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The Wild Wild West theme is an absolute favorite of a ton of game studios, which is nothing too surprising, considering there are a lot of players who can relate to that place or simply enjoy movies based on the concept. Wild Coyote Megaways is a brand new slot developed by OneTouch, which is a studio that’s been around for a second now and is still trying to make its way to the top. The game features a great multiplier and jackpot, some great bonus games, and animated graphics.

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Wild Coyote Megaways - Slot Review

Layout, Betting & Multipliers

Wild Coyote Megaways is causing quite a stir with its eye-catching, cartoonish visuals, while still managing to maintain a sense of familiarity when it comes ot the playing field. The game is presented in a stylish 6×2-7 grid, which is common for Megaways games. And because of the Megaways feature, you will be getting a chance to play for a total of more than 117,500 paylines, which is fantastic news.

Now, turning our attention to the betting range, we can see that it holds just as much significance as any other aspect of the game. From a humble $0.20 to an astounding $100, all players will have equal opportunity to enjoy the game. The real star of the show, however, is the impressive 10,000x multiplier, which is a bit difficult to land, but that makes it all more worth it. If you multiply the max bet by the max multiplier, you get a juicy $1,000,000 jackpot, which is absolutely phenomenal.

RTP & Volatility

We make sure to get to that sweet spot of sharing information about all the thrilling and technical elements of each game. The Return-to-Player (RTP) rate holds immense significance as it directly impacts the player’s potential profits. Its importance cannot be overstated, so pay attention. The RTP rate represents the percentage of the amount wagered that you can potentially win back over time, after placing a ton of bets. When it comes to high-quality slots, it’s good to remember that the industry standard for a minimum payout percentage is 96%.

Wild Coyote Megaways has taken a player-friendly approach by setting a solid RTP rate, instead of a volatile one. This means that casinos are unable to alter the win rate, providing a fair and consistent gaming experience for players. The figure in question stands at an impressive 96%, matching that of the gold standard. As such, the game is quite transparent when it comes to winnings and payout rates.

Theme & Symbols

As the gaming industry evolves, many players are seeking fresh and innovative concepts, leaving overused ideas in the dust. Rest assured, there are plenty of studios with the talent to take an existing idea and turn it into something new and exciting, so don’t let hope go. With tens of thousands of slots available, it’s no surprise that some concepts overlap. However, it’s the developers’ effort that sets each of these games apart.

Moving on from that, let’s delve into the common, but still, immersive theme of Wild Coyote Megaways. Embark on a journey through the Wild Wild West, where the music is key and you feel like a character from a cartoon about cowboys and sheriffs. Aside from the cartoon symbols, the rest are pretty common. Of course, you’ve got the Scatter symbols, as well as the Roadrunner symbol, which play a key role in the game modes.

Bonus Features

The Wild Wild West is pretty good when it comes to bonus game idea, simply because anything goes. In total, there are three primary features, which include symbols and the Free Spins event. We will start off with the latter and go back to the symbols.

First of all, we all love a Free Spin event – it makes everything easier and a lot more fun. To trigger this enjoyable event, you need to land at least 4 symbols, but the free spins will increase up to 16 for 7 scatter symbols. Overall, it goes like this – 4/5/6/7 symbols give you 10/12/14/16 free spins.

Once the event begins, you get a multiplier of 1x to begin with, which can increase for any winning combos you might land and holds until the end of the round. To extend this event, all you need is to be lucky enough and land a Roadrunner symbol anywhere on the grid for an additional 4 free spins. If you feel like it, you can also buy the Free Spins game for 100x the amount of your bet.

And as we’ve just mentioned Roadrunner symbols, let’s discuss them. These are basically symbols which can appear on the top reel only and act as Wilds. Whenever such a symbol lands, every symbol on the reel below turns into a Wild, which can get you a 6x multiplier during the Free Spins event and anywhere from 1x to 6x in the base game.

Finally, there are the TNT symbols, which are basically a symbol that, after landing, transforms into a paying symbol – it can be anything.

Mobile Support

In today’s world, it’s a given that casino games are accessible across all platforms, including mobile. Get ready to immerse yourself in Wild Coyote Megaways, accessible anytime and anywhere on your favorite handheld device. The developers’ meticulous optimization efforts are the reason behind its exceptional performance, which is easily noticeable. The game’s design is consistent across all devices, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted experience for players. A stable web connection is going to be vital, however, to ensure seamless gameplay. Any interruption during the round could potentially result in the loss of your current bet.



  • Cartoon Graphics
  • High Max Multiplier
  • Fair RTP


  • Smaller Development Studio
  • Common Theme

Wild Coyote Megaways VS 3 Wild Wild West Slots

Slot nameDevelopersPaylinesJackpotReleased
Wild Coyote MegawaysOneTouch117,649$1,000,0002023
Money Train 3Relax Gaming40$1,000,0002022
Wanted Dead or a WildHacksaw Gaming15$1,250,0002021
Chilli BanditsSlotmill576$750,0002023

Closing Words

While the Wild Wild West concept is pretty much everywhere, it is interesting to see how developers still manage to find a way to bring out something new. Wild Coyote Megaways is a prime example of that. The game has a few great features, but the somehow balance within the game. More importantly, the game boasts a great multiplier and a potential jackpot, and a great RTP rate.


Because Wild Coyote Megaways utilizes the Megaways combo method, you will be playing for a chance to land from a total of 117,649 paylines in total.

In Wild Coyote Megaways, the RTP is exactly the same as the gold standard of the industry, standing at 96%.

You will be playing in a highly volatile environment in Wild Coyote Megaways, but that is only normal, considering the fact that the jackpot is so big.

Software OneTouch
Slot Types Megaways
Reels 6
Paylines 117,649
Slot Game Features Bonus Buy, Cascading Symbols, Free Spins, Mystery Symbol, Wild Symbol
Min. Bet 0.20
Max. Bet 100
Slot Themes Birds, Bombs, Cowboys, Wild West
Slot RTP 95%
devices Mobile versionTablet versionDesktop version
Wild Coyote Megaways Slot by OneTouch

Game Winnings and Payouts

Wild Coyote Megaways Coyote Symbol

x6 = 2.00

x5 = 1.00

x4 = 0.60

x3 = 0.20

x2 = 0.10

Wild Coyote Megaways Hammer Symbol

x6 = 0.80

x5 = 0.50

x4 = 0.40

x3 = 0.16

Wild Coyote Megaways Firework Symbol

x6 = 0.50

x5 = 0.40

x4 = 0.30

x3 = 0.12

Wild Coyote Megaways Bomb Symbol

x6 = 0.40

x5 = 0.30

x4 = 0.20

x3 = 0.12

Wild Coyote Megaways Batt Symbol

x6 = 0.24

x5 = 0.20

x4 = 0.16

x3 = 0.10

Wild Coyote Megaways Ace Symbol

x6 = 0.20

x5 = 0.16

x4 = 0.12

x3 = 0.08

Wild Coyote Megaways King Symbol

x6 = 0.16

x5 = 0.10

x4 = 0.05

x3 = 0.04

Wild Coyote Megaways Queen Symbol

x6 = 0.16

x5 = 0.10

x4 = 0.05

x3 = 0.04

Wild Coyote Megaways Jack Symbol

x6 = 0.12

x5 = 0.08

x4 = 0.04

x3 = 0.02

Wild Coyote Megaways Ten Symbol

x6 = 0.12

x5 = 0.08

x4 = 0.04

x3 = 0.02


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