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DJ Fox Slot

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With DJ Fox, Push Gaming takes you to the underground clubs of the animal kingdom. Here, a flabby fox stands behind the turntable to provide you with the best records. Actually, the slot is a kind of sequel to Generous Jack.

Both are special games with a ‘Win What You See’ mechanism. So you don’t have to expect normal symbols at DJ Fox. You can read your winnings in the playfield, provided some maths thanks to the features. With some luck, you can count up to 10,000 times your bet as maximum winnings.

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DJ Fox - Slot Review

The basic payout percentage is 96.28%, but with the Push-Up features you can increase this. You play the slot with a high variance. Time to see exactly how you play the game. You can read how DJ Fox comes out of the test in this slot review.

When you open DJ Fox, you think you see a normal slot machine with 3 reels and 5 rows. But if you blink once, you’ll see that only the bottom row is active. As a bet, you choose a value between $0.10 and $100 per round.

While spinning, you will encounter only 3 different types of symbols. These are horizontal diamonds as a dead symbol. In addition, you have vinyl plates with numbers from 00 to 9. And finally, there are the VIP symbols which we will discuss further in the bonus features.

Good & Bad sides of DJ Fox

Good sides

  • Special slot mechanics & design
  • Stunning graphics
  • Large betting range

Bad sides

  • Complicated in the beginning
  • Pricey Push-Up feature

To calculate your winnings, add up all the records from your active play area. Do this times your bet, divide the value by 10 and you will know how much you win. To remind you of this division, it says to the right of your playfield that a ‘1-vinyl’ is worth only 0.1 times the bet.

And if you get 2 or 3 records next to each other on any of the lines at DJ Fox, together they form a value. So a 4 and a 1 are then worth 4.1 times the bet and not 0.5 times.

Bonus features of DJ Fox

In itself, this is an interesting setup for a slot machine. Yet Push Gaming manages to make it more exciting by adding features. Moreover, they increase the game’s variance.

DJ Fox compared to 4 other slots from Push Gaming

Slot nameRelease dateMax. winBetting rangeRTP
DJ FoxNov. 202310,000x0.10-10096.2%
10 SwordsMay 20235,000x0.10-10096.4%
Deadly 5Sept. 20225,000x0.10-10096.4%
Retro TapesNov. 202210,000x0.10-10096.4%
Mystery Mission to the MoonDec. 202210,000x0.10-10096.2%

VIP Symbol

When you see at least 1 VIP symbol in your active play area, DJ Fox gets really interesting. This triggers a Respin and will also open the next row. During the Respin, only vinyl symbols remain Sticky.

For each VIP chip, you go up one step on the Multiplier meter to the left of your playfield. And if any are also on the newly opened row, they immediately contribute to the meter.

The first 2 VIP symbols do not yet yield anything extra. After this, you get a x2, x4, x6, x8, x10 and x20 Multiplier for your payout.

After each spin, there is a random chance that the Meter Lock feature activates. This keeps your Multiplier and number of active rows the same for your next spin. At least if you don’t adjust your bet.

DJ Fox

The Push-Up feature seems extra attractive due to the higher RTPs


If you don’t want to wait for VIP symbols to increase your playing area, you should enable the Push-Up feature. You’ll find this on DJ Fox in the menu where you determine your bet. You pay extra for this, while your base bet remains the same. Hence the comparison of what a ‘1-vinyl’ is worth:

  • 2 active rows cost 2.5 times your bet with RTP of 96.42%
  • 3 active rows cost 5 times your bet with RTP of 96,21%
  • 4 active rows cost 7.5 times your bet with RTP of 96.36%
  • 5 active rows cost 10 times your bet with RTP of 96,31%

However, the Push-Up feature does not give you steps on the Multiplier meter. You still earn these by collecting VIP symbols.

The biggest criticism we had about Generous Jack was that it didn’t feel like a slot machine. Push Gaming solved that nicely with DJ Fox. The playfield immediately shows that you are dealing with a slot. Yet they retain enough of the uniqueness to give a special experience.

However, keep in mind that you will be putting more money at stake and thus need a bigger bankroll.

At first, it takes some getting used to how you determine your winnings. But once you get the hang of this, you always hope for fields full of VIP symbols, consecutive numbers and especially double zeros to combine.


All the values you see in your active DJ Fox slot may be added together to form your win. Numbers on consecutive reels combine to form a larger number. Remember to divide this value by 10, as you see to the right of the field.

DJ Fox has a maximum win of 10,000 times your bet. You can achieve this by combining several records into larger numbers and unlocking a high Multiplier with VIP symbols.

DJ Fox’s base game has a theoretical payout percentage of 96.28%. The Push-Up feature provides higher values, but also increased risk due to bigger bets.

You start DJ Fox with 1 active payline. VIP symbols increase your playing area to 5 paylines. However, symbols pay out as Scatters.

Software Push Gaming
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 3x5
Paylines Win What You See
Slot Game Features Bonus Buy, Expanding reels, Multipliers, Re-spin Feature
Min. Bet 0.10
Max. Bet 100
Slot Themes Music
Slot RTP 96.2%
devices Mobile versionTablet versionDesktop version
DJ Fox Slot by Push Gaming

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