PROs & CONs of Sweet Alchemy 2


  • Visible improvement since the last version
  • Win up to 10,000x
  • Wide betting range
  • Packed with bonuses / features


  • RTP may vary among different casinos

The Bonus Wheel Feature

This feature comes into play during the free spins where you can see to the right of the reels a counter. In order to get a reward, you have to fill this counter with the corresponding symbols and then you will be given a bottle of potion. Each of these bottles entitles you to a spin on the wheel, so the more you collect, the better.

The bonus wheel has a total of 5 levels with win multipliers as rewards. Their value ranges from 5x to 25x the stake to be won when you move on the wheel. At the end of the feature, their value is applied to your total winnings.


We offer a free version of this slot, so you don’t need to worry about spending any money.

Yes, if you enjoyed Sweet Alchemy 2, you should definitely try out the previous version – Sweet Alchemy.

Sweet Alchemy 2 grants players 4 free spins featuring 2×2 merged symbols when they successfully eliminate all chocolate blocks in the main game.

Sweet Alchemy 2 features a betting range of $0.10 up to $100 which makes it suitable for all kinds of players.

Software Play N' GO
Slot Types Megaclusters
Reels 9x9
Paylines Cluster Pays
Slot Game Features Colossal Symbol, Expanding reels, Free Spins, Multipliers, Wild Symbol
Min. Bet 0.10
Max. Bet 100
Slot Themes Magic, Sweets
Slot RTP 96.4%
devices Mobile versionTablet versionDesktop version
Sweet Alchemy 2 Slot by Play N' Go

Game Winnings and Payouts

Sweet Alchemy 2 Star Symbol

x20+ = 375.00

x15 = 150.00

x12+ = 75.00

x10+ = 30.00

x8+ = 15.00

x6+ = 7.50

x5 = 3.00

x4 = 1.50

Sweet Alchemy 2 Heart Symbol

x20+ = 300.00

x15 = 120.00

x12+ = 60.00

x10+ = 24.00

x8+ = 12.00

x6+ = 6.00

x5 = 2.40

x4 = 1.20

Sweet Alchemy 2 Pink Candy Symbol

x20+ = 225.00

x15 = 90.00

x12+ = 45.00

x10+ = 18.00

x8+ = 9.00

x6+ = 4.50

x5 = 1.80

x4 = 0.90

Sweet Alchemy 2 Dark Pink Candy Symbol

x20+ = 187.50

x15 = 75.00

x12+ = 37.50

x10+ = 15.00

x8+ = 7.50

x6+ = 3.75

x5 = 1.50

x4 = 0.75

Sweet Alchemy 2 Dark Blue Symbol

x20+ = 15.00

x15 = 60.00

x12+ = 30.00

x10+ = 12.00

x8+ = 6.00

x6+ = 3.00

x5 = 1.20

x4 = 0.60

Sweet Alchemy 2 Green Symbol

x20+ = 112.50

x15 = 45.00

x12+ = 22.50

x10+ = 9.00

x8+ = 4.50

x6+ = 2.25

x5 = 0.90

x4 = 0.45

Sweet Alchemy 2 Purple Candy Symbol

x20+ = 112.50

x15 = 45.00

x12+ = 22.50

x10+ = 9.00

x8+ = 4.50

x6+ = 2.25

x5 = 0.90

x4 = 0.45

Sweet Alchemy 2 Turquoise Candy Symbol

x20+ = 75.00

x15 = 30.00

x12+ = 15.00

x10+ = 6.00

x8+ = 3.00

x6+ = 1.50

x5 = 0.60

x4 = 0.30


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