Stars of Orion

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The provider ELK Studios offers this slot machine featuring a famous galactic character. The slot is called Stars of Orion and it offers players a number of features that pay off with big wins.

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Stars of Orion - Slot Review

As the title suggests, Stars of Orion from ELK Studios takes players on an original and highly lucrative adventure. The slot is set in a Stonehenge-style setting with monoliths covered in lintels and other materials. The location allows you to see the sunrise and sunset at specific points. In the background, the stars illuminate a rather dark place with clearly two pillars on the right and left side. Regarding the grid configuration, it has 8 reels, 6 rows and a cluster payout.


Compatible on all devices, the slot machine is accessible from $0.20 to $100 per spin. Highly volatile, it produces winning combinations with at least 5 matching symbols placed on any position. Wins activate an avalanche system by filling the magic counter. In terms of the mathematical model, the payout rate is 95%.

As far as the available symbols are concerned the selection includes four colored orbs, as well as birds, wolves, deer and 7’s. The latter represent high value symbols. In addition, wildcards appear on the screen in place of other payout symbols. Eventually, a group of wildcards is created that awards the same values.

Good & Bad sides of Sides of Orion

Good sides

  • X-iter feature with 5 different options
  • Fun collectible feature that can yield huge winnings
  • Uses both the Cluster Pays mechanism and the waterfall mechanism

Bad sides

  • Bonus purchase not available everywhere


Cascading Wins

First, the avalanche mechanism works in the same way, but by triggering the gravity formula. The sequence continues until no new wins occur.

Super Symbols

Next, there are Super Symbols wrapped in blue frames that enter a win. When they appear, the other winning symbols become super symbols. As for the magic counter, it is located on the right side of the game grid and collects the symbols. Winning multipliers from x2 to x64 are activated as well as additional features like:

  • Swap symbol: it forms winning clusters,
  • Orion’s Belt: 3 wild symbols,
  • Orion’s Club: 6 wild symbols,
  • Orion’s Shield: 8 wild symbols,
  • Orion: 13 wild symbols.

Free Drops

Getting three bonus symbols triggers 10 free drops leading to the progression of the Magic Meter. The player has the opportunity to enjoy bonus symbols intervening with a red frame. These are the super bonus symbols that award 10 free drops.

Stars of Orion compared to 3 different ELK Studios slots

Slot nameMin. betMax. betMax. winMultipliersBonus
Stars of Orion0.2010010,000xYesFree Spins
Zulu Gold0.2010010,000xYesFree Spins
Blood Lust0.201002,500xNoFree Spins
Diablo Reels0.201002,500xYesFree Spins

X-iter feature

The X-iter feature allows you to buy certain features:

  • Guaranteed win: for 5 times your stake you can buy a winning spin.
  • Super symbols: for 10 times your stake you can buy a spin with a higher probability of Super Symbols.
  • Symbol swap: for 50 times your stake you can buy a spin in which the Symbol Swap feature takes place when no more winning combinations can be made. This then produces a new winning combination, so the waterfall mechanism takes place and the spin is not yet over.
  • Buy bonus: for 100 times your stake you can buy the free spins feature.
  • Super bonus: for 500 times your stake you can buy the Super free spins feature.
Stars of Orion

In Stars of Orion, it’s up to you to discover prices in the night sky.


All in all, the Stars of Orion slot from ELK Studios delivers on all its promises with interesting features. Symbol collection and super symbols are great features throughout the session. Clusters also play an important role in some of the features such as symbol swaps, free drops with jokers and the magic counter. The intervention of these different features offers players a chance to win a maximum win with a payout cap of 10,000 times the stake. Compared to the previous versions, the potential is worth the trip.

FAQs about Stars of Orion

Yes, click on the game page to try it out as a demo on your mobile or tablet.

Yes, there are bonuses to be found in this game, access the game to find out all about them!

However, there are no Jackpot prizes.

Developer: Elk Studios
Number of reels: 6
Number of Lines: Cluster Pays
Bet: 0.20 to 100.00

Go to the Stars of Orion game page. This game is accessible for free and without downloading in demo mode directly on your browser, for more comfort, activate the full screen mode.

Software Elk Studios
Slot Types Megaclusters
Reels 8
Paylines Cluster Pays
Slot Game Features Cascading Symbols, Cluster Pays, Free Spins, Multipliers, Scatters
Min. Bet 0.20
Max. Bet 100
Slot Themes Adventure, Space
Slot RTP 95%
devices Mobile versionTablet versionDesktop version
Stars of Orion Slot by Elk Studios

Game Winnings and Payouts

Stars of Orion Seven Symbol

x15+ = 200.00

x14 = 100.00

x13 = 50.00

x12 = 25.00

x11 = 15.00

x10 = 10.00

x9 = 1.75

x8 = 1.50

x7 = 1.25

x6 = 1.00

x5 = 0.75

Stars of Orion Elk Symbol

x15+ = 45.00

x14 = 32.00

x13 = 20.00

x12 = 10.00

x11 = 5.00

x10 = 3.50

x9 = 1.50

x8 = 1.25

x7 = 1.00

x6 = 0.75

x5 = 0.50

Stars of Orion Wolf Symbol

x15+ = 40.00

x14 = 28.00

x13 = 16.00

x12 = 8.00

x11 = 4.00

x10 = 3.00

x9 = 1.50

x8 = 1.25

x7 = 1.00

x6 = 0.75

x5 = 0.50

Stars of Orion Bird Symbol

x15+ = 35.00

x14 = 25.00

x13 = 14.00

x12 = 7.00

x11 = 3.50

x10 = 2.50

x9 = 1.50

x8 = 1.25

x7 = 1.00

x6 = 0.75

x5 = 0.50

Stars of Orion Red Symbol

x15+ = 4.00

x14 = 2.30

x13 = 1.80

x12 = 1.30

x11 = 1.05

x10 = 0.55

x9 = 0.30

x8 = 0.25

x7 = 0.20

x6 = 0.15

x5 = 0.10

Stars of Orion Blue Symbol

x15+ = 3.50

x14 = 2.25

x13 = 1.75

x12 = 1.25

x11 = 1.00

x10 = 0.45

x9 = 0.30

x8 = 0.25

x7 = 0.20

x6 = 0.15

x5 = 0.10

Stars of Orion Green Symbol

x15+ = 3.00

x14 = 2.20

x13 = 1.70

x12 = 1.20

x11 = 0.95

x10 = 0.40

x9 = 0.30

x8 = 0.25

x7 = 0.20

x6 = 0.15

x5 = 0.10

Stars of Orion Purple Symbol

x15+ = 2.50

x14 = 2.15

x13 = 1.65

x12 = 1.15

x11 = 0.90

x10 = 0.35

x9 = 0.30

x8 = 0.25

x7 = 0.20

x6 = 0.15

x5 = 0.10


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