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Devil’s Crossroad is a rather unusual new slot machine from Nolimit City. That they like to experiment with new playfields, we already knew. You can see that in The Cage of Dead Canary, for example. But here they reach a new peak at the Devil’s Crossroads.

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Devil’s Crossroad - Slot Review

They call the win mechanism Crosslink Wins and it fits the theme perfectly. In Devil’s Crossroad, this gives you four small playing areas where you can collect the same symbol 3, 4 or 5 times. These also have Multipliers of their own which means your winnings can add up quickly. Perhaps even up to “Debt to be Paid,” which is the maximum win of 13,180 times the bet.

Still, the variance is only high and not extremely high as you are used to from Nolimit City slots. The theoretical payout percentage is a normal 96.06%. Like us, are you curious about this game? You can read how Devil’s Crossroad came out of the test in this slot machine review.

PROs & CONs of Devil's Crossroad


  • Special playing field and win mechanism
  • Beautiful design
  • Large betting range


  • Less controversial than other Nolimit slots
  • Uses only 6 deadly sins

How to Play Devil’s Crossroad

So Devil’s Crossroad does not have an ordinary playing field. For starters, it looks like a big mouth like a hole in the ground on a crossroad. On each side you have 3 symbols on the outside with 1 symbol next to it. These are linked thanks to a devil in the middle, which is actually a Wild.

By default, the bet is set at $1, but by clicking on the coin icon, you choose a new bet between $0.20 and $200.

Crosslink Win

Due to the unusual design of the playing field, you also have an unusual way of winning in Devil’s Crossroad, the Crosslink Win mechanism. The aim is to collect at least two of the same symbols. Of these, one must be next to the devil.

The other symbol must be next to it (diagonally). Thanks to the Wild Devil, this counts as a win line with 3 symbols. If more of the same symbols are next to it, you make a combination of 4 or 5 symbols. All used symbols disappear. If the middle symbol from the group of 3 remains, it shifts to the Devil’s side.

As 10 paying symbols, you have 5 characters who sold their souls to the devil. You have the businessman who is worth 2.5 to 10 times your bet, a tattooed singer for 1.5 to 6 times the bet and then another bodybuilder, gamer and social influencer. The other symbols are A, K, Q, J and 10 weather data like road signs. These will earn you 0.4 to 1.2 times your bet for 5 equal symbols.

Devil's Crossroad

In terms of look and gameplay, however, it is another top-notch game.

Bonus features of Devil’s Crossroad

If this is not enough to keep your attention while playing, several bonus features can be found. Which ones these are in Devil’s Crossroad, what they do and how to trigger them, you can read below.

Cross Wilds

At random moments, the Devil gives you a Wild. This replaces one of the symbols next to him, guaranteeing a winning combination. It can be one with 5 symbols, three with 3 symbols or anything in between.

Cross Multiplier

On each side of your cross is a Multiplier that starts at x1 on each spin. During the Cascade, not only the symbols used disappear, but also all other equal symbols.

Suppose you make a combination with J’s, they disappear everywhere within your playing area. For every symbol that disappears outside the winning combination, the Multiplier goes up by 1. Your next win on that side is higher as a result.

Devil’s Crossroad vs. 3 other slots from NoLimit City

Slot nameMax. winBonusesRTPVolatility
Devil’s Crossroad13,180xHold & Win96%High
The Crypt27,000xFree Spins96%High
Gluttony32,000xYes, 296%High
xWays Hoarder11,030xFree Spins96.1%High

Redemption Spins

On the middle box on each outside, you may come across a Scatter in the form of a buck. If there is one such on each side, you win Redemption Spins to redeem your soul, and hopefully win nicely. If these four Scatters were just next to the devil in the middle of your play area, then your bonus gets an upgrade. Otherwise, you get the same number of steps on a meter to the right of the playfield.

Redemption Spins is a Hold & Win bonus that starts you off with 3 Free Spins. Each time a new coin remains in your playfield, your spins are reset. The Coins you encounter range from 1 to 100 times your bet.

With these coins you can already win quite a bit, but if you manage to fill up a column, you have a chance to win even bigger winnings. This triggers six special features based on the seven deadly sins:

  • Gluttony (Gluttony): Shows a value added to all coins in the column.
  • Anger (Wrath): Multiplies any coin from the column.
  • Lust (Lust): Gives you an extra step on the meter for a bonus upgrade.
  • Greed (Greed): A random Coin from the column accumulates all values from the same row.
  • Envy (Envy): Copies the highest value within your play area to a random Coin from the column.
  • Haughtiness (Pride): A random coin from the column increases the value of all coins from the same row.

The upgraded version of Redemption Spins in Devil’s Crossroad ensures that full rows also trigger features. Finally, you can also encounter Devil Coins, these trigger one of the special features once.

Feature Buy

Because of the small number of symbols you see per spin, you might think that winning Redemption Spins is not easy. Fortunately, Nolimit City has provided a Feature Buy that you’ll find on the left as the yellow star.

You can buy the regular Redemptions Spins for 80 times the bet or opt for the upgrade which will cost you 500 times the bet. If you want to leave this choice to fate, then you will pay 250 times the stake for a 60% chance of getting the regular version and a 40% chance of getting the upgrade.


Devil’s Crossroad has a theoretical payout percentage of 96.06%. That’s just above average as we are used to from Nolimit City.

Similar to Connected Win Ways from Road Kill, the same symbols must be next to each other to count as a payline. Due to the unusual playing field, this takes some getting used to at first.

Every time you form a winning combination in Devil’s Crossroad, all matching symbols disappear from your playfield. Where these symbols disappear, the Cross Multiplier goes up by 1.

In Devil’s Crossroad you have a debt of 13,180 times the bet. In other words, this is the maximum amount you can win.

Software Nolimit City
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 3-1
Paylines Crosslink Wins
Slot Game Features Hold and Win, Multipliers, Symbol Collection, Wild Symbol
Min. Bet 0.20
Max. Bet 200
Slot Themes Dark, Devil
Slot RTP 96%
devices Mobile versionTablet versionDesktop version
Devil's Crossroad Slot by Nolimit City

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