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Under the threat of a nuclear disaster, a few survivors try to grab the last resources in the Roll Zone slot developed in January 2023 by Felix Gaming.

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RollZone - Slot Review

Dive into the heart of the nuclear exclusion zone, where radioactive liquids penetrate the ground and permeate every organism. This chaotic scene features a grid consisting of 5×4 reels powered by the Nuclear Ways mechanic. Free Spins with multipliers can be activated and symbol splits will expand the game area to win prizes. You will progress through this area to access wins of more than 4000x the stake. If the Geiger counter is pushed to its most extreme values, the volatility of the game will remain average and the RTP will show a value of 96.47%.

PROs & CONs of RollZone


  • Medium volatility
  • Symbol split almost every spin
  • Multipliers both in the base and bonus game
  • Wide betting range


  • We found none

Surviving the apocalypse requires an initial investment in Roll Zone, which takes the form of a bet of between $0.20 and $100 per spin. All symbols are scatters and Pay Anywhere on the screen. If any of these symbols stop in the radioactive frame, they will mutate into 4 symbols. The total number of identical symbols present on the screen at the end of the spin determines the win value, you will need to get at least 9 or more identical ones to win a payout. The A, K, Q and J symbols can pay between 0.25x and 4x the bet and the barrels, Geiger counters, bunkers, plush and danger sign will pay between 1x and 50x the bet.

Roll Zone has three distinct features which are the radiation phenomenon, free spins and multipliers.


When a symbol lands in the radioactive square, it will split into 4 symbols.


When one of the regular symbols appears in the radiation zone, it splits into 4 symbols creating more wins. If one of the symbols of a soldier in a radioactive suit appears in the radioactive zone, then the Free Games or multipliers will be activated.

Free Games

The blue soldier pays anywhere from 0.5x to 5x the bet with 3 or 4 symbols. Also, when he stops in the radioactive area, he will trigger the Free Games. For every blue military symbol present in the radioactive zone, it gives the player from 1 to 5 Free Spins. When the multiplier is active during the Free Games, it increases with its value and remains for the duration of the bonus.

RollZone compared to 3 other slots from Felix Gaming

Slot nameVolatilityRTPFree SpinsMultipliers
Joker HeistHigh97.6%YesYes
Shake ShakeMedium96.4%NoNo


The green soldier pays anywhere from 0.25x to 2.50x the bet with 3 or 4 symbols. When he stops in the radioactive zone, he will activate the multiplier in both the base game and the free games. He will get the random multiplier value between 1 and 9. When the spin ends, the values of all multipliers are added together and the total amount won is multiplied by the final value.

Survive the nuclear disaster

Felix Gaming’s RollZone slot reflects a post-apocalyptic world where amazing prizes of up to 4000x the stake are up for grabs. With Nuclear Ways payouts, mutations, multipliers and Free Games, you’ll manage to come back a winner from this risky expedition.


Yes, it is! It offers many betting options and good technical statistics. Also, the features are easy to understand.

The designer of this slot is Felix Gaming – an iGaming company with headquarters in Bulgaria.

Paylines: Scatter Pays
Grid: 5×4
Betting options: 0.20-100
RTP: 96.4%
Volatility: Medium
Max. win: 4,000x

Yes, there is! It is triggered when a blue soldier symbol lands in the radioactive zone. The more such symbols, the more free games!

Software Felix
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 5x4
Paylines Pay Anywhere
Slot Game Features Free Spins, Multipliers, Scatters, Symbol split, Wild Symbol
Min. Bet 0.20
Max. Bet 100
Slot Themes War
Slot RTP 96.4%
devices Mobile versionTablet versionDesktop version
RollZone Slot by Felix

Game Winnings and Payouts

RollZone Danger Symbol

x13+ = 10.00

x11-12 = 5.00

x9-10 = 0.80

RollZone Bear Symbol

x13+ = 5.00

x11-12 = 2.00

x9-10 = 0.50

RollZone Safe Symbol

x13+ = 3.00

x11-12 = 1.00

x9-10 = 0.40

RollZone Machine Symbol

x13+ = 2.50

x11-12 = 0.50

x9-10 = 0.30

RollZone Pot Symbol

x13+ = 2.00

x11-12 = 0.30

x9-10 = 0.20

RollZone Ace Symbol

x13+ = 0.80

x11-12 = 0.25

x9-10 = 0.10

RollZone King Symbol

x13+ = 0.50

x11-12 = 0.20

x9-10 = 0.10

RollZone Queen Symbol

x13+ = 0.30

x11-12 = 0.20

x9-10 = 0.05

RollZone Jack Symbol

x13+ = 0.20

x11-12 = 0.10

x9-10 = 0.05


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