MT SecureTrade Ltd Casinos

MT SecureTrade Ltd is a well-known company in the iGaming industry. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Gaming Innovation Group, better known as GiG. GiG itself is a well-known gaming and betting solution based in Europe.

MT SecureTrade used to develop and produce casinos of the highest quality. The operator focused more on quality rather than quantity. As such, they did not operate too many casinos.

Their casinos had big game libraries, containing the latest games of the industry, huge bonuses, tournaments, loyalty programs and more. In this article, we will go over MT SecureTrade Ltd casinos, who the operator is, and why their license got suspended.

MT SecureTrade Ltd Casinos
MT SecureTrade Ltd Casinos

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About MT SecureTrade Ltd

About MT SecureTrade Ltd

MT SecureTrade Ltd is a somewhat popular online casino provider, as you probably already know. However, although the article is about MT SecureTrade Ltd, we must also go over GiG and what it does exactly, as it is crucial for MT SecureTrade Ltd.

In short, GiG is the parent company of MT SecureTrade Ltd. As such, it owns all rights to its products. In 2020, GiG sold all of MT SecureTrade Ltd products and websites to Betsson Group. As such, MT Secure Trade Ltd has not been in operation ever since.

Company nameMT SecureTrade Ltd
AddressGiG Beach, Triq ID-Dragunara, St. Julians, STJ 3148, Malta
LicensesMGA, UKGC
Year founded2012
Company License #C 56545 (MGA), 39575 (UKGC)
MT SecureTrade Ltd casinos count10+

However, in this section, we will explain how all of MT SecureTrade Ltd casinos used to work. Not only that, but we will overview the highlights of the operator.

As a bonus piece of information, we’d like to let you know that most of MT SecureTrade Ltd casinos are still in operation, although they are now owned by different operators.

There is also a lot of information about MT SecureTrade Ltd.

This makes researching it easier and the information they provide credible. Also, we found a lot of details about how they operated and what they had to offer to other operators. Aside from being an operator, MT SecureTrade Ltd also supported other operators by delivering an all-in-one casino solution.

This includes software providers and their games, payment systems, graphics, UI, animations, button layout, etc. However, we will not be focusing on that, because their operational side is way more interesting.

As you already know, the operator used to take care of more than 10 casinos. Most of these are very popular and high quality, which is why the operator was popular too. Instead of focusing on a high quantity of casinos, MT SecureTrade Ltd decided to focus on quality.

MT SecureTrade Ltd owned both an MGA and an UKGC license. This made them exceptionally secure and safe as an operator. That’s because both the MGA and the UKGC keep their operators to high standards.

As such, many players prefer playing at such casinos. However, that is not the end to MT SecureTrade Ltd’s security. The operator used to own other licenses too, but we will not be getting into that right now. We will talk more about the license in the next section below. If you want, you can skip to it right away.

One more topic we will be covering is how to file a report against MT SecureTrade Ltd in case anything happens. Although the operator is no longer operating, the casinos are still part of the regulatory system fo both MGA and UKGC.

Since MGA and UKGC are such secure and safe regulators, it is quite easy, unlike when filing a report to Curacao. On another note, there are many users who were quite happy with the services MT SecureTrade Ltd provided.

They’ve got tons of games in every single one of their casinos. Not only that, but most of their entries include a welcome package, which is a great feature for those looking to top up their balance right away.

Aside from that, their casinos offer great promotions and conditions to their players. That is another major reason why people used to enjoy playing at MT SecureTrade Ltd casinos.



MT SecureTrade Ltd License

As you now know, MT SecureTrade Ltd owned both an MGA and a UKGC license, alongside others. This mad it an exceptionally safe and secure operator. All of its casinos owned these licenses since the company had them.

If you are new to the iGaming industry, what you must know is that MGA and UKGC are the most secure regulators. They keep their casinos to the highest of standards. This allows players to feel confident when playing in casinos regulated by MGA and UKGC.

Even if anything were to happen, you can contact either of the regulators (depending on the casino). They will resolve your issue in a matter of a couple of days.

If there’s a violation at all, the casino will be blacklisted and its license – suspended. This is why operators abide by the rules of MGA and UKGC. Because these licenses also cost upwards of hundreds of thousands of USD.

Following that, operators must keep paying annually for the license to remain active.

Overall, MT SecureTrade Ltd used to be a safe and secure operator. This is further fortified by the MGA and UKGC licenses the operator holds. As such, you can feel at ease when playing at MT SecureTrade Ltd casinos.

However, MT SecureTrade Ltd closed its offices in Malta in 2020 when GiG sold the company and its casino websites to another operator. Yet, since they bought their UKGC license in 2018, it is still active and will be until 2028 although the company no longer operates.

Its MGA license will remain open until the end of 2024. This is when the license get suspended.

MT SecureTrade Ltd Casino Platform

MT SecureTrade Ltd Casino Platform

In the iGaming industry, most casino operators use third-party services to develop their product. These all-in-one solution companies are very popular, since these casinos can launch in a matter of days after the first contact.

However, MT SecureTrade Ltd did not use any third-party assistance. Instead, you should know that they used to be that go-to platform themselves. They offer their services to operators who wish to create a casino.

Because of this, you can find a lot of casinos that look similar to MT SecureTrade Ltd casinos. This is because of the template they are using. The similarities we found are mainly within the layout. This includes the buttons, game categories layout, buttons location, navigation pane, and more.

The deposit and withdrawal sections are exactly the same too. This is great news for players who are not tech savvy. It will feel very intuitive when switching between MT SecureTrade Ltd casinos. You will get used to the new casino’s layout in a matter of minutes.

Some players believe there’s a downside to this because casinos might feel repetitive. However, that’s not the case with MT SecureTrade Ltd’s template. It actually feels very authentic, no matter which one of their casinos you pick.

Yet, there are similarities, but they do not give off the “same vibe” as other casinos. The games and game providers you can find in each of their casinos are also similar.

They rely on a number of the best software developers in the industry. That means all of their games are the latest, high-quality releases. Yet, they also support older games that are hits amongst the iGaming community. This is why you will also find casino games from ten years ago and even older ones.

As you probably noticed, some of their casinos support sports betting outside of the regular slots, table games, and live casino games.

The software developers include, but are not limited to, Evolution Gaming, Gamomat, Eyecon, iSoftBet, Microgaming, NextGen, Red Rake, Play’n GO, Scientific Games, etc. Of course, each casino might have a bit more or a bit fewer games and software developers than the rest.

That’s simply because they are not carbon copies of each other. Other than that, let’s talk about the payments at MT SecureTrade Ltd casinos. Each casino supports between 10 and 15 fiat currencies. The main ones are always USD, EUR, and GBP, which is not surprising.

These can be deposited and withdrawn using the payment methods MasterCard, VISA, Maestro, Neosurf, Skrill, Neteller, and more, depending on your geolocation.

Although MT SecureTrade Ltd no longer operates these casinos, they remain intact and simply changed ownership.

New Casinos

New MT SecureTrade Ltd Operated Casinos

Although MT SecureTrade Ltd no longer operates any casinos due to the change of ownership, it still developed and released more than 10 products. In this section, we will list all casinos that MT SecureTrade Ltd worked on in the past.

We must say that some of the casinos no longer operate, but they were retired a long time ago, when MT SecureTrade Ltd was still in charge.

Currently, only 5 of their casinos operate. However, all of the casinos are of the highest quality. They abide to the standards of the ever-evolving iGaming industry.

Here is a list of all MT SecureTrade Ltd developed casinos that are still live and operate:

Metal Casino2017
Affiliate Programs

MT SecureTrade Ltd Affiliate Programs

Just like most other operators, MT SecureTrade Ltd used to have its own affiliate programs. However, instead of having a single partner website, MT SecureTrade Ltd had different affiliate programs for different casinos.

For example, one of their most popular affiliate programs was the CasinoPop Affiliates program.

In this section, we will present the most important information regarding MT SecureTrade Ltd affiliate programs. Of course, these may vary depending on casinos. However, we made sure to include the most general details.

Keep in mind that although MT SecureTrade Ltd is a company that got sold, their affiliate programs simply changed ownership. As such, they work nearly exactly the same as before. Because of that, the information in this section is still reliable.

Thus, we will be talking about the affiliate program at present.

To start off, just like with every other affiliate program, you will need to fill out a form. This is a form that is targeted toward online businesses (websites). So the information will consist of email address, webpage address, how many visitors you have on a monthly basis, etc.

These are some of the basic details you need to provide. Other than that, it seems that if you get approved, you will need to provide further details. This is perfectly normal, as MT SecureTrade Ltd will need a bank account address to which they can send the pay cut you will be getting.

Keep in mind that if CasinoPop Affiliates want, they keep the right to ask you for additional information. It is not disclosed what this information might be.

As you can expect, the revenue you will be getting will be coming in the form of a commission. The size of the commission will depend on how many players you send to the casinos and the size of their deposits.

Additionally, there is one more requirement you should be cautious about. This is the fact that each month, your commission percentage drops down to the default one. So let’s talk about that.

Aside from the size of the deposit, it will also be important how many people you send to the casino.

If you send over between 1 and 8 players, you will be getting a 25% revenue share commission. If that number is between 9 and 15, the percentage goes up to 30%. On the other hand, if you send between 16 and 25 players, you will be getting a 35% revenue share commission.

And finally, if you send more than 26 players to the casino, the commission percentage goes up to 40%.

So, at the beginning of each month, these calculations drop down and your commission is 25%. This is why the number of players might be arguably more important than the size of their deposit.

However, you can also choose another payment model to go by. This is the Cost-per-Acquisition (CPA) model. CPAs are fixed, one-time sums that are paid upfront for new players you refer, that make their first deposits.

The amount you can get through CPA varies. This is something that should be communicated directly with the partner program agent. You can also create hybrid models or custom-tailored ones. The options are limitless.

Additionally, you can choose to mold both of these models into one. This is great for websites that have a good number of views, but don’t have too many big deposit affiliates.

Last, but not least, the sub-referral commission you will be getting is 5%. This means that every time one of the players you send to the casino invites their friends and they make a deposit, you get a 5% flat cut.

Disputes and complaints

MT SecureTrade Ltd Disputes & Complaints

If you play at a casino regulated by the MGA or the UKGC (or both) and you come across any issues with the payout speed, or anything else, you can file a complaint report. This report can be sent directly to MGA or UKGC.

However, MGA and UKGC themselves suggest reaching out to the operator first. That’s because the operator will have a faster response time than MGA and UKGC. However, let’s start from the beginning of things and explain the whole process.

We must take a particular scenario as an example. Let’s say the casino is delaying your payment, or it does not pay out at all. First, you must contact the dedicated customer support team of the casino. Most casinos nowadays accept chat messages and emails.

Usually, using the chat option will be the fastest way to do things at any casino. Following that, communicate the issue with the customer support agent assigned to you. If they manage to resolve the issue, then everything is good.

However, if you do not see the necessary resolution come into play, you can also reach out to the regulator – MGA and UKGC. This can happen only through their official websites. On the official websites, you will find a shortcut button allowing you to file a complaint.

If you are having trouble locating the button, you can just google “MGA/UKGC complaint form”. The first result will be the one you are looking for.

There’s some basic information you will need to fill in. You will also need to explain briefly what happened and what the issue is. This includes the casino the issue happened at.

Most importantly, make sure the casino you played at is truly regulated by MGA and UKGC and is not a scam. For example, you can take the license number in the description and check it on the official MGA and UKGC websites.

Of course, if you plan on playing in a casino developed by MT SecureTrade Ltd,, then you can disregard this, as all of the casinos are now regulated by MGA and UKGC, although they are being operated by another company.

Second, you need to make sure to contact the MGA and UKGC team within an appropriate timeframe. It is nowhere mentioned how long you should wait before contacting MGA and UKGC. However, we suggest doing so immediately after contacting the operator (in case the issue is not resolved).

This will allow the MGA and UKGC teams to respond faster. This way you will also be getting your payout on time and you will see the proper resolution of the issue.

As we already mentioned, MGA and UKGC will require you to provide some basic information about yourself. However, once the process begins, MGA and UKGC reserve the right to ask for further personal details.

This includes photos of your passport to prove your identity, the email you use at the casino, etc.

If you wish to file a report on behalf of somebody, you must make sure to have the proper documentation beforehand.

This can include a legal document with the signature of the person you will be filing a report for. The same thing goes if you want someone else to file a report in your stead.

If you or the person you will be filing a report for is not too fluent in English, do not worry. MGA and UKGC support tens of languages. You will just need to contact them and request a translator for the process.

Keep in mind that this could mean that you’ll be waiting longer periods of time for a reply. For the sake of keeping this article the appropriate length, we’ve only included the most important point about submitting a report. If you want, you can check further details on the MGA and UKGC official websites.


Safe or Scam_

Is MT SecureTrade Ltd a Scam?

MT SecureTrade Ltd used to be an online casino operator, which worked under the regulation of the Malta Gaming Authority & the UK Gambling Commission. As you already know, these are the most secure regulators in the online casino industry.

They have extremely high requirements for its operators. This is only right, considering how much money players shove into the industry. Yet, there are players who are extra cautious and want to know whether MT SecureTrade Ltd was a scam or not. This is exactly what we will be going over in this section so bear with us.

First of all, when determining whether a casino is a scam or not, you must check if they have a license. As we already know, MT SecureTrade Ltd holds an MGA and a UKGC license.

Second, you must check the license number/s of a casino. The license number of MT SecureTrade Ltd is C 56545. By doing a quick search within the MGA database, you can easily see MT SecureTrade Ltd’s license is not suspended.

By looking at the UKGC website and checking the license number 39575, you can see that this license is also not suspended. This means that the licenses are perfectly fine, paid for, and in work. Although the operator no longer has any need for them.

The next thing you must check is the people’s experience with MT SecureTrade Ltd casinos. You will find a lot of opinions on the internet. There are also dedicated sites for casino reviews you can go over.

We went over tens of reviews to see what players had to say about MT SecureTrade Ltd casinos. As with every other product, casinos also have their complaints. Some players complain about losing a bet when their internet goes down. Others complain about delayed payouts.

So let’s talk about these. Most of the issues players have are actually not on the casino. Some players miss reading the terms and conditions of the casinos they decide to stay at.

This is why they have no idea what wagering requirements are, which is a very important piece of every online casino. Wagering requirements decide how many times you need to turn over your deposit amount before you are eligible to make a withdrawal.

Naturally, if a player misses this detail, they might complain or leave a negative review about a casino. The moral of the story is, to make sure to check the terms and conditions of every casino you decide to stay at.

Otherwise, you can check out our review on the casino you decide to stay at, as we briefly sum things up in our dedicated articles. Another factor you can check out when looking if an operator is a scammer or not is the license, as you already know. This is also the most important factor.

Whenever an online casino operator behaves shady, MGA or UKGC will usually revoke its license. When that happens, it means the operator is not abiding by the MGA or UKGC rules.

MT SecureTrade Ltd does not have that issue. This alone should let you know that the operator is not a scam. It is almost impossible for MGA and UKGC operators to scam people because of the high standards the regulator holds them to.

Yet, as MT SecureTrade Ltd no longer operates, we can simply conclude that the operator was fair and secure during its time of operating.


No, because all of MT SecureTrade Ltd casinos were regulated by the MGA and the UKGC. These regulators are the most popular and secure ones in the casino industry. As such, whenever an operator misbehaves, their license gets revoked. The licenses of MT SecureTrade Ltd are working perfectly fine, meaning the operator is secure, although it no longer operates.

MT SecureTrade Ltd created casinos that have great bonuses and promotions. These allowed players who stay up for a longer period of time to greatly benefit from these. Aside from that, the casinos have huge game libraries delivered by some of the best software developers. Although MT SecureTrade Ltd no longer takes care of these casinos, they still operate in nearly the same way they used to.

MT SecureTrade Ltd produced 12 casinos in total. Currently the number of active casinos is down to 5. All of these casinos offered great conditions to their players. Most of the products by the operator are well-known and respected casinos in the iGaming industry. 

Different MT SecureTrade Ltd casinos supported different currencies. However, you will mostly be choosing from USD, EUR, GBP, NOK, CAD, etc. There is quite a lot of diversity when it comes to choice with the payment methods too.

MT SecureTrade Ltd focused on slots, table games, and live casino games. In the past, players did let the operator know they want to see sports betting options. And so, MT SecureTrade Ltd added sports betting sections to some of their casinos, including newer releases. These can still be found in the casinos, although MT SecureTrade Ltd no longer takes care of them.

The operator is part of the industry since 2012. This means they had more than 8 years of experience until they got sold. However, the employees and higher-ups have previous experience in the industry. For example, most of the employees have been part of the industry for more than 15 years.

To file a complaint against MT SecureTrade Ltd, you must first reach out to the operator, at least in the past. If that doesn’t solve things, you can reach out to the Malta Gaming Authority or the UK Gambling Commission. This can happen through their official website. After that, you must simply wait for a reply.

MT SecureTrade Ltd had one main office. It was located at GiG Beach, Triq ID-Dragunara, St. Julians, STJ 3148, Malta. This is where most of the employees are. The other offices are for the rest of the licenses the operator owns.

Yes, MT SecureTrade Ltd used to be a credible and somewhat well-known operator in the online casino industry. Some of their casinos remain popular even after the operator no longer takes care of them. This is just proof of how much influence the operator used to have.

Final Verdict

Final Verdict

MT SecureTrade Ltd was a great operator that worked under the laws of Malta, the UK, and other jurisdictions. This MGA and UKGC license-holding company has proven in many ways why its casinos were so popular.

Solely by having these 2 licenses, the operator’s popularity skyrockets because of its safety and security. Most of their casinos are very well-known to this day and check all marks that make great online iGaming destinations. These casinos contain benefits you will certainly want to see.

And although the operator’s websites and assets got sold to another company, it still remains a veteran in the industry.

Keep in mind that the operator’s casinos still operate to this day, although they are now owned by a different company. We made sure to research all of the casinos and came to the conclusion that they remain mostly unchanged and still desirable destinations for players for many reasons.

Starting off with a huge gaming library provided by some of the best software developers on the market, to the great bonuses and promotions, their products offer. You will definitely find a suitable casino for yourself if you look in the direction of MT SecureTrade Ltd-developed casinos.

Since MT SecureTrade Ltd also used to be a platform provider, they had no trouble releasing their own casinos. This also means they save time and put extra effort into the development of each casino.

Additionally, you will have an easier time getting used to different casinos by this operator, since they look somewhat similar.

Ever since its launch back in 2012 until its closure in 2020, the operator constantly tried to expand and attract players, which it did successfully. This happened mainly through the enormous welcome packages the operator offers to its players.

It saw its biggest growth in 2017, when it attracted the biggest number of players.

If you are looking for a MT SecureTrade Ltd casino to try out, you will have a choice of over 10 casinos. You can expect a great selection of games, bonuses, promotions, exceptional design, and more.

Although the casinos are no longer being operated by MT SecureTrade Ltd, they still remain intact, even though they are now being overlooked by other operators.

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