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Lord Venom Slot

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While the name of the game sounds like a villain or a boss in a video game, it actually has more to do with the jungles and snakes, and less with RPGs. While the savannah-type games are a bit cliche nowadays, there’s still a lot of potential, depending on how much effort’s been put it. In this case, the developer behind the game is brand new to the industry and their name is Backseat Gaming. We are looking forward to seeing more games from the studio, but for now, let’s see what they’ve got in store for us.

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Lord Venom - Slot Review

Layout, Betting & Multipliers

Lord Venom’s vibrant and engaging visual style will without a doubt attract a large player base without compromising the game’s uniqueness. The game uses a standard grid size of 5 by 5, which is very often seen in modern slot games. There are a total of 19 paylines in play, which increases the stakes and requires you to have better luck landing combos than usual in order to cash in.

Now let’s talk about the betting range, which, like every other part of the game, is important to be kept in mind. All players, including those willing to risk only $0.10 to those willing to put $100 on the line, will all be able to take part. And if that great range is not enough, you will be playing for a chance to land a 15,000x multiplier, which will result in a great jackpot. The prize of $1.5 million is very attractive, despite the fact that it can be tough to win.

RTP & Volatility

Every one of our reviews includes both lighthearted and in-depth analysis. Because the Return-to-Player (RTP) rate has such a significant impact on your long-term potential to get your betting sum back, we make sure to bring it to your attention. As you can already guess, the RTP rate is what the game calculated you will get back if you play for longer periods of time. And most importantly, the industry has an RTP standard of 96%, which is what you should be looking for.

In this case, Lord Venom and its developer have decided to settle for a volatile RTP rate, which will be chosen by every casino and its operator. This s a trick, of which you should be aware. The range of RTP for the game goes from 88.32% up to 96.20%. To know what RTP you are playing at, you need to contact the customer support team of the casino, where you plan on playing the game for real money. Make sure you do not settle for less than 96.20%, if possible.

Theme & Symbols

The theme of an online casino slot game is what gives it life, what gives it character. As such, nowadays, there are a lot of players who are exploring different options, with simple ones becoming more ignored, although there is still public for them. Whether you are interested in a specific concept or don’t mind the design of a casino at all, you can always find what you are looking for.

As with Lord Venom, as you already know, the jungle theme is the centerpiece of the game. While it is a concept that most players are familiar with, the production of the game is very high quality, which is why it doesn’t feel like a game you’ve played before – it’s just a familiar concept. The symbols include different animals found in the wild, some fruits, Wild symbols, Jungle Bush symbols, Scatter symbols, and Golden Egg symbols.

Bonus Features

While the 5×5 grid is common to slot games, there is a lot of potential when it comes to potential bonus games. And just as you might expect from a brand-new game, there are a couple of rewarding mini-games and features to look forward to.

As you already know, we simply have to start with the Free Spins mode, which is an event we all love. As usual, to trigger it, you will need to be lucky enough to land a couple of Scatter symbols on the grid – to be exact, you will need to land 3, up to 5, in total, to get 12/14/16 free spins respectively.

When the Free Spins event begins, you will start seeing Jungle Bush symbols, which are yet another feature of the game. They basically reveal a paying symbol, but the unique thing is that all Bush symbols will transform into exactly the same random symbol.

Now back to the Free Spins event, if a Golden Egg symbol is revealed by the Jungle Bush symbols, it can have a value of 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 7x, 8x, 9x, 10x, 25x, 50x, 100x, or 200x. Each of these multipliers will be joining the Global Win Multiplier, which is shown on the right side of the layout. This multiplier stays with you until the end of the round.

And, of course, you can get additional free spins – the only trick is that you will need to land at least 3 more scatters at the same time for that to happen. You can keep track of your free spins in the bottom-right in the game.

Mobile Support

You need not worry about the game’s mobile support, since, nowadays, all casino games can be played on any type of device. The developers’ optimization work paid off, as the game runs exceptionally well on mobile devices. The game was built with portability in mind, so you may play it on any mobile device without any interruptions and in its full glory. Just one thing to be mindful of is the internet connection, which should not drop, as you will run the risk of losing your wager if that happens.



  • New Game
  • Big Jackpot
  • Great Visuals & Audio


  • Developer’s First Game
  • Uncertain RTP


Lord Venom VS 4 Jungle Slots

Slot nameJackpotVolatility RateMax. BetGrid
Lord Venom$1,500,000High$1005×5
Jungle Jamboree$510,600Medium-High$1005×3
Jade of the Jungle$223,200Medium-High$753×3 – 3×3
Lost Riches of El Dorado$200,000High$205×3
Jungle Mega Moolah$93,750Medium$505×3

Closing Words

Lord Venom is one of those games that is not anything too special, but is definitely above average. And more importantly, it offers a good deal of great features and conditions such as the Free Spins event, the betting range, a good jackpot, and some great, rewarding symbols. And to top it all off, we’ve got some great graphics and audio effects. The only negative here is the game’s volatile RTP rates, meaning every casino chooses the RTP they will present their players.



Lord Venom offers volatile RTP rates, which each casino operator can choose from. The range is from 88.32% to 96.20%. Make sure to reach support to ask them what the RTP in the casino is.

For Lord Venom, you need to bet a minimum of $0.10, which is perfect for beginners. But even if you are someone who wants to bet more, you can do $100 per round – it all depends on you.

The developer of the game has decided to go with a high volatility rate, which is completely understandable, considering the huge jackpot you can win.

Software Backseat Gaming
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 5
Paylines 19
Slot Game Features Bonus Buy, Free Spins, Multipliers, Scatters
Min. Bet 0.10
Max. Bet 100
Slot Themes Animals, Fruit, Jungle, Money, Wildlife
Slot RTP 94.2%
devices Mobile versionTablet versionDesktop version
Lord Venom Slot by Backseat Gaming

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