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Woah99 Casino Review

Scammy 1.9/10


Slots & table games


minimum deposit

USD 20

minimum withdraw

Woah99 Casino

Why not recommended

  • Dubious licensing situation
  • Unreachable customer support
  • Lacking terms and conditions

welcome bonus

150% Welcome Bonus

⭐ Website:
🤝 Owner:Undisclosed
🆕 Online since:2024
⭐ Trust score:1.1 / 10
👍 Licence: No License Information
Deposit Methods
  • Tens of promotions
  • Unique games
  • Dubious licensing situation
  • Unreachable customer support
  • Lacking terms and conditions

Woah99 Casino Review

In this review, we’ll take a close look at Woah99 – an e-wallet format online casino that looks filled to the brim with exciting bonuses and countless games. While abundance is the first word to come to mind for this betting site, its format, layout, and navigation, aren’t among the most revered ones in the industry. Usually, casinos like this one tend to have iffy security and are generally avoided. However, we’ll need to conduct an assessment to determine if this one also falls under the umbrella of unreliable sites or not.

Either way, we’ll take a good look at Woah99’s bonuses, safety, games, navigation, special perks, verification procedures, and everything in between, so stay tuned. If you’re interested in becoming an expert at handling a betting session in Woah99, then you’re at the right place. Sit back, relax, and let’s take a deep dive into all the facts surrounding this betting establishment, shall we?

Today’s bonus


150% Welcome Bonus

Bonuses & Promotions

Woah99 provides a large number of bonuses; in fact, there are exactly 23 different deals from which to choose. It is possible that you are onto something if you are thinking, “That is too amazing to be a reality” In most cases, the presence of over 10 perks results in an unreliable casino structure that might be attempting to make up for being iffy in other aspects. Having said that, we won’t be willing to dismiss the site from the get-go, but we will proceed with the review with some concerns at the forefront. Join us as we provide you with an explanation of each bonus, its conditions, and the total value it will bring — all of these topics will be covered in the next paragraphs. So, if you are interested in learning more about the incentives that Woah99 offers, let’s take a closer look.

Woah99 Casino Starter Pack Welcome Bonus Deposit

When you first sign up for Woah99 Casino, you get a Starter Pack Welcome Bonus Deposit as a welcome gift. A 150% bonus is yours when you make a deposit of at least USD 10.00. So, if you put $30, you’ll get an extra $45. That’s a total of $75 in your account. You’ll need to wager three times, or $225 before you can cash it out. This amount can only be used on slot games. Also, you should keep in mind that if you make multiple accounts to take advantage of this deal, the casino says you will probably lose all of your bonus money.

Bonus nameBonus amountFree spinsWagering requirementBonus code
1st deposit150%n/a3xn/a

Woah99 Special Offers – Imperium Games and EVO888H5

The Imperium Games 200% Special Offer unlocks a 200% bonus at Woah99 Casino when you deposit at least USD 3.00. If you deposit $10, you’ll get $20, giving you $30 to play with. You must spend $120 (4x the bonus) to withdraw earnings. This bonus is only accessible for Imperium Games, as its name implies. Please note that double-claiming or other violations of casino regulations will be punished. Given the website’s lack of general or bonus terms and conditions, though, this offer isn’t too tempting.

You can also choose the EVO888H5 Special Bonus at Woah99 Casino to receive a 200% bonus if you deposit at least USD 3.00. You get $20 extra if you deposit $10, which will give you $30 to play with. You must wager $120—4 times the bonus—to withdraw wins. The bonus is only for EVO888H5 games. The casino reiterates that it won’t allow numerous accounts to collect a bonus from the same player, but with such poorly described bonus regulations, this warning seems like a joke, as going as far as to complete the bonus is unlikely.

Woah99 Special Bonuses for Slots

If you deposit USD 300.00 at Woah99 Casino, you’ll unlock the First Special Slots Bonus ‘300 Free 100’, which provides you a USD 100.00 free bonus up to three times each day. If you deposit $300, you get $100 extra, earning $400 to play with. Honestly, this doesn’t seem appealing. The turnover requirement is x3, so you must gamble $1200 to withdraw your earnings. All players can get this benefit, but it cannot be used for ‘Into The Fray’ games. Free spins and store credit cannot be saved for this offer, either.

The other choice of this package requires a USD 30.00 deposit at Woah99 to unlock the Second Special Slots Bonus ‘Daily First Deposit 20%’, a 20% free bonus. This one can be redeemed every day with an x5 wagering requirement before withdrawal. If you deposit $30 and get a 20% bonus ($36 in total), you should bet $108 before withdrawing. Take into account that this offer is for slots only and is limited to one per transaction. The amount in your account will reset if you break the rules. Yet, the bonus deal is unattractive, so the rules aren’t as important.

Woah99 Free Credits Campaign

The first of Woah99 Casino’s three Free Credits Campaign benefits is the USD 28.00 New Member Bonus, which is granted upon signup without a deposit! As expected, each member is eligible for it just once. The minimum withdrawal amount is $28.00, and your balance must reach $258.00 to withdraw the incentive. Remember that the reward is for all slots only. Trying to register several accounts to get this bonus will cause you to lose your bonus balance, but the site is so shady that you’d be lucky to pass on the offer.

Woah99’s Daily Free Coins offer is second in this pack and it’s accessible daily. The free bonus is USD 1 to USD 3 (not too big, as you can see), and you are entitled to it once each day. Your balance must hit $250 to withdraw the bonus, which is absurd, and the minimum withdrawal is $20. This bonus, like the preceding one, is slots-only. Using several different accounts to collect this ‘great’ deal will result in losing your bonus balance, the casino advises.

Woah99 Casino offers the Daily Social Free Bonus as well, which contains a USD 20 free bonus and a $20 bonus. This WhatsApp-exclusive offer is limited to one per day. You must have $200 to withdraw the bonus, and the minimum is $20. This slots bonus is part of Woah99 Casino’s social media promos. The site reiterates that multiple accounts used to claim this offer will forfeit your bonus balance. The bonus page has a Whatsapp link to collect this bonus.

Woah99 Affiliate System

Woah99 Casino’s Referral Bonus gives you USD 30. You must deposit $150 to qualify. Additionally, you’ll receive $30 for each platform-referred downline. You can get the bonus after your downline deposits $150. You must wager $150 to withdraw this bonus, which has a 5x turnover requirement. This bonus has a $150 minimum and maximum withdrawal.

Woah99’s New Share Bonus gives you a $5 or $50 bonus, based on the amount of shares. Each sharing gives you $5 free with a 10x wagering requirement. A $50 bonus is earned by accumulating 10 shares, and you must spend $500 to withdraw. This bonus has a $50 minimum and maximum withdrawal. This bonus is only for VPower, Mario, Pegasus, and 918Kiss Kaya. The only thing left to do to get your bonus is to keep sharing and earning!

Woah99 Daily Package for slots

Woah99 Casino’s Daily Slots Package begins with the 5% Unlimited Bonus, which gives you 5% on your deposit with a minimum deposit of USD 20. This daily bonus requires 2x turnover for deposits of $20 or greater. The maximum bonus is $500, and you can claim it limitless times. For instance, deposit $20 and get $1 bonus, totaling $21. The minimum withdrawal balance is $42, calculated by multiplying $21 by 2. Keep in mind that this bonus can only be used on slot machines.

The second bundle item is Woah99’s 10% Unlimited Bonus, which gives you a 10% deposit bonus with a minimum deposit of $100. A 4x turnover condition applies to this daily incentive for $100 deposits. This bonus can be claimed infinite times and is capped at $500. For instance, deposit $100 and get a $10 bonus, totaling $110. The minimum withdrawal balance is $440, calculated by multiplying $110 by 4. Remember that this bonus is exclusive to slots.

This pack’s last bonus, the 15% Unlimited Bonus, gives you a 15% bonus on your deposit of at least USD 150. The wagering requirement for this daily promotion is 5x for deposits over $150. You can claim it infinite times like the other two, and the maximum bonus is $500. When you deposit $150, you get $22.5 in extra money, totaling $172.5. The minimum withdrawal balance is $862.5, calculated by multiplying $172.5 by 5. Lastly, this bonus is only for slots, too.

Woah99 Daily Red Packet Mission

To start the Daily Red Packet Mission, we start with the 1st Bonus, which gives you a USD 3.88 free bonus if you deposit between USD 100.00 and USD 199.00. Sounds uninteresting, but it must be better than nothing, right? For this one, as long as you deposit $100 daily, you can get it. All members are eligible for this bonus once daily, and deposit counts reset at 0:00 A.M. The maximum withdrawal for this incentive is $30 and cannot be coupled with your deposit. This bonus only applies to slots.

Next is the Daily Red Packet 2nd Bonus, which gives you USD 6.88 when you deposit USD 200.00 or more. If you deposit $200 every day, you can claim it once a day like the other offers in this package. This ‘amazing’ bonus can only be claimed once each day, and your deposit count resets at 0:00 A.M. The maximum withdrawal for this incentive is $50, and it cannot be coupled with your deposit. It’s only for slots and as disappointing as the rest.

Woah99’s Daily Red Packet 3rd offer gives you a USD 13.88 free bonus when you deposit at least USD 500.00. That’s underwhelming, in all fairness. Either way, it can be claimed once a day if your daily deposit totals $500. You’re not getting enough bang for your buck, in our opinion. It’s also available for a day, and your deposit count resets at 00:00 A.M. like the other segments. The maximum withdrawal for this incentive is $138 and cannot be paired with a deposit. The offer follows the slots-exclusive pattern.

The Daily Red Packet 4th promotion offers a USD 28.88 free bonus for depositing at least USD 1,000.00, the least attractive incentive we’ve seen recently. This incentive is valid once every day if your daily deposit is $1000. The deal is valid once each day, and your deposit count resets at 00:00 A.M. This bonus cannot be coupled with your deposit and has a $288 withdrawal limit. Slots-only rules continue.

Last in this deal is the Daily Red Packet 5th Bonus, which gets you USD 51.88 when you deposit at least USD 2,000.00. This deal, like the other ones, can be claimed once per day provided your daily deposit is $2000. This promo is valid once every day, and your deposit count resets at 0:00 A.M. Like the remainder of this promotion, this bonus has a $488 withdrawal limit and cannot be coupled with your deposit. As with the other parts, it’s exclusively for slots.

Woah99 Weekly Ranking Bonus

Woah99’s Weekly Ranking Deposit USD1000 Bonus offers a USD 68.88 bonus for deposits over USD 1000. One weekly incentive with a $1000 top-up is available. It may only be claimed once every week and requires 5x wagering. Withdrawals start at $344.4 and can reach $888 after the playthrough. The deal is only for slots and resets every Monday at 00:00 A.M. AEST.

Next, the Weekly Deposit USD1500 offer gives you a USD 78.88 ‘free bonus’ when you deposit at least USD 1500. This is available weekly with a $1500 minimum top-up. It has a 5x turnover requirement due to wagering rules. You should meet the turnover to withdraw at least $394.4 and up to $888. Remember that the offer is only valid for slots and that it resets every Monday at 00:00 A.M. AEST.

Woah99 Casino’s Weekly Deposit USD2000 promotion gives you a USD 88.88 bonus for depositing USD 2000. This weekly offer requires a $2000 top-up. Five times the bonus amount must be wagered before withdrawing. After the playing, you can withdraw $444.4–$888. The deal resets every Monday at 00:00 A.M. AEST and is only for slots, like the remainder of the package.

Last but not least, Woah99 Casino’s Weekly Deposit USD3500 promotion gives you a USD 108.00 bonus. Like the others, it’s available weekly but requires a $3500 top-up. You must wager this bonus 5x before withdrawing. After turning over $540, you can withdraw up to $888. Again, the deal applies just to slots and resets every Monday at 00:00 A.M. AEST.

Woah99 Birthday Bonus

On your birthday, Woah99 Casino will give you a bonus! Deposits over USD 50 receive an 80% bonus. This one allows $300 claims. You must wager the bonus sum five times before withdrawing. With no maximum withdrawal limit, you’ll have flexibility. The minimum deposit for this bonus is $50. If you deposit $50, you get $40 in bonus money, totaling $90. Withdraw a minimum of $450 after wagering. You’ll need your ID to verify your birthday with the site’s customer care team.

Game Selection

Woah99 has a bit of a strange game library, like other e-wallet casino sites. We mention this since many of the suppliers aren’t well-known or trustworthy, and the game selection isn’t exactly great. The game selection includes slots, live casino, sports, and arcade games, totaling a little over 2,000 titles. Check out Woah99’s betting hub in the following paragraphs if you’re eager to play.

Woah99 claims to provide slightly more than 1,800 slots, but access to the complete list of titles requires registration and a qualifying deposit. Should you choose to go forward, we suggest games like Mystic Woods, Five Lucky Elements, Gold Dragon, Samurai Rampage, Fortune God, Emperor’s Luck, Fortune Panda, Dragon Palace, Dragon’s Luck, Wealthy God, Tiger’s Fortune, Red Phoenix, Lucky Panda, Golden Chicken, and Lucky Lion.

With seven providers contributing to a list of little over 200 lobbies, Woah99’s live casino area is really good considering its size. Here you can play roulette, blackjack, keno, baccarat, and a few other popular live versions of table game classics. Even though players of live casino games typically want a larger selection, this one is superior to others and can undoubtedly provide you with many enjoyable hours.

Games Score

Total Games

Woah99 Casino Mobile Games

Mobile Games

Woah99 Casino Live Games

Live Games

Slots to try for a demo play or real money at Woah99 Casino

Game Suppliers

Though the providers here aren’t well-known, you can take advantage of the opportunity to look into some fresh names. This site features games from Imperium Games, Pegasus, 918 Kaya, XE88, 888King, Jili, Mario Club, 3Win8, CO9, Spade Gaming, JDB, King Maker, FA Chai, Grizzly Gaming, Playtech, UU Slots, Clotplay, Joker, Pussy888, NextSpin, Mega888, Ace333, 918Kiss, Live22, Rich, Evo888H5, Sexy Baccarat, BG, Yeebet, CT855, M8Bet, WWBet, SVenus, RCB988, You Lian Gaming, and Spribe.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Without understanding the fundamentals—some of which are in the field of finance, not surprisingly — you cannot expect to make profitable cash maneuvers at any online casino. To play on Woah99’s site with confidence, you must become familiar with the guidelines and restrictions of money-related topics. We, of course, are here to assist you with this. Prepare to learn everything about the minimum deposits and withdrawals, extra costs, minimum turnover, accepted currencies, accepted payment methods, and relevant waiting periods. Let us find out how this casino would handle your money, shall we?

For the e-wallet casino model, this minimum deposit is really reasonable. Opting in will need a minimum deposit of USD 2, which is far less than the usual requirement.

Another annoyance is that there is no list of the accepted payment options, so a player would never know if the casino can even meet their needs. It’s hardly shocking, though, as upsetting as it is. Apparently, the website is geared toward Australian players because it only accepts AUD.

Regarding withdrawals, the casino states on its home page that the minimum amount is USD 20, however, there are no more terms and conditions that go into further depth on the procedures or timeframe for requesting a withdrawal. Financially speaking, Woah99 is not quite appealing overall.

Although the website doesn’t say how long it takes on average to execute a withdrawal request, this is hardly surprising given how little information is available overall.


Return to Players percent
RTP 96%

Depending on game played

Woah99 Casino Minimum deposit
Minimum Deposit USD 2

* Depending on currency

Woah99 Casino minimum and maximum withdraw
Minimum withdraw USD 20

Fair enough

Woah99 Casino cashout time
Payout time Unspecified

Might vary for some payment methods

Woah99 Casino RTP
Payment score 1.8


Deposit Methods

No information

Withdraw Methods

No information


Security & Licensing

Due to the fact that Woah99 does not disclose its license or owner, it is extremely doubtful that it is a legitimate online casino. This means that we were unable to conduct any additional research on the integrity of the website. There is a lack of overall protection for you and your finances, which is a major red flag in our opinion, and we are unable to advocate gaming here unless you are just an avid explorer.

Woah99 Casino founded in 2024
Online since 2024

Recently featured casino

Casino owned by Undisclosed
Owner Undisclosed


Certified and regulated
Certified by No License Information

Regulated and legit

Operates in multiple countries
Operates in 10+


Scored as Scammy
Trust Score 1.1 / 10


us us flag

Woah99 Casino is available in USA

Woah99 Casino is open to these countries:


Other casinos owned by No information

25% Up to $200

18+ | New Players Only | T&C Apply


100% Match Deposit Bonus of up to $688

18+ | New Players Only | T&C Apply


250% Match up to €1000

18+ | New Players Only | T&C Apply


up to $5000 upon First Three Deposits

18+ | New Players Only | T&C Apply


100% Up to $400 + 150 Free Spins

18+ | New Players Only | T&C Apply


175% Up to €1000

18+ | New Players Only | T&C Apply


50% Up to $100

18+ | New Players Only | T&C Apply


100% Welcome Bonus

18+ | New Players Only | T&C Apply


120% Matching bonus

18+ | New Players Only | T&C Apply


Customer Support

In order to have a positive experience when betting online, it is essential that the company have solid customer care service. However, Woah99 does not appear to share this viewpoint. Here, you might find yourself unable to simply contact a person because the live chat does not function effectively, and emails do not typically receive responses. Worse even, the website gives the impression that it is a casino that offers service around the clock, but in reality, it does not.

Support Rated As Scammy
Support rating 1.7


Woah99 Casino Website Languages
Languages English Only English

Layout & Navigation

This casino is quite overwhelming visually, with tens of flashy banners, a ton of pop-up windows, many colors, and some animations. All of this creates a rushed atmosphere where each wrong click might cost you an unintended action. We’re generally far from supportive when it comes to the typical e-wallet visual and navigation experience, and this site doesn’t make an exception. It’s not easy to explore the site, as there are many dysfunctional links, confusing pop-ups, different fonts, and peculiar buttons.

Mobile Casino Support

You can enjoy the complete and utter anarchy of Woah99 through your mobile browser, due to the site’s mobile-friendly layout that has been similarly streamlined. This is a great option for those who would like to play while they are on the move, especially if the overall nature of the site doesn’t bother you and matches your expectations.

Woah99 Casino Mobile Version
The bottom line

When it comes to online wallet betting, Woah99 is merely another site that has a questionable history and a shoddy execution. However, it is possible for it to attract a certain number of fans; however, the absence of guidelines and player safety, in addition to the absence of payment choices, is something that we find to be problematic, amongst a great number of other problems. On the other hand, if you are an extremely daring person, you might find that you appreciate this one for the sole reason that it seems challenging to benefit.

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Stan is the one that founded back in 2018. He is really passionate about fair-play in online casinos, transparency and responsible gaming.


Basically nothing; the website does not display any information regarding ownership or licensing, which makes the casino appear to be rather questionable. To put the cherry on top of everything, the layout, navigation, and the absence of rules make the situation even more concerning.

The only reason that comes to mind is the desire to dominate every casino that has ever existed. If you are determined to gamble anywhere only for the purpose of proving that you have done so, then you might vibe with Woah99 for a bit. If not, it is a move that is loaded with unnecessary danger for your wallet.

Yes, you can access it via a mobile browser, and the experience will be more or less the same as it is from a desktop computer.

You should simply click the blue Sign Up button and follow the instructions – this way, you’ll have your account in less than a minute!

The casino has a total of 1,800 games, which is a rather small number of games to choose from. On the other hand, this includes a selection of slot machines, live casino games, table games, and even sports betting, so if you do decide to engage in some gaming, you might have a nice time.

Identity Verification Documents

It should come as no surprise that the website does not offer any information concerning the importance of doing verification of identity, nor does it offer a specific process. Still, it’s smart to have the standard documentation on hand that most online casinos ask for, such as a government-issued photo ID, proof of residence, and documents proving ownership of the payment method you use to fund your account.

Verification Time

Due to the fact that there are no guidelines that are given regarding the entire process, to begin with, there is no data on the time it will take for the gambling establishment to check your documents. Keep this in mind in your decision-making process.

VIP Program

Woah99 does not provide any kind of VIP program for its devoted users, but this is not a huge loss, as the site will likely struggle to ever acquire devoted users anyway.


There are more than 20 deals on the website, but they don’t appear very good overall or very enticing. We looked into the rules and offerings, but none of them seemed very helpful to your journey. In any case, there is a welcome bonus, a few referral incentives, cashback, daily offers, and a whole lot more.

Bonus Codes

Bonus codes are not a thing in this casino.

Withdrawal Limits

Withdrawal limitations for this casino are not stated.


We have fully informed you about all the possible issues with Woah99 Casino. To sum up, the casino offers unreliable bonuses without a complete set of rules, there are hardly any terms and conditions to consult, the game providers are quite strange, the navigation of the website is terrible, numerous links are broken, and the customer service is untrustworthy. All things considered, we are unable to recommend you even dabble in the betting atmosphere that Woah99 offers to its users.

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