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MexoMax! Free Demo Play

Do you still know how to find your way out of the dense jungle?
Yggdrasil, the developer of this slot, describes MexoMax! as “a Mayan quest deep in the Aztec jungle.” That description immediately captures the adventurous nature of MexoMax! After all, this slot takes you deep into the jungle, where you have to survive on your own.
MexoMax is an addition to the MultiMax series. However, MexoMax! is the first slot in the series to use the cluster pays mechanism. Furthermore, we see a number of familiar elements returning, such as the waterfall mechanism and reel multipliers.

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MexoMax! - Slot Review

Theme & Storyline

In terms of design, MexoMax is very similar to Multifly and Raptor DoubleMax. That means you end up in the middle of a dark and dense jungle full of tropical plants and flowers.

If you’re afraid of snakes, you might want to skip MexoMax! Every now and then a brightly colored snake may crawl through the screen.
Yggdrasil has succeeded well in creating a mysterious and exciting atmosphere. We have to give them compliments for the design of MexoMax!


Clusters cause a “drop down” reaction leaving space for new symbols.

MexoMax! RTP, Stakes & Variance

MexoMax! uses an unusually large playing field. Namely, the dimensions of that playing field are 6 x 6, which means that 36 symbols can be seen each spin.

The minimum bet is $0.20 and the maximum bet is $100 per spin. However, you can also activate the optional Golden Bet feature. Your bet will then increase by 25%, but in return the chance of landing scatter symbols is increased.

The variance in MexoMax! is described as “super high” and the payout percentage is 96.0%. You can win up to 10,000 times your stake in MexoMax!

Good & Bad sides of MexoMax!

Good sides

  • Includes reel multipliers
  • Take a gamble and increase the number of free spins you receive
  • Win up to 10,000 times your stake
  • Chain reactions

Bad sides

  • RTP is average and may vary
  • Multipliers reset between spins


The great thing about the features of MexoMax! is that they work together. You need at least 5 identical adjacent symbols to form a winning cluster. These winning clusters are removed from the reels as a result of the drop down mechanism. That same mechanism causes new symbols to fall from the top to the bottom to fill the empty positions. A spin is only over when new symbols do not produce new winning combinations.

Wilds and multipliers play an important role during the waterfall mechanism and can ensure that even spins in the base game become quite profitable. However, the highest winnings of MexoMax! can be achieved in the free spins feature.

Wilds & Multipliers

By now you know that winning symbols are removed from the playing field and then new symbols fall down from above to fill the empty positions. However, before those new symbols fall down, a wild symbol is added to 1 random empty position.

All wilds in this game cause the reel multiplier of the reel on which they land to increase by +1. So that is the case here as well. These reel multipliers are only applied to winning combinations that take place on the reel in question. If more reel multipliers are involved in a winning combination, their multipliers are multiplied by each other, and then the total multiplier is applied to the winning combination.

Between spins, reel multipliers are reset.

MexoMax! vs. 3 others Yggdrasil slots from the Multimax series

Slot nameRTPMax. winMultipliersVolatility
Crystal Falls Multimax95%4,106xYesMed-High
Raptor Doublemax96%20,000xYesHigh

MexoMax free spins

You need to spin at least 3 scatters to trigger the free spins feature of MexoMax!

  • 3 scatters trigger 7 free spins
  • 4 scatters trigger 9 free spins
  • 5 scatters trigger 11 free spins

Before the feature starts, however, you get the chance to increase the number of free spins. If you want to, you can take a gamble at “the Gamble Wheel”. Up to a maximum of 18 free spins can be earned. The difference between the free spins feature and the base game is that reel multipliers are not reset between spins.

Final Review

If you like a simple and straightforward game, then MexoMax! is definitely for you. Despite its simplicity, this slot is a lot of fun to play. The features present all work into each other, creating a dynamic game. You’ll have something to play for every spin. The reel multipliers can already produce high wins in the base game, but are of course really interesting during the free spins feature.
We can also appreciate the mysterious atmosphere created by the strongly designed game.

FAQs about MexoMax!

The MexoMax! slot was designed by the online gaming software provider Yggdrasil.

Allowed bets may vary between the amounts of $0.20 and $100. This makes the slot suitable for beginners and high rollers.

Yes, there is a free spins mode triggered by at least 3 Scatters. Multipliers during the Free Spins round are not reset.

Just like in the Megaways slots, in MexoMax! every winning cluster is destroyed and leaves space for new symbols to fall onto the grid. This continues until no more winnings are formed.

Software Yggdrasil
Slot Types Megaclusters
Reels 6x6
Paylines Cluster Pays
Slot Game Features Avalanche, Cluster Pays, Free Spins, Gamble Feature, Multipliers, Scatters, Wild Symbol
Min. Bet 0.20
Max. Bet 100
Slot Themes Aztecs, Jungle
Slot RTP 96%
devices Mobile versionTablet versionDesktop version
MexoMax! Slot by Yggdrasil Gaming

Game Winnings and Payouts

MexoMax! Red Symbol

x14+ = €18.50

x13 = €13.50

x12 = €13.50

x11 = €10.50

x10 = €10.50

x9 = €8.00

x8 = €6.00

x7 = €4.50

x6 = €3.50

x5 = €3.00

MexoMax! Purple Symbol

x14+ = €17.50

x13 = €12.50

x12 = €12.50

x11 = €9.50

x10 = €9.50

x9 = €7.00

x8 = €5.00

x7 = €3.50

x6 = €2.50

x5 = €2.00

MexoMax! Green Symbol

x14+ = €17.00

x13 = €12.00

x12 = €12.00

x11 = €9.00

x10 = €9.00

x9 = €6.50

x8 = €4.50

x7 = €2.00

x6 = €2.00

x5 = €1.50

MexoMax! Blue Symbol

x14+ = €16.50

x13 = €11.50

x12 = €11.50

x11 = €8.50

x10 = €8.50

x9 = €6.00

x8 = €4.00

x7 = €2.50

x6 = €1.50

x5 = €1.00

MexoMax! Purple Dog Symbol

x14+ = €8.00

x13 = €5.00

x12 = €5.00

x11 = €3.00

x10 = €3.00

x9 = €2.50

x8 = €2.00

x7 = €1.50

x6 = €1.00

x5 = €0.50

MexoMax! Green Lizard Symbol

x14+ = €8.00

x13 = €5.00

x12 = €5.00

x11 = €3.00

x10 = €3.00

x9 = €2.50

x8 = €2.00

x7 = €1.50

x6 = €1.00

x5 = €0.50

MexoMax!Red Tiger Symbol

x14+ = €8.00

x13 = €5.00

x12 = €5.00

x11 = €3.00

x10 = €3.00

x9 = €2.50

x8 = €2.00

x7 = €1.50

x6 = €1.00

x5 = €0.50

MexoMax! Blue Dragon Symbol

x14+ = €8.00

x13 = €5.00

x12 = €5.00

x11 = €3.00

x10 = €3.00

x9 = €2.50

x8 = €2.00

x7 = €1.50

x6 = €1.00

x5 = €0.50


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