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It’s always good to see that game development studios don’t rest on their laurels. While Sugar Rush was a big hit on its initial release and continues to be today, Pragmatic Play is the kind of studio that’s always looking for new ways to improve the player experience. Without changing the winning recipe, but simply adding more flavor, they have created the Sugar Rush 1000 slot machine, released in March 2024 and adding to the growing series.

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Sugar Rush 1000 - Slot Review

Aesthetically, we find the original visuals, so in appearance nothing has changed, there’s always those hills of marshmallows and ice cream, that dripping pink topping, those swirling colored lollipops and fluffy bears to devour, all set against a dreamy blue sky. The melody, too, quickly comes to mind, and the more attentive among you will hear minor but appreciable transformations.

So what are the real improvements? First of all, the game grid appears to be the same, with Sugar Rush 1000 featuring 7×7 reels operating with Cluster Pays. Volatility is still high, and the RTP remains at 96.53%, virtually unchanged. On the other hand, the maximum winning potential has been multiplied by 5, now reaching an impressive 25,000x the stake (don’t trust the figure on the start-up screen, the studio seems to have omitted to change it).

Sugar Rush 1000

Up to 1024x multiplier positions during the Super Free Spins!

You’ll still need to wager between $0.20 and $100 per spin to enter this world of sweets. Winnings are obtained when groups of at least 5 symbols connected horizontally or vertically are formed. The pink lollipop pays up to 150x the stake, followed by sweets such as the heart, bean and star, which pay between 0.40x and 100x the stake. Gummy bears also pay out between 0.20x and 30x the stake.

Combined with the regular payouts, the mechanics of Sugar Rush 1000 are those that have proved their worth in other versions of the series, namely: Tumble tumblers, positions marked by a multiplier and Free Spins with now a classic purchase option and a purchase option for Super Free Spins.


In this way, each winning group will explode after the win has been paid out to see new symbols tumble into the released positions. This allows the symbols to create several successive wins, and the tumbles continue until there are no more winning combinations on the screen.

Good & Bad sides of Sugar Rush 1000

Good sides

  • Spot multipliers reach 1024x
  • Max. win of 25,000 times the bet
  • Improved version
  • Amazing bonus (even if it’s harder to trigger)

Bad sides

  • Super high volatility

Multiply Spots

Each time a symbol explodes, the corresponding position is marked. After the second explosion on the same position, a multiplier is added, starting at x2 and doubling each time a new symbol explodes in succession, until the maximum multiplier of 1024x is reached. The multiplier applies to all winning combinations on the marked position. If several multipliers are involved in the same winning combination, they are added together.

In the basic game, positions marked with multipliers last until the end of the stunts, then are emptied at the next game.

Free Spins

Find 3, 4, 5, 6 or 6 Candy Rocket Scatter symbols to trigger 10, 12, 15, 20 or 30 Free Spins respectively. During the free spins, the marked positions and their multipliers remain in place until the end of the bonus, and can only increase as they tumble. You can also re-trigger as many Free Spins in the same way by finding enough Scatter during the bonus.

Sugar Rush 1000 vs. 4 other Cluster Pays slots from Pragmatic Play

Slot nameMax. WinMultipliersBetting rangeBonus
Sugar Rush 100025,000xYes0.20-100Free Spins
Candy Jar Clusters10,000xYes0.20-240Free Spins, Jackpot
Spellbinding Mystery10,000xYes0,20-100Free Spins
Wild Hop & Drop5,000xNo0,20-100Free Spins
Sweet Bonanza21,000xYes0,20-100Free Spins

Buy Free Spins

There are now not one, but two options for purchasing bonuses in Sugar Rush 100. You can access standard Free Spins for 100x the total stake, or access Super Free Spins for 500x the total stake. In Super Free Spins, starting multipliers are always added to all grid positions. On the middle position x16, in the 8 positions around the middle position x8, in the 16 positions around x4 and in the 24 positions around x2. By purchasing Free Spins, you’ll receive from 3 to 7 Scatter symbols randomly on the grid.

A boosted version of the world’s sweetest game

Pragmatic Play’s Sugar Rush 1000 brings an extra dose of generosity to all fans of this sweet, greedy world, while attracting a new generation of players in search of lucrative treats. If we take all the improvements in order, we’ll have to start with the most impressive, its winning potential, which is now set at a maximum value of 25,000x the stake. Next, position multipliers can reach up to 1024x, compared to 128x previously, and the Super Free Spins bonus purchase option offers a new opportunity for High Rollers who want to try and quickly access the best sensations this game has to offer. By outdoing the original in every respect, Pragmatic Play is also taking the risk of making its original version outdated, but we’re confident that this new title will be well received by the community.


The slot works with a Cluster Pays mechanic which is a feature where wins are formed by grouping symbols in clusters rather than traditional paylines, adding a different dimension to gameplay.

The standard one starts with a blank grid (no multiplier) while during the Super one, the grid is already filled with different multiplier spots.

When it comes to test mode any trusted gambling operator or casino related site such as Correct Casinos would be fine. Once real money gets invested legitimate operator with solid reputation and top tier services must be selected. Best choice would vary depending on personal requirements.

To play Sugar Rush 1000, you need to select your bet size, spin the reels, and match sweet symbols to win. The game offers easy-to-understand controls and user-friendly gameplay.

Software Pragmatic Play
Slot Types Megaclusters
Reels 7x7
Paylines Cluster Pays
Slot Game Features Bonus Buy, Cascading Symbols, Cluster Pays, Free Spins, Game Modifiers, Multipliers, Scatters
Min. Bet 0.20
Max. Bet 100
Slot Themes Sweets
Slot RTP 96.5%
devices Mobile versionTablet versionDesktop version
Sugar Rush 1000 Slot by Pragmatic Play

Game Winnings and Payouts

Sugar Rush 1000 Pink Candy Symbol

x15+ = $300.00

x14 = $140.00

x13 = $70.00

x12 = $30.00

x11 = $15.00

x10 = $10.00

x9 = $5.00

x8 = $4.00

x7 = $3.50

x6 = $3.00

x5 = $2.00

Sugar Rush 1000 Heart Candy Symbol

x15+ = $200.00

x14 = $120.00

x13 = $60.00

x12 = $25.00

x11 = $12.00

x10 = $8.00

x9 = $4.00

x8 = $3.00

x7 = $2.50

x6 = $2.00

x5 = $1.50

Sugar Rush 1000 Purple Candy Symbol

x15+ = $120.00

x14 = $80.00

x13 = $40.00

x12 = $20.00

x11 = $9.00

x10 = $6.00

x9 = $3.00

x8 = $2.50

x7 = $2.00

x6 = $1.50

x5 = $1.00

Sugar Rush 1000 Green Candy Symbol

x15+ = $80.00

x14 = $40.00

x13 = $20.00

x12 = $10.00

x11 = $6.00

x10 = $4.00

x9 = $2.50

x8 = $2.00

x7 = $1.50

x6 = $1.00

x5 = $0.80

Sugar Rush 1000 Red Gummy Symbol

x15+ = $60.00

x14 = $30.00

x13 = $16.00

x12 = $7.00

x11 = $5.00

x10 = $3.00

x9 = $2.00

x8 = $1.50

x7 = $1.00

x6 = $0.80

x5 = $0.60

Sugar Rush 1000 Purple Gummy Symbol

x15+ = $50.00

x14 = $24.00

x13 = $12.00

x12 = $6.00

x11 = $4.00

x10 = $2.50

x9 = $1.50

x8 = $1.00

x7 = $0.80

x6 = $0.60

x5 = $0.50

Sugar Rush 1000 Orange Gummy Symbol

x15+ = $40.00

x14 = $20.00

x13 = $10.00

x12 = $5.00

x11 = $3.00

x10 = $2.00

x9 = $1.00

x8 = $0.80

x7 = $0.60

x6 = $0.50

x5 = $0.40


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