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Sanctuary Free Demo Play

Enter the Sactuary from Big Time Gaming.

This sanctuary concerns 1 in ancient Egypt where the all-seeing eye keeps an eye on everything. Of course, we’ve seen the theme more than enough but never before with a vaguely otherworldly touch around it. Whether it’s a hit or miss? We share our experiences after playing 1000 spins.

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Sanctuary - Slot Review

For the 4th time The Cult

How did they come up with this theme, you might think? That is a fair question, because it is indeed not without reason.

Someone at Big Time Gaming must be a big fan of the British band “The Cult.” After Lil Devil, Outlaw and Wild Flower, this is already the 4th slot from Big Time Gaming where a song by them takes center stage. It’s about the song “She Sells Sanctuary,” which was released in 1985.

They probably thought: what is a well-known sanctuary for many players of online slots? Indeed: the pyramid. It is a pity, though, that the song She Sells Sanctuary is not played during the base game, for that you have to wait until the bonus round. Until then, you’ll have to make do with a vaguely alien-sounding tune.

It’s not just in terms of music that the base game and Sanctuary’s free spins feature differ. Visually, they are also 2 different worlds. The base game takes place amidst some pyramids, while the free spins feature takes place in outer space.

To us, it feels a bit of a thrown together mess. Nonetheless, this particular slot machine does brim with mystery.


After playing Sanctuary, we canonized the slot machine!

How does Sanctuary work?

There are no fixed paylines in Sanctuary, which means that spinning identical symbols from left to right on 3 consecutive reels is enough to make a winning combination. The position of symbols on a reel is irrelevant here. In total, this provides 4,096 different ways to win.

Playing in a casino online is done with a minimum bet of $0.10 and a maximum bet of $20 per spin. There is a payout rate of 96.38% and volatility is set at high.

Furthermore, in Sanctuary you can win a maximum cash prize equal to 44,070 times your stake. Of course, those are the prizes we do it for!

PROs & CONs of Sanctuary


  • Win up to 44,070 times your bet
  • The free spins feature is played on up to 4 playing fields at once
  • Based on the song “She Sells Sanctuary” by The Cult


  • Limited betting range

Good variety from wilds to gamble features

There are several types of wilds present in Sanctuary, all of which basically do the same thing: function as wilds. However, the gold and purple full reel wild are just a little more special than the rest. Furthermore, you’ll have to make do with the free spins feature – in which ankh symbols play an important role – and the win exchange feature.

Win exchange feature

As soon as you achieve a win worth at least 80 times your stake, you can choose to convert that cash prize into 7 free spins. If you win a cash prize of between 25 and 80 times your stake, you can choose to place a bet on the win exchange wheel.

You then wager the full amount you won for a spin on the wheel. That has the outcome of winning or not winning access to Sanctuary’s free spins feature. The higher the stake, the greater the chance logically that you will win the free spins feature.

Full reel wilds

It is not difficult to reason out what full reel wilds are. Namely, they are wilds that cover the total size of a reel. These full reel wilds significantly increase the chances of making winning combinations. They can only land on the middle 4 reels during the base game.

The difference between the gold and the purple full reel wild is that a multiplier of x8 is attached to the purple full reel wild. This multiplier is applied to winning combinations that include the purple full reel wild.

Sanctuary vs. 3 other Megaways slots

Slot nameProviderMax. winRTPFree Spins
SanctuaryBig Time Gaming44,070x96.3%Yes
Golden Catch MegawaysBig Time Gaming31,000x96.5%Yes, 10
Megaways MobStorm Gaming$250,00094.4%Yes
Chilli Picante MegawaysBlueprint Gaming50,000x96%Yes, up to 25

Sanctuary free spins

The free spins you can activate with the win exchange feature discussed above or by spinning at least 3 scatters. It doesn’t matter how many scatters you spin – as long as there are 3 or more – because you always receive 7 free spins. The number of scatters spun is important for another reason, though. Namely, it determines on how many playfields the free spins feature will be played: playfield with 3 scatters.

  • 2 spaces with 4 scatters.
  • 3 game fields with 5 scatters.
  • 4 playing fields with 6 scatters

If you do not spin 6 scatters – and thus the free spins feature does not play on 4 playfields – you can choose to gamble in the gamble feature. The possibility then exists that you will unlock more play spaces (the maximum number is 4), but you also run the risk of losing all your play spaces and thus not being able to play the free spins feature at all.

That brings us to the ankh symbols, which play an important role in Sanctuary. They can land on the middle 4 reels. When an ankh symbol lands on a playfield, it is immediately replaced by a sticky wild symbol. Then, a sticky wild is also placed on all other playfields at the same position. If at any point 4 sticky wilds show up on the same reel, they are replaced by a full reel wild with a x4 multiplier. Moreover, you will then also be rewarded with 3 additional free spins.


This slot has a calculated RTP of 96.38%, and high volatility.

Sanctuary is a Big Time Gaming title, famous for its Megaways slots.

Sanctuary slot has 6 reels, 4 rows of symbols and offers 4,096 ways to win with each spin.

Wagers at this slot range from $0.10 to $20.

Software Big Time Gaming
Slot Types Megaways
Reels 6
Paylines 4096
Slot Game Features Bonus Wheel, Buffalo Mechanic, Expanding Wilds, Free Spins, Scatters, Wild Symbol
Min. Bet 0.10
Max. Bet 20
Slot Themes Music
Slot RTP 96.3%
devices Mobile versionTablet versionDesktop version
Sanctuary Slot by Big Time Gaming

Game Winnings and Payouts

Sanctuary Purple Egypt Symbol

x6 = 15

x5 = 5

x4 = 2.5

x3 = 1

x2 = 0.3

Sanctuary Red Egypt Symbol

x6 = 5

x5 = 2.5

x4 = 0.6

x3 = 0.3

Sanctuary Blue Egypt Symbol

x6 = 2.5

x5 = 1.5

x4 = 0.5

x3 = 0.3

Sanctuary Green Egypt Symbol

x6 = 1.5

x5 = 1.2

x4 = 0.5

x3 = 0.3

Sanctuary Ace Symbol

x6 = 1.2

x5 = 1

x4 = 0.4

x3 = 0.2

Sanctuary King Symbol

x6 = 1.2

x5 = 1

x4 = 0.4

x3 = 0.2

Sanctuary Queen Symbol

x6 = 0.8

x5 = 0.6

x4 = 0.3

x3 = 0.2

Sanctuary Jack Symbol

x6 = 0.8

x5 = 0.6

x4 = 0.3

x3 = 0.2

Sanctuary Ten Symbol

x6 = 0.5

x5 = 0.4

x4 = 0.2

x3 = 0.1

Sanctuary Nine Symbol

x6 = 0.5

x5 = 0.4

x4 = 0.2

x3 = 0.1


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