UK Players Fear Drastic Online Slots’ Max Bet Reduction

Limiting max spin bet to 2 GBP in the UK

Posted at: 13 November 2019

In an interim report, released on November 4, 2019, the UK All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) called for a slots stake reduction to £2 per spin, and put forward a series of drastic measures aimed at combating the negative consequences of excessive gambling.

According to the APPG’s findings, the lack of control enables players to bet hundreds of pounds from any device in a matter of minutes. The Group also pointed out the significant difference in stake size at online casinos and land-based fixed odds betting terminals. The APPG officials proposed the online slots stakes to be in line with the £2 max stake of the fixed odds betting terminals.

Earlier this year, the UK authorities decided to cut the FOBT max stake from £100 to £2, which led to a massive outcry and betting shop closures.

Some of the other propositions the APPG made are related to the prohibition of credit card deposits, better control on customers’ financial condition, free-to-use fund blocking software for self-excluded players, and the introduction of a tax for funding gambling harm researches.

The APPG went even further and demanded a ban on gambling ads sponsored by sports teams, and requested the senior affiliate marketing staff to have a UKGC-issued license to promote the brand. The UKGC licensees must also stop providing their services at jurisdictions where online gambling is illegal.

The slots stake reduction seems to have spiked the greatest controversy out of all APPG ideas. Players claim that such a reduction will push them to find a way to spend their money at unlicensed casinos where customers’ protection is non-existent.

Over the past decade, the UK gambling sector has turned into a thriving industry, generating billions on an annual basis. The UK is among the few European countries where online gambling is legal and regulated.

According to players, gambling can never be eradicated, and the best approach is to ensure better control and stay open-minded about the upcoming changes.

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