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Roadkill Free Demo Play

In Nolimit City’s Roadkill slot machine, Hilly & Billy take on the animals of the forest. Judging from the name, you would think that this is a sequel to Road Rage. However, the gameplay is completely different thanks to Jumping Wilds and tearing hillbillies. Who will win the battle between driving maniacs and nature?

Roadkill is one of the few Nolimit City slots with a normal 5×3 playfield. In it, they use the lesser-known Connected Win Ways principle. In addition, you have to deal with the xSplit feature that allows symbols to be doubled.

Nolimit gives the Volatility High label to the slot. At 96.05%, the RTP is just above our minimum. Feel like driving over some fictional animals for bonuses? You can read how Roadkill came out of the test in this slot review.

The Best Online Casinos & Bonuses to Play Roadkill for Real Money

Roadkill - Slot Review

The playing area of Roadkill is thus 5 reels wide and 3 rows high. This contains 99 Connected win lines. This means that symbols must connect horizontally or diagonally to count as Win Way. You can bet from $0.20 to $24 per spin. You adjust this by clicking on the money coin icon.

Winning combinations count from when you have 3 times the same symbol on a payline. There are 11 different symbols you will encounter. In order of increasing value, you have these ten, with an eleventh as a special symbol for the bonus features:

A garbage bag , Acorns turned into bombs, A bear trap with MAGA cap in it , Flat car wheel with picture of an angry bear in front of it, A barrel of home-brewed moonshine, G. Coonie, a badger as a secret agent, Love Nut, the demolitions squirrel, El Zorro, a fox as a mob boss, Hilly, the young Texas rancher with a gun, Billy, the old Texas hillbilly who has been attacking animals for years


Roadkill immediately grabs our attention with details such as the Donald Trump cap in a bear trap.

Bonus features of Roadkill

Call to Arms

By collecting 2 Scatters in the Battle Area (middle three reels) in Roadkill you win not just a Respin, but an entire feature. During this Call to Arms, on the one hand you are looking for the third Scatter, on the other hand you are trying to grab as many wins as possible. You start with two hearts.

Every time Hilly can drive his green car back and forth across the playing field, you lose a heart. If you run out of hearts, Call to Arms ends. However, you can avoid losing lives when Hilly hits an animal. This is because the Scatters turn into Jumping Wilds and at the top you get to see the corresponding Collectors.

Jumping Wilds & Collectors

The Scatters can turn into three different animals. You have Papa Bear, Deer Joe and Fred the Rabbit. These each have their own way of moving within the Battle Area and trigger different features when they are flattened.

For each spin, Hilly rides from right to left across the playing field. If it hits a Jumping Wild, it stops the car. If it succeeds, the animal gets a dash at the top of the Collector. When you hit the same animal five times, it gives an enhanced feature and an armored blue heart. This is in brief all about the animals’ upgraded features:

  • Papa Bear gives a x2 Multiplier
  • Deer Joe splits all symbols on all reels in the direction of the car
  • Fred the Rabbit sets a trap on any square

PROs & CONs of Roadkill


  • Bonus features trigger regularly
  • Bonus Buy feature
  • Dark humor


  • 3D graphics aren’t as pretty
  • Small betting range

Team Assemble

When you get 3 Scatters, the full team of fighting back is assembled. Now it’s not just Hilly who drives back and forth every spin. Billy with his red car also comes along every five spins. However, he has two lives and must stop you twice Unless he hits Papa Bear, because it does double damage immediately.

Junkyard Assault

If you manage to get the Collectors of the three animals to five, then the next feature, Junkyard Assault, triggers. Now there is a common Collector for all assaults. But be careful, because both Hilly and Billy drive across your playfield for every spin.

The goal is to collect twenty collisions. Because this triggers a Roadblock spin. Then the Battle Area turns into a queue for Fred the Rabbit, Deer Joe and Papa Bear. Hilly and Billy then drive themselves into the animals anyway, and depending on the row you get a special bonus:

  • Top Row: You get a random Wild on the fifth reel.
  • Middle row: Splits all symbols on the fifth reel.
  • Bottom row: Doubles the 3×3 Wild.

After this, Roadkill’s Battle Area turns into a 3×3 Wild. This guarantees high payouts of at least 4 symbols and 41 paylines. Then continue with the Junkyard Assault where the Collection restarts to 0.

Roadkill compared to 3 different NoLimit City slots

Slot nameMax. winBase game modifiersBonusRTP
Roadkill11,091xYesFree Spins96%
Serial74,800xYesFree Spins96%
Rock Bottom20,000xNoFree Spins96%
Little Bighorn25,676xYesFree Spins96%

Nolimit Bonus

On the left side of your screen, you’ve probably noticed the yellow star. This hides the menu where you can view statistics. And you’ll find the Nolimit Bonus Buy. Here you buy the Team Assemble feature for 60 times your stake or the Junkyard Assault feature for 500 times your stake.

As a final choice, there is the Lucky Draw for 200 times your stake. You then have a 40% chance of a regular Team Assemble, 30% chance of Team Assemble with 1 upgraded animal, 20% chance of Team Assemble with 2 upgraded animals and 10% chance of Junkyard Assault where the 3 animals are upgraded.


Symbols must appear not only on adjacent reels, but also on adjacent boxes. As a result, there are a total of 99 win lines within Roadkill.

In Roadkill, you face a maximum win of 11,091 times your bet. This value is OK for a high variance slot machine.

You get 3 hearts at the start of Team Assemble in Roadkill. Each time Hilly or Billy’s cars go back and forth, you lose a heart. If they hit one of the Jumping Wild animals, they stop and their feature triggers.

Roadkill plays at an RTP of 96.05%, which is just above the minimum that we like to see.

Software Nolimit City
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 5x3
Paylines 99
Slot Game Features Bonus Buy, Buffalo Mechanic, Colossal Symbol, Free Spins, Multipliers, Scatters, Sticky Wilds, Symbol split, Wild Symbol
Min. Bet 0.20
Max. Bet 24
Slot Themes American
Slot RTP 96%
devices Mobile versionTablet versionDesktop version
Roadkill Slot by Nolimit City

Game Winnings and Payouts

Roadkill Billy Symbol

x5 = 7.50

x4 = 1.00

x3 = 0.50

Roadkill Hilly Symbol

x5 = 5.00

x4 = 0.80

x3 = 0.40

Roadkill El Zoro Symbol

x5 = 2.50

x4 = 0.50

x3 = 0.35

Roadkill Love Nut Symbol

x5 = 2.00

x4 = 0.40

x3 = 0.30

Roadkill Connie Symbol

x5 = 1.50

x4 = 0.40

x3 = 0.30

Roadkill Cask Symbol

x5 = 1.50

x4 = 0.40

x3 = 0.30

Roadkill Target Symbol

x5 = 1.25

x4 = 0.30

x3 = 0.20

Roadkill Trap Symbol

x5 = 1.00

x4 = 0.30

x3 = 0.20

Roadkill Nuts Symbol

x5 = 0.75

x4 = 0.25

x3 = 0.15

Roadkill Trash Symbol

x5 = 0.50

x4 = 0.25

x3 = 0.10


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