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The online casino has seen a remarkable growth in recent years, especially with the advent of mini casino games. These are the games that can fill your pockets faster than you can imagine. The Space XY crash game, BGaming’s flagship product, is one of these games. How do you go about making the most money? Discover in this article our opinion on the game Space XY and some tips to start well.

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Space XY - Slot Review

How to play Space XY?

Space XY is a casino game in the category of crash games. It works in a similar way to other games such as Jet X, Spaceman or Aviator for example.

On the interface of the game, there is an X and Y coordinate marker where the rocket will be displayed during the rounds. This is what earned the suffix XY to be the name of the game. Each sector has widgets to change the bet amount and choose a score to bet on. The bet amount can range from $1 to $100 with a maximum win of 10,000 times the stake. This means that with a little more luck, you can hit the big jackpot of $1 million if you bet $100 in one round and the rocket reaches the 10,000x multiplier.

Once you have selected all the parameters in 1 or 2 betting areas, you can press the yellow icons next to each one to start. When the round starts and the rocket is launched, you will see the current payout you can withdraw next to each sector. Once you feel the rocket is close to exploding or you have won enough, you click the Cash out icon to end the round and collect the winnings. You can place a bet and cash out in both sectors or choose one as an option. If you don’t jump off the rocket in time, it collapses and the bet is lost.

Space XY

Space XY allows 2 bets at the same time to be placed.

How does the Space XY game work?

A Space XY game proceeds as follows:

  1. You choose your bet from the amount drop-down list below the game marker. There are two lists of amounts at your disposal. You can therefore make two bets for the next round.
  2. When the round begins, the rocket takes off from the origin of the marker and begins its ascent. As the rocket rises, your bet is multiplied by a factor representing the rocket’s position in the landmark. The payout changes every second as long as the rocket is still active. The goal is to jump off the rocket before it crashes.
  3. If you see enough gain, you can end the game and collect the gain. The round ends when the rocket explodes and you lose any unrecovered winnings.
  4. It is important to place bets before the start of a round or you will have to wait until the next round.

PROs & CONs of Space XY


  • 2 bets at the same time
  • RTP of 97%
  • Win up to 10,000x
  • Simple to understand


  • Aviator copycat
  • No live chat between players

What are the features of Space XY?

View live stats

A bar at the very top of the XY benchmark contains multipliers. These serve as indicators of the last rocket crashes. With a little calculation, these indicators can help you determine an average of profitable multipliers.

The AutoBet feature

Another very interesting feature of Space XY is the AutoBet. The AutoBet mode has been added to make the game even easier. It allows you to set a certain number of spins with the same bet each time. It is also possible to set a multiplier to trigger an automatic cash out of winnings. By using the AutoBet mode, you become a spectator to the game and simply cash out.

Double your bet before the turn begins

In the Space XY game, you can place two bets at the same time in different spaces. This double bet feature can help you develop a winning strategy. The first bet, which will be larger, will recover the amount of both bets and the second bet will be left to make the maximum winnings. But to use this strategy, we recommend that you only cash out the winnings from the first bet when a double multiplier is reached.

How to win on the Space XY game?

The Space XY game is primarily a game of chance, a game of luck. You don’t control the rocket, so you can’t predict its movements on every turn. Nevertheless, there are some strategies to put in place to make the most profit possible.

  • Place two bets and quickly get the first one back: This involves placing two bets in the same round. Once the first bet is doubled, you have to get it back to make up the total bet and then hold the second bet a little longer to make money. This way, even if you lose the second bet, you will have already won back all the money you bet and more.
  • Another tip for winning more often at Space XY is to follow the multiplier and crash history at the top of the game interface. You can follow this indicator over 10 rounds for example to see how the rocket behaves. This will allow you to define an average area where you have more chances to win.

Our Opinion on the Space XY game

Space XY is a brand new type of game that BGaming is adding to its portfolio and this type is relatively new in gaming circles in general. In simple terms, it’s a crash game that lets you control how much you can earn before the rocket crashes.

The very fluid gameplay is based on the X and Y coordinates and multipliers that the rocket can reach. The experience we encountered in this game is unlike many other casino games you might encounter.

After a few games, we can tell you that the game is very interesting and profitable if you apply the tips given above. But you should note that this is a game of luck and therefore nothing is fixed. You can win as well as lose, but the important thing is not to get addicted to it.


Yes, you can. Before playing for real you can try out the demo version of Space XY directly on our website for free!

Space XY by BGaming offers an RTP of 97%.

No, this crash game does not offer special features or bonuses. However, the gameplay itself can keep you intrigued for a long time.

Players have the possibility to place 2 bets at the same time, each of them up to $100.

Software Bgaming
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels None
Paylines None
Min. Bet 1
Max. Bet 100
Slot RTP 97%
devices Mobile versionTablet versionDesktop version
Space XY Slot by Bgaming


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