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Most of us have probably seen, at one point or another, some reference to Greek, Egyptian and Norse Mythology. And how could we not? Far and wide, they are the most popularised ones on the planet. However, while the famous trio has been hogging the spotlight, many ancient cultures have been left in the dark… But no more! Fresh off Wazdan’s supply line comes a video slot, inspired by Slavic Mythology that will, for sure, etch itself in memory – Power of Sun™: Svarog. Featuring many references to Slavic culture, and centred around the Slavic god of the Sun, celestial fire and blacksmithing, Svarog, it definitely comes as a welcomed uniqueness in a world dominated by popular culture. If mist and rain cannot dissuade you and adventure dwells in your heart, take the challenge and venture into the misty land of Power of Sun™: Svarog.


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Power of Sun™: Svarog - Slot Review

As far as themes go, Power of Sun™: Svarog has it all. A booming soundtrack to keep your spirits up, stunning visuals to immerse you in your journey and, of course, a plenitude of Slavic motifs, subtly hinting at long-forgotten tales waiting to be told. In all honesty, it comes rather refreshing that it’s not Ra depicted as the god of the Sun (nothing against the fiery guy), but Svarog, the god of the Sun, celestial fire and blacksmithing. Those with a pure heart will soon discover this deity favours the bold adventurers among us, the ones who dare embark on Wazdan’s quest and experience the mystical world of Power of Sun Svarog. That is if you can handle the heat…

Introduction to Power of Sun™: Svarog

Before you panic, intimidated by the new challenge, remember you have us, your trusty Pokedex that will guide you through the maze of trials and tribulation that is Power of Sun™: Svarog. After all, neither did Ash Ketcham become Pokemon Master in a day nor was A Song of Ice and Fire written over the span of a few weeks. Mastering something new takes time and we will be with you every step of the way.

As a start, you ought to know that Power of Sun™: Svarog operates using a 5×3 scheme. In other words, the game grid consists of 5 reels spinning vertically and 3 rows moving horizontally. A win will be awarded if you land 3, 4 or 5 symbols of a kind on an active betway from leftmost to right on consecutive reels. The minimum bet you can place is €0.10, while the maximum allowed is €10000. Power of Sun™: Svarog has a max payout of 5000x and a total of 243 paylines. The game’s RTP is 96.15%, which falls in the desirable range when picking a slot.

So far, we’ve covered most fundamental aspects of the game’s workings but you may have noticed we still haven’t said a thing about volatility. That’s because Power of Sun™: Svarog is different from what you may have experienced not only in terms of theme but also in relation to game mechanics. Wazdan’s slot has adjustable volatility. You can pinch yourself if you want to, but we assure you, you aren’t dreaming. Players can really adjust their volatility from the little blue button with hot pepper symbols and pick whatever suits their playstyle best.

A few words about volatility, since, you know, we want to make sure you don’t accidentally bankrupt yourself due to a misclick. What volatility depicts is the risk-reward ratio during the game. Low volatility means you’ll experience frequent rewards, but they will not amount to much. When playing on medium volatility, the rate at which rewards occur will lessen, but the pay will be larger. At last, high volatility means that both risk and reward are at an all-time high. You have the potential to win astronomical sums but also lose a whole lot. All in all, as we said earlier, the best strategy here is to pick what fits best depending on your playstyle.


Now that we have game mechanics covered, it’s time to dive deeper and look at what actually determines your wins – the Symbols. Power of Sun™: Svarog has two main categories in addition to all special symbols – the Low and High-values. Let’s see what’s what.

Starting off, we have the Low–value symbols. As much as we want to say they have some crucial function in the game, they really don’t. The Low-values are mainly in place to keep games balanced. In Power of Sun™: Svarog, the Low-value symbols are the J, Q, K and A. Landing a Low-value five-of-a-kind will award you anywhere from 0.4x to 1x the size of your initial bet. You can see for yourself why having too much faith in Low-values is a dead end.

Moving on, we have the High-value symbols. Power of Sun™: Svarog stays true to its theme by designing them like various Slavic runes, coloured in blue, green, orange and pink. With a bit of luck and Svarog’s blessing, you can land yourself a High-value five-of-a-kind and receive anywhere from 1.5x to 20x the amount of your bet. Friendly tip, look out for the Blue Rune. We have a hunch your vigilance will be rewarded. 😉

We’ll mention here a symbol near and dear to any slot player’s heart – the Wild. In this case, the Wild symbol is a depiction of Svarog himself and can serve as a substitute for all symbols with the exception of the bonus ones. Be sure to keep an eye open for Wilds as they can greatly enhance your gameplay.

Cash Infinity Feature

Remember how we mentioned that Power of Sun™: Svarog is quite unique when put in a side-by-side comparison with other slots? Well, its features are what truly distinguishes it from the rest. Let’s explore how.

Throughout the game, you will encounter at random the Cash Infinity Symbols. They will appear in the base game and stick on the reels until the end of the Bonus Game. The Cash Infinity symbols can grant prizes, equivalent to 1x-10x, 12x and 15x the size of a player’s bet, but they can only be won during the Bonus Game.

Sticky to Infinity Feature

While playing the base game and the Bonus Game, you have a likelihood of encountering the Mystery and Svarog Mystery symbols with the Sticky to Infinity Feature. As the name suggests, the feature allows for Mystery and Svarog Mystery symbols to stick on the reels until the end of the bonus game. Another perk of Cash Infinity and Sticky to Infinity symbols being ‘sticky’ is that they get locked in place while other symbols are spun and increase the chances of activating the Hold the Jackpot Bonus Game.

Hold the Jackpot Bonus Game

By now we’ve referenced the Hold the Jackpot Bonus Game enough times it’s almost mandatory to go into details.

First off, should you wish to activate the Bonus Game, you’ll need to land at least 6 Bonus symbols of any kind. The Hold the Jackpot Bonus Game is spread over 15 reels and, as we already said, all Bonus symbols stick to the reels until the end of the game.

At the beginning of the Bonus Game, you will be granted 3 Respins. The number of Respins will be reset to 3 every time a new Bonus symbol appears. The Bonus Game will continue until either you run out of Respins or all reels are filled up with Bonus symbols.

During the Hold the Jackpot Bonus Game, you will also encounter the Cash Symbols and Minor and Major Jackpot Symbols. The Cash Symbols awards prizes ranging from 1x-10x, 12x and 15x the amount of a player’s bet. Minor and Major Jackpot Symbols have a decent likelihood of appearing during the Bonus Game and awarding their corresponding Jackpots.

The Svarog Jackpot can only be drawn on the Svarog Mystery symbol. If you’re on Svarog’s good side, you can even win more than one Jackpot of the same type during the Bonus Game.

Another ability the Mystery Symbols possess is that they can transform into any other Bonus symbol with the exception of the Svarog symbol. The Svarog Mystery Symbol, however, is only capable of transforming into a Collector, a Minor, Major or Svarog Jackpot symbol. At the end of the Bonus Game, one by one the Mystery and Svarog Mystery symbols will be opened to reveal what secrets lay inside.

Before you start pulling your hairs out over not knowing what the Collector symbols are, remember you have us, your guides that are quick to untangle the mystery. When Collector symbols are in play, they accumulate all values from Cash and Cash Infinity symbols. Afterwards, the symbol multiplies them randomly with possible multiplier values ranging from 1x to 20x the size of your initial bet. Keep at the forefront of your mind the fact that the Collector symbols can only be drawn on top of Mystery and Svarog Mystery Symbols.

At last, all good things come to an end. But with every end comes a new beginning. When the Bonus Game ends, the value is paid according to the sum of the Bonus symbol values, including Minor, Major and Svarog Jackpots. The only exception to this rule presents itself in the case of the Grand Jackpot being won. Only at the end of the Bonus Game will you receive your wins from the Bonus symbols.

Grand Jackpot Feature

It seems as though Power of Sun™: Svarog has one more trick up its sleeve – the Grand Jackpot.

If you manage to collect 15 of any one of the Bonus Symbols, you will trigger the Grand Jackpot, which will instantaneously award you with the astronomical sum of 5000x the size of your bet. It is, by all means, the biggest prize in Power of Sun™: Svarog and it’s also equivalent to the game’s max payout. Note that due to the Grand Jackpot being the maximum prize in the game, the Bonus symbols values will not be added, should you happen to win.

Bottom Line

‘What is the end if not a new beginning’. To all who managed to read till the end of this review, congratulations, you truly possess the patience necessary to master the art of Slot games. As for Power of Sun™: Svarog, it is definitely a diamond among coals. While the max payout is not a cosmic amount, the game’s varied features and adjustable volatility more than make up for it. After all, success isn’t some gigantic event but a continuous set of tiny, incremental steps that compound over time. We can apply the same analogy to any Video Slot, including Power of Sun™: Svarog. If you keep your gaze on the long term, you will certainly find yourself making quite a profit. So, waste not a second more and delve into the world of Slavic deities, a land of mystery and wonder for those brave enough to trust the heart. Are you ready for a new adventure?

Software Wazdan
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 5
Paylines 243
Slot Game Features Bonus Rounds, Jackpot, Multipliers, Sticky Symbols, Wild Symbol
Min. Bet 0.10
Max. Bet 10000
Slot Themes Mythology, Slavic Mythology
Slot RTP 96.1%
devices Mobile versionTablet versionDesktop version
Power of Sun™: Svarog Slot by Wazdan

Game Winnings and Payouts

Power of Sun Svarog Blue Symbol

x5 = 20.00FUN

x4 = 4.00FUN

x3 = 1.00FUN

Power of Sun Svarog Green Symbol

x5 = 5.00FUN

x4 = 2.00FUN

x3 = 0.80FUN

Power of Sun Svarog Orange Symbol

x5 = 2.50FUN

x4 = 1.20FUN

x3 = 0.60FUN

Power of Sun Svarog Purple Symbol

x5 = 1.50FUN

x4 = 0.80FUN

x3 = 0.40FUN

Power of Sun Svarog Ace Symbol

x5 = 1.00FUN

x4 = 0.60FUN

x3 = 0.30FUN

Power of Sun Svarog King Symbol

x5 = 0.80FUN

x4 = 0.50FUN

x3 = 0.30FUN

Power of Sun Svarog Queen Symbol

x5 = 0.60FUN

x4 = 0.40FUN

x3 = 0.20FUN

Power of Sun Svarog Jack Symbol

x5 = 0.40FUN

x4 = 0.30FUN

x3 = 0.20FUN


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