Power of Gods: Valhalla

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Power of Gods: Valhalla Free Demo Play

The Power of Gods: Valhalla slot lies in a world of fog on the water in which you can’t see 100 meters. The game grid is however clear to the eye. You can easily identify the different symbols of the game as well as the 4 warriors. The game grid has 16 slots consisting of 16 reels, with a payout ratio of 96.23%. This game grid can win you up to 1,000 times the initial bet and extra spins from the golden coins. The maximum potential payout is 2,145 times the original bet.

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Power of Gods: Valhalla - Slot Review

Try to find Valhalla

Valhalla is a holy place where valiant fallen warriors are taken after their death. Located in Asgard in the gigantic realm of the gods, Power of Gods: Valhalla lets us see little detail. Indeed, the background of the slot presents a thick fog that looks like a cluster of clouds announcing a heavy rain and a torrent. However, we can distinguish what looks like an expanse of water, powerful waterfalls, and a mountain on top of which is located a small house. But the overall appearance gives the impression of a blur, like a thick fog in the middle of the ocean.

Comparison between 3 different parts of the Power of Gods series and Valhalla

Slot nameRTPMax. winFree SpinsRelease
Valhalla96.23%2,145xNoJune 2022
Egypt96.2%8,000xYesSeptember 2020
Medusa96.18%2,500xNoNovember 2021
Hades96.14%5,000xNoSeptember 2021

Nothing to do with the game grid, which is much more prestigious. Metallic outlines outline a wooden set with Nordic symbols inscribed on stones for the most part, which constitute the low-paying symbols. Then there are 4 symbols featuring 3 top-notch Viking warriors, complete with armor, helmet, and beard, and 1 female warrior, alongside golden coins. Thor’s hammer is the game’s wild.

Extra spins and enticing win multipliers to be won

Power of Gods: Valhalla is a free 16 reel game, featuring a 4 column and 4 row layout with a payout ratio of 96.23%. The allowed bet is between $0.10 and $100 per spin. The maximum potential payout is 2,145 times the initial bet.

Wazdan has programmed Power of Gods: Valhalla so that the symbols can create winning combinations at any position, according to the Pay Anywhere system. With this in mind, a valid winning combination must consist of at least 8 symbols. These combinations can win you up to 200 times the initial bet. To help you out, there is the Wild symbol. The Wild symbol can substitute for any symbol to complete a winning combination.

PROs & CONs of Power of Gods: Valhalla


  • Up to 1,000x Jackpot prizes
  • 200x potential in a single spin
  • Adjusted volatility


  • Max. win is kind of low

The golden coins also generate interesting earnings. For +6 symbols on the game grid, you trigger the Hold the Jackpot feature. During this feature, the coins remain taped to the game grid, and you win 3 extra spins. Each new coin that falls during these extra rounds resets the round counters. At the end, all the coins pay you cash. If you have covered all 16 squares in the game, you win the Grand Jackpot, which is worth 1,000 times your initial bet. Otherwise, prizes range from 1 to 15 times the bet, 20 to 150 times the bet.

Power of Gods Valhalla

Fill-the-Grid Grand Jackpot pays out 1,000 times.

But don’t worry if you line up 3 to 5 bonus symbols instead. Again, the collected coins remain stuck on the game board, and an extra spin is started. If you manage to line up at least 6 coins in total, you get access to the feature mentioned above.

FAQs about Power of Gods: Valhalla

The Power of Gods: Valhalla is part of the Power of Gods series which is continuously released by the studio Wazdan.

The slot comes with a Hold & Win bonus game as well as Wild symbols in the base game and Jackpot prizes.

Paylines: Pay Anywhere

Grid: 4×4

Betting options: 0.10-100

RTP: 96.2%

Volatility: Adjusted

Max. win: 2,145x

The Power of Gods: Valhalla does not operate on paylines but rather with a Pay Anywhere mechanism.

Software Wazdan
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 4x4
Paylines Pay Anywhere
Slot Game Features Hold and Win, Jackpot, Re-spin Feature, Scatters, Wild Symbol
Min. Bet 0.10
Max. Bet 100
Slot Themes Scandinavian
Slot RTP 96.2%
devices Mobile versionTablet versionDesktop version
Power of Gods: Valhalla Slot by Wazdan

Game Winnings and Payouts

Power of Gods Valhalla The Oldest Vikking Symbol

x16 = 200.00FUN

x15 = 50.00FUN

x14 = 25.00FUN

x13 = 15.00FUN

x12 = 10.00FUN

x11 = 6.00FUN

x10 = 4.00FUN

x9 = 3.00FUN

x8 = 2.00FUN

Power of Gods Valhalla Vikking Symbol

x16 = 100.00FUN

x15 = 40.00FUN

x14 = 20.00FUN

x13 = 14.00FUN

x12 = 9.00FUN

x11 = 5.00FUN

x10 = 3.00FUN

x9 = 2.00FUN

x8 = 1.00FUN

Power of Gods Valhalla Women Vikking Symbol

x16 = 60.00FUN

x15 = 30.00FUN

x14 = 18.00FUN

x13 = 12.00FUN

x12 = 8.00FUN

x11 = 4.50FUN

x10 = 2.50FUN

x9 = 1.50FUN

x8 = 1.00FUN

Power of Gods Valhalla Big Warrior Symbol

x16 = 40.00FUN

x15 = 20.00FUN

x14 = 15.00FUN

x13 = 10.00FUN

x12 = 6.00FUN

x11 = 4.00FUN

x10 = 2.00FUN

x9 = 1.00FUN

x8 = 0.50FUN

Power of Gods Valhalla Blue Symbol

x16 = 25.00FUN

x15 = 15.00FUN

x14 = 10.00FUN

x13 = 8.00FUN

x12 = 5.00FUN

x11 = 3.00FUN

x10 = 1.50FUN

x9 = 0.80FUN

x8 = 0.40FUN

Power of Gods Valhalla Red Symbol

x16 = 15.00FUN

x15 = 10.00FUN

x14 = 8.00FUN

x13 = 5.00FUN

x12 = 3.00FUN

x11 = 2.00FUN

x10 = 1.20FUN

x9 = 0.80FUN

x8 = 0.40FUN

Power of Gods Valhalla Yellow Symbol

x16 = 12.00FUN

x15 = 8.00FUN

x14 = 6.00FUN

x13 = 4.00FUN

x12 = 2.50FUN

x11 = 1.50FUN

x10 = 0.80FUN

x9 = 0.40FUN

x8 = 0.20FUN

Power of Gods Valhalla Gold Symbol

x16 = 8.00FUN

x15 = 6.00FUN

x14 = 4.50FUN

x13 = 3.00FUN

x12 = 2.00FUN

x11 = 1.20FUN

x10 = 0.60FUN

x9 = 0.40FUN

x8 = 0.20FUN


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