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Portal Master is the newest slot game from Mancala Gaming, featuring stunning visuals, over 1,000 ways to win, and a unique element of skill that will have you hooked on this game in no time. You will be transported to an ancient portal shrouded in mystery that leads to new realms and dimensions – but there’s a catch. The only way to enter the realm where unimaginable treasures and prizes are hidden is to first win the heart of the fierce Portal Master. If you do, you can walk through the heavily guarded portal without harm and gain access to insane dimensions of big wins.

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Portal Master - Slot Review

Portal Master is a 5×4 grid slot game with up to 1,024 different ways to win. The game is low volatility, but the thrill is indeed still there thanks to its unique element of skill and exciting game mechanics. The minimum bet you can place per round is 0.01, and the maximum is 200. And with a maximum win of 250x the bet, you have the opportunity to hit the jackpot and win BIG in this game. The Return to Player (RTF) is 95%, which is the standard for Mancala Gaming.

Pay Symbols

On the reels, you will find nine powerful items spinning. These range from magical crystals to strong animal guardians like a fierce stingray or a wise owl, but all of them serve one purpose: to protect the portal. Some of them have a higher value, such as the mighty dragon or the owl, while others, including the stingray, bull, and the crystals, have a lower value but are just as powerful. They are all under the command of the Portal Master, who appears on the middle reel and serves as a Wild symbol. The other special symbol is the Scatter Crystal, an activation symbol that can activate the Energy Sphere and maximize wins.

The Wild is an expanding symbol that can replace all regular symbols to complete a winning line. Whenever the Portal Master appears, the symbol will expand over the entire 3rd reel and act as a Wild in all four positions, boosting your chances of fulfilling more winning lines. With each of the Portal Master’s appearances, the player will also be granted one Energy Sphere. The Wild can also appear on reels 2 and 4 or multiple reels at once in the free spins. However, instead of giving the player Energy Spheres, she will grant one extra spin during free spins.


The Energy Spheres gained from the Portal Master are collected in a powerful stone with six empty slots. Upon obtaining an Energy Sphere, the player can either use it and transform any Scatter Crystal on the reels into a random symbol, thus increasing his or her chances of hitting a winning line, or keep it in the stone and save up more Energy Sphere for a trade-up that will generate a more powerful Energy Sphere.

There are three slots for Low-level Energy Spheres in the stone. If all of these slots are full and the Portal Master appears, she will not grant the player any Energy Spheres until a slot has been emptied. To empty the three slots, a player can either trade the three Low-level Energy Spheres for one Mid-level sphere or use them on a Scatter Crystal. These spheres have the power to transform a Scatter Crystal into a regular symbol.

When three Low-level Energy Spheres are traded up, the player is granted a Mid-level Energy Sphere. This sphere has the power to transform a whole line into the same symbol, thus guaranteeing a five-of-a-kind win. If the player saves up two Mid-level energy Spheres, he can trade them up for a High-level Energy Sphere. Upon trading up the two Mid-level spheres, the player will be rewarded with a varying number of free spins ranging from 10 to 25.

The Bottom line

Portal Master is an exciting slot that introduces a new dimension of gameplay with its skill-based feature. The fantasy theme, mysterious atmosphere, and magical elements are emphasized by the clever use of stunning visuals and immersive sounds, creating a captivating gameplay experience. Additionally, the use of energy spheres as activators for the scatter symbols provides extra opportunities for wins, alongside the free spins and special features that will draw you in with a promise of great rewards.

Software Mancala Gaming
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 5
Paylines 1024
Slot Game Features Expanding Symbols, Expanding Wilds, Free Spins, Scatters, Symbol Swap, Wild Symbol
Min. Bet 0.01
Max. Bet 200
Slot Themes Fantasy, Magic
Slot RTP 95%
devices Mobile versionTablet versionDesktop version
Portal Master Slot by Mancala Gaming

Game payouts and winnings

Portal Master Winning Symbol

x5 = DEM 225000.00

x4 = DEM 18000.00

x3 = DEM 4500.00

Portal Master Owl Symbol

x5 = DEM 13500.00

x4 = DEM 4500.00

x3 = DEM 900.00

Portal Master Fish Symbol

x5 = DEM 1350.00

x4 = DEM 630.00

x3 = DEM 450.00

Portal Master Bull Symbol

x5 = DEM 720.00

x4 = DEM 450.00

x3 = DEM 270.00

Portal Master Heart Symbol

x5 = DEM 270.00

x4 = DEM 180.00

x3 = DEM 90.00

Portal Master Green Gem Symbol

x5 = DEM 270.00

x4 = DEM 180.00

x3 = DEM 90.00

Portal Master Spade Symbol

x5 = DEM 270.00

x4 = DEM 180.00

x3 = DEM 90.00

Portal Master Clubs Symbol

x5 = DEM 270.00

x4 = DEM 180.00

x3 = DEM 90.00

Portal Master Crystal Symbol

x5 = DEM 27000.00

x4 = DEM 2700.00

x3 = DEM 270.00


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