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If you are curious about what animated dwarf miners do underground, Dynamite Frenzy is a great way to get a better understanding of exactly that. The team behind the game – Light & Wonder – who were previously known as SG Digital are now on a quest to bring in brand new visuals, features, and overall vibe to their games and it all starts with Dynamite Frenzy. So if that grabs your attention, let’s take a look at what this standard slot’s got.

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Dynamite Frenzy - Slot Review

Layout, Betting & Multipliers

The game Dynamite Frenzy has great graphics, great color choice, and sets up the vibe nicely. The game’s layout is a typical 5×3 and comes with a total of 10 paylines. While not too many, these paylines will be bringing you a lot of potential rewards. And because the grid is smaller, with less symbols, you will have a better chance at landing and triggering events.

Next, we have the range of the bet you can make during the game, which is $0.10 up to $400, that caters to both novice and high-stakes players. This is great, as you will have all the flexibility you want when playing. Also, players have the chance to land a 400x multiplier, on top of the already impressive maximum bet. Of course, it is not going to be easy, but you will have the chance of winning a jackpot of $160,000.

RTP & Volatility

The RTP is the amount of money players may anticipate winning back from the game following playing for a significant amount of time. All games aim to reach or surpass a 96% RTP as it is the gold standard of the iGaming industry for slots. We firmly suggest avoiding games with lower RTP or playing them for a limited time to prevent a decrease in overall returns over time. Every provider and their regulators calculate a game’s RTP by simulating millions of bets, which is good to know.

The game ensures player satisfaction by maintaining a consistent RTP rate of 96.98%, which is almost a precent higher than the industry’s benchmark, which is absolutely fantastic for the players. Regardless of the casino you choose to stay at, you will always get this RTP rate for this specific game, unlike games that have varying RTP and are handpicked by casino operators – not the best scenario for the players.

Theme & Symbols

The concept of a game is what brings it life, personality, and overall energy, which is why bland slots are no longer the preferred option. And while simplistic games have their own fan base, providers nowadays are battling it out to deliver brand-new experiences to the rest of the community. The layout or theme can either be specific or general. With that being said, we will now explore the concept of Dynamite Frenzy and what symbols to expect.

While we’ve seen a lot of mining and gold-digging games in the industry, providers such as Light & Wonder still manage to find ways to bring some type of novelty to common concepts. Here, he design is superb, both visual and audio. The setting of the game is immersive and, overall, fantastic. The symbols you can expect are the common 10-A card values, maps, Wild, Dynamite, Bonus, Dwarf, Cash, and some others.

Bonus Features

There are a couple of interesting events in Dynamite Frenzy, so let’s not waste any time and get started. First, you will notice the Wild symbol, which is basically going to act as a substitute for any symbol, except for the bonus symbol and multiplier. Next up is the Cash symbol, which goes together with the Dwarf symbol.

Basically, the way this works is that you will randomly land cash symbols in different variants – gold, silver, and bronze. The better the metal, the higher the multiplier. And then, you have the Dwarf symbol, which, if lands on the grid when Cash symbols are present, collects them and adds them to the total value of your current winnings during the round.

Now, another two features are the Free Spins event and the Dynamite Respin, so we will try to keep it brief and informative, starting off with the Free Spins event.

It is triggered by landing 3/4/5 Bonus symbols for which you will be rewarded with either 6, 8, or 10 free spins respectively. During the Free Spins event, you can land more Dwarf symbols than usual, meaning you can get more multipliers too. For every next Bonus symbol you land, you get 1 free spin.

The Dynamite Respin is the most notable feature in the game and it triggers when 1+ Dwarf symbols land, but you will also need to have a winning combination during that same round. This triggers the event, which lands up to 14 Dynamite symbols on the grid. Then, dynamites explode and reveal Cash or a Bonus symbol. By the time the event ends, it can trigger the

Free Spins event if 3+ Bonus symbols are present.

There’s a chance that both events will be triggered at the same time, but the Dynamite Respin gets priority and starts and finishes first.

Mobile Support

Everyone in the iGaming industry is familiar with the fact that there is a new wave of mobile gamers. As such, providers cater to their mobile users by developing their games, while keeping those players in mind. Because of that, Dynamite Frenzy has a great mobile version of the game, which some would argue that it is even better than the one available for desktop. The only thing you must make sure is not to get your internet connection interrupted, as that would result in the loss of your current bet.



  • Very High RTP
  • Great For High-Rollers
  • New Release


  • Low Max Multiplier
  • Common Concept

Dynamite Frenzy VS 3 Miner Slots

Slot nameDeveloped ByMax. MultiplierJackpotReleased
Dynamite FrenzyLight & Wonder400x$160,0002023
Dig Dig DiggerBGaming7791x$155,8202021
Fortune Pike GoldFoxium10,000x$250,0002023
Old Gold Miner MegawaysPragmatic Play5,000x$625,0002022

Closing Words

While Dynamite Frenzy is not unique to the genre, the developers have made sure to stand out from the competition by offering unique mini-games which are fun to play. This, however, is counteracted by the low max multiplier of only 400x, which will not be liked by everyone. However, probably because the game has went for a high RTP of almost 97%. While the game is enjoyable, it won’t be for everyone, but we suggest going ahead and finding out about that.


Yes, while the game does not have the highest jackpot or multipliers, due to the great graphics and unique features, the game is more like a regular video game and less like a casino game, making it extremely fun.

You can play Dynamite Frenzy on any of your handheld devices, because of the great optimization work of the developers.

Dynamite Frenzy came out to the iGaming market on the 10th of May, 2023.

Software Light&Wonder
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 5
Paylines 10
Slot Game Features Bonus Buy, Free Spins, Mystery Symbol, Scatters, Wild Symbol
Min. Bet 0.10
Max. Bet 100
Slot Themes Bombs, Explorer, Gold Rush, Mining
Slot RTP 97%
devices Mobile versionTablet versionDesktop version
Dynamite Frenzy Slot by Light&Wonder

Game Winnings and Payouts

Dynamite Frenzy Mining Helmet Symbol

x5 = $30.00

x4 = $15.00

x3 = $4.00

x2 = $0.40

Dynamite Frenzy Map Roll Symbol

x5 = $20.00

x4 = $10.00

x3 = $3.00

Dynamite Frenzy Beer Symbol

x5 = $15.00

x4 = $7.00

x3 = $2.00

Dynamite Frenzy Lamp Symbol

x5 = $15.00

x4 = $7.00

x3 = $2.00

Dynamite Frenzy Hammer Symbol

x5 = $7.50

x4 = $40.00

x3 = $1.20

Dynamite Frenzy Gold Silver and Bronze Symbol

x5 = $4.00

x4 = $1.50

x3 = $0.50

Dynamite Frenzy Ace Symbol

x5 = $2.50

x4 = $1.00

x3 = $0.30

Dynamite Frenzy King Symbol

x5 = $2.50

x4 = $1.00

x3 = $0.30

Dynamite Frenzy Queen Symbol

x5 = $2.50

x4 = $1.00

x3 = $0.30

Dynamite Frenzy Jack Symbol

x5 = $2.50

x4 = $1.00

x3 = $0.30

Dynamite Frenzy Ten Symbol

x5 = $2.50

x4 = $1.00

x3 = $0.30


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