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Runaway 7s Free Demo Play

At the end of the 19th century, there were many train robbers in the Wild West. Trains often shipped riches such as gold and silver. Funnily enough, train robbers were quite popular among the local settlers, as railroad companies squeezed them financially.

Because railroad companies knew that everyone benefited from living in a village near a track, many settlers were financially blackmailed by charging huge prices for lots. Train robbers who thwarted railway companies were thus encouraged as heroes.

Let’s hope that pragmatic play’s Runaway 7s slot machine is also so exciting.

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Runaway 7s - Slot Review

The setting in which Runaway 7s takes place can be drawn in advance. In the middle of the screen we see a train track running, above which the playing field is depicted. That train track runs through a dry and rocky area, in which hardly any vegetation can be seen (except for a few cacti).

To the left of the playing field we see a characteristic “Wild West building”, which could well be the local train station. There is not much else to say about the visual design of Runaway 7s, except that the symbols on the playing field have a retro design. The soundtrack in Runaway 7s isn’t very engaging either, as it sounds like a train rumbling along.

Runaway 7s

Are you jumping on the train called Runaway 7s!?

In Runaway 7s, it was decided to use a retro playing field. That playing field is very similar to the classic slot machine, since the dimensions are 3×3 and the symbols therefore have a retro design. There are 17 different ways to win, by spinning 3 of the same symbols on a payline.

In Runaway 7s, the minimum bet is $1 and the maximum bet is $100 per spin. The volatility observed is high and the RTP amounts to 96.50%. That is a more than fine percentage.

Furthermore, in Runaway 7s, a maximum prize of 4,000 times the bet can be won each spin.


With the train symbol – the scatter in Runaway 7s – you can trigger the free spins feature and the wheel feature. In addition, there is also the possibility to earn respins.

Runaway 7s vs. 4 other slots from Pragmatic Play

Slot nameMax. winRTPMultipliersMin. bet ($)Max. bet ($)
Runaway 7s4,000x96.5%No1100
Guarana Eyes of the Amazon5,000x96.5%Yes0.20100
Excalibur Unleashed5,000x96%Yes0.20100
Gatot Kaca’s Fury5,000x96.5%Yes0.20125
The Red Queen5,000x96%Yes0.20100


You can earn 5 respins in Runaway 7s by spinning the same symbols on the 1st 2 reels. Each spin, the symbols present on reels 1 and 2 move down 1 position, pushing the lower symbols off the playing field. Role 3 continues to function normally.

If you trigger the free spins feature during a respin, you will first play that feature and then come back to the respins feature.

Runaway 7s free spins

Spinning 3 scatters during the base game or a respin will earn you 5 free spins in Runaway 7s. During this free spins feature you can earn any number of extra free spins (minimum 5, maximum 15) by spinning 2 scatters. Spinning 3 scatters during the free spins feature triggers the wheel feature, which is played instantly. Once the wheel feature has ended, you continue with the free spins feature.

During the wheel feature, a wheel appears on the screen. That wheel consists of different segments, just like you can know from the famous Crazy Time live game. If the wheel lands on the “stop” segment, the feature is logically over. In addition, there are 4 different segments that represent a symbol. If the wheel lands on such a segment, the symbol rises in level, after which it spins again. Each level of a symbol has a certain cash prize attached to it. As soon as 1 of the 4 symbols reaches level 3, the feature is also finished. The cash prize associated with the highest level achieved is then paid to the player per symbol. The cash prizes:

Level 1:

  • Purple 7: 1 times the bet
  • Orange 7: 2 times the bet
  • White 7: 5 times the bet
  • Triple 7: 10 times the bet

Level 2:

  • Purple 7: 10 times the bet
  • Orange 7: 20 times the bet
  • White 7: 50 times the bet
  • Triple 7: 100 times the bet

Level 3:

  • Purple 7: 100 times the bet
  • Orange 7: 200 times the stakes
  • White 7: 500 times the bet
  • Triple 7: 1,000 times the bet

Good & Bad sides of Runaway 7s

Good sides

  • Has an RTP of 96.50%
  • During the wheel feature you can win prizes with 4 symbols
  • Set in the Wild West

Bad sides

  • A bit basic

We’re not used to online slots like Runaway 7s from Pragmatic Play. In no way is the theme, design or feature innovative or appealing. Basically everything is stolen from other slots. And they did that very badly, because Runaway 7s is a terrible slot machine to play.

It doesn’t look like it and the features are boring and unoriginal. It’s that Runaway 7s’ stats are still somewhat okay.


Runaway 7s has some great features to offer its players. These include Free Spins with 3 level as well as re-spins.

Paylines: 17
Grid: 3×3
Betting options: 1 – 100
RTP:  96.5%
Volatility: High
Max. win: 4,000x

In order to win on the slot, you must land on three or more of the same symbols. Plus, Runaway 7s has a re-spin feature, which increases your chances of winning big! If you’re not so lucky, try our other slots.

You can try out the demo version directly on our website. If you mean to deposit real funds and try your luck with Runaway 7s, you can check our list of trusted casinos and find one that suits your needs best.

Software Pragmatic Play
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 3x3
Paylines 17
Slot Game Features Bonus Buy, Free Spins, Leveling system, Re-spin Feature, Wild Symbol
Min. Bet 1
Max. Bet 100
Slot Themes Wild West
Slot RTP 96.5%
devices Mobile versionTablet versionDesktop version
Runaway 7s Slot by Pragmatic Play

Game Winnings and Payouts

Runaway 7s Sevens Symbol

x3 = $140.00

Runaway 7s Grey Seven Symbol

x3 = $20.00

Runaway 7s Orange Seven Symbol

x3 = $15.00

Runaway 7s Purple Seven Symbol

x3 = $7.00

Runaway 7s Cherry Symbol

x3 = $5.00

Runaway 7s Orange Symbol

x3 = $3.00

Runaway 7s Plum Symbol

x3 = $2.00

Runaway 7s Bar Symbol

x3 = $1.00


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