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Trees of Treasure is an online slot from Pragmatic Play in honor of Chinese New Year. More specifically, to celebrate the year of the dragon. It is not the first time they developed a slot machine for this purpose. For example, Lucky New Year also exists in their lineup.

As is often the case, this slot machine celebrating a holiday is not too striking. At first glance, we don’t see any unique features or innovative gameplay in Trees of Treasure. Only, the betting range is very large with a maximum bet of $360.

The slot has a high variance and RTP of 96.10%, 95.10% or 94.06%. Do you have a soft spot for that colorful Oriental luck? You can read how Trees of Treasure came out of the test in this slot machine review.

The Best Online Casinos & Bonuses to Play Trees of Treasure for Real Money

Trees of Treasure - Slot Review

How to Play Trees of Treasure

There is little to note about the playing area of Trees of Treasure. You get 5 reels and 3 rows in front of you when you open the slot machine. This contains 20 fixed win lines that run from left to right and are always active. So after choosing your bet between $0.20 and $360 you can start right away.

There are 12 different symbols to collect. Half of these are card symbols from 9 to A. They give you 0.5 to 1 times your bet for 3 times the same symbol on a payline and 2 to 8 times your bet for a full line.

Next, there are four premium symbols or lucky animals. To start, you have a turtle for 2 to 12 times your bet. Next comes the tiger with payouts between 4 and 16 times your bet. There is another festive chicken that is worth 4 times your bet from just 2 symbols and pays a maximum of 40 times the bet. Also with the dragon you have prize from 2 pieces for 10 to 100 times the bet.

PROs & CONs of Trees of Treasure


  • Beautiful graphics
  • Large betting range


  • Nothing innovative
  • No Bonus Buy
  • Bonus playfield fill up gives nothing extra

Bonus features of Trees of Treasure

If you know that the maximum win is 15,000 times your bet, you know that there are other features included in Trees of Treasure. Below we list them all.

Wild Symbol

One of the special symbols from Tree of Treasure is the Wild symbol. This substitutes for all paying symbols from above. Plus it shares the same payout value with the dragon. Except on a full payline, because then you win 250 times your bet.

Trees of Treasure

Since they launched it around Chinese New Year in 2024, the game is all about the dragon.

Money Respin Bonus

The slot machine isn’t called Trees of Treasure for nothing. There is also a Scatter symbol in the form of a money tree. If you get three or more of them, it’s time to harvest the money from your tree with the Money Respin Bonus.

The bonus game is a simple Hold and Win bonus with 3 Respins that reset when a new coin appears in your play area. Still, there is a bit of variety. Namely, you encounter coins in 3 different colors: bronze, silver and gold. The value is determined randomly from a fixed range that also depends on the number of Scatters.

Suppose you had 5 Scatters, then the bronze, silver and gold coins give you up to 1,000, 5,000 and 10,000 times the bet. With 3 Scatters, this is only 100, 500 and 1,000 times the bet.

The coins always come in the same order. Your first coin will be a bronze color, the second is silver and the third gold, before returning to bronze. Trees of Treasure’s bonus round ends when you run out of Respins or the play area is full.

Trees of Treasure vs. 4 other slots from Pragmatic Play

Slot nameRTPMax. winMin. bet ($)Max. bet ($)
Trees of Treasure96.1%15,000x0.20360
Gold Oasis96%7,260x0.20240
Hellviz Wild96%5,000x0.20100
Mustang Trail96%5,000x0.10250
Pub Kings96%5,000x0.20240

Ante Bet

Remarkably, Pragmatic Play chooses not to add a Bonus Buy to Trees of Treasure. An Ante Bet remains possible. This means that you pay 1.5 times the bet to have 2 times the chance to win the Money Respin Bonus.

What do we think of the Trees of Treasure slot machine?

Just as we expected, Trees of Treasure is an ordinary slot machine. It’s a game you can stick any kind of theme on.

We can only name 2 positive things about Trees of Treasure. For one, the betting range is very large because it makes the game accessible to high-rollers. In addition, the symbols look beautiful. With their gold finish, they fit neatly into the Oriental theme.

However, the absence of a Bonus Buy, moderate RTP and lack of exciting features means that we cannot give Trees of Treasure a score over 9.


In Trees of Treasures, there are 20 paylines incorporated into the gaming area. These are always active and require you to bet at least $0.20 per spin.

Depending on the online casino where you play Trees of Treasure, you will have an RTP of 96.10% at best. Otherwise, it’s 95.10% or 94.06%.

No, Pragmatic Play has not incorporated a jackpot into Trees of Treasure. Therefore, if you fill up the bonus game play area, you simply get paid its value.

You start with 3 Respins on the counter and a 5×3 playfield. Each time a new coin appears in the field, you get back 3 spins. The coins alternate colors between bronze, silver and gold. Where the gold coins can be more valuable.

Software Pragmatic Play
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 5x3
Paylines 20
Slot Game Features Ante Bet, Hold and Win, Scatters, Wild Symbol
Min. Bet 0.20
Max. Bet 360
Slot Themes China
Slot RTP 96.1%
devices Mobile versionTablet versionDesktop version
Trees of Treasure Slot by Pragmatic Play

Game Winnings and Payouts

Trees of Treasure Dragon Symbol

x5 = $200.00

x4 = $60.00

x3 = $40.00

x2 = $20.00


Trees of Treasure Bird Symbol

x5 = $80.00

x4 = $32.00

x3 = $16.00

x2 = $8.00


Trees of Treasure Tiger Symbol

x5 = $32.00

x4 = $16.00

x3 = $8.00



Trees of Treasure Turtle Symbol

x5 = $24.00

x4 = $8.00

x3 = $4.00



Trees of Treasure Ace Symbol

x5 = $16.00

x4 = $6.00

x3 = $2.00



Trees of Treasure King Symbol

x5 = $16.00

x4 = $6.00

x3 = $2.00



Trees of Treasure Queen Symbol

x5 = $8.00

x4 = $4.00

x3 = $1.50



Trees of Treasure Jack Symbol

x5 = $8.00

x4 = $4.00

x3 = $1.50



Trees of Treasure Ten Symbol

x5 = $4.00

x4 = $2.00

x3 = $1.00



Trees of Treasure Nine Symbol

x5 = $4.00

x4 = $2.00

x3 = $1.00




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