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Since 2020, Crazy Time’s live game success has never waned. Despite all the hype and the release of new and exciting casino mini-games, Crazy Time is still going strong and has a large community of players.

The Best Online Casinos & Bonuses to Play Crazy Time for Real Money

Crazy Time - Slot Review

What is Crazy Time?

Never has a game been so aptly named. Crazy Time is a new live game, designed by live casino giant Evolution Gaming and available at all top casinos since May 2020. Crazy Time is a real TV show, with a dedicated presenter who changes every 30 minutes.

The principle of Crazy Time is simple: a giant wheel is present on the TV set. This wheel will be launched by the presenter at each turn in order to fall on one of the 54 segments present on the Crazy Time wheel. These segments are made up of 8 different symbols that are present more or less often depending on the potential winnings of each segment.

Crazy Time

Unlike other Evolution Gaming TV games like Dreamcatcher or Monopoly, bonus games are much easier to get on Crazy Time!

The rules of Crazy Time

When the game starts, you have the opportunity to bet on 8 symbols present in Crazy Time:

The numbers 1, 2, 5 and 10: these numbers correspond to the multiplier of your starting bet

Pachinko, Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, and Crazy Time bonuses – each game has its own set of surprises to win the highest possible multiplier. Once you’ve placed your wager, Crazy Time offers you an additional multiplier with each new spin of the wheel. In fact, Crazy Time unveils a mini-game called Top Slot before each game.

This game has two reels. In the first column, one of the 8 available symbols is drawn and in the second reel, a multiplier appears (between x2 and X50). If the symbol and the multiplier are lined up in the middle of the Crazy Time Top Slot screen, it’s a match, which means that the multiplier is added to the drawn symbol. Example: You bet $10 on 5, and the Top Slot lands on 5 with a 20x multiplier. If the wheel stops on 5, you win 10x5x20=1,000! After you place your bet and watch the Top Slot draw, the Crazy Time wheel is triggered and will stop on a segment. If you bet on it, you win the associated multiplier!

PROs & CONs of Crazy Time


  • 4 Bonus Rounds with a massive 25,000x maximum multiplier
  • One-of-a-kind live casino title
  • The gameplay is quite enjoyable.


  • No demo version is available
  • Not suitable for casino beginners

The 1, 2, 5 and 10 slots at Crazy Time

There are 4 “classic” slots on Crazy Time. The way they work is very simple: bet before the game on one of these boxes, and if the wheel stops on your segment you get your bet back multiplied by the associated multiplier. These 4 classic boxes are:

  • 1: This number appears 21 times on the Crazy Time wheel, making it the most common symbol. If you bet on it and the wheel lands on 1, then you will win one time your bet, doubling your investment. The probability of winning by betting on 1 is 39%.
  • 2: The Crazy Time wheel has 13 segments with the symbol 2. If the wheel reveals the 2 symbol, then you will get double your initial bet in profits and your bet back. You have a 1 in 4 chance of winning.
  • 5: This symbol appears 7 times, which is almost a 13% chance of landing on it.
  • 10: This is the rarest of the classic symbols at Crazy Time, and it also pays the most if the wheel lands on it! Only 4 10s are present, which brings your chances of winning to just over 7%.

Tip from CorrectCasinos: Placing a bet on all segments instead of only 1 or 2 will result in higher chances of winning and higher overall RTP

Bonus Segments

A good bet and a good result at the slot machine can already bring you a nice amount of money, but you shouldn’t forget about the bonus segments. They can make your initial bet really soar.
When the wheel stops on a bonus game segment, the presenter switches to a new table. For the lucky bettors, the tension continues to build!

There are 4 bonus segments, and if the wheel stops on one of them, a mini-game starts immediately.

Crazy Time vs. 3 other Live games from Evolution Gaming

Game nameRTPBiggest winBetting rangeBonuses
Crazy Time96%20,000x0.10-5000Yes, several
Monopoly Live96.2%$500,000depends on the casinoYes, several
Dead or Alive: Saloon97%$500,000depends on the casinoYes, several


On this game board, the host will start a game of vertical pool. You know the principle, inspired by the Japanese Pachinko, but you may have also played Plinko online.
It’s a simple game but one that brings great emotions.
The puck falls and ricochets off the pegs to the bonus multipliers at the bottom of the board.
These multipliers will increase your winnings from x2 to x50!

Want more? There are also two “Double” boxes. If the puck lands on a Double, the multipliers are doubled, and the puck is immediately rolled again for another game.

A bonus roll can also be obtained if your multiplier is “only” x2, x3 or x4. We start a new round and you accumulate the winnings.

Cash Hunt

The live dealer this time walks in front of a large electronic board filled with multipliers: no less than 108. They are revealed to the player, then turned face down and shuffled.
The game consists of selecting a hidden card at random and shooting it with a big gun: this is literally the name of the game Cash Hunt.
Your winnings are immediately multiplied by the result of the cannon shot: up to x500!

Crazy Time2

A coin is flipped automatically and each side has a randomly drawn multiplier of up to 100 times your bet!

Coin Flip

Simple, yes, but nerve-wracking!

Bet on either the blue or red side. Each side has a randomly drawn multiplier. When the host calls the coin flip, your bet can be multiplied by 100 times!
Bonus rounds can be awarded here as well. The coin is tossed again, and your winnings are accumulated once more.

Crazy Time

We’ll save the best for last: there’s only one Crazy Time Casino bonus segment, and it takes you straight to dreamland.
The host walks through a red door and takes you into a fairytale world, dominated by a giant wheel.
As the Crazy Time stats show, the bonus multipliers on this new wheel can win you huge amounts of money.
This new bonus wheel has 64 segments.
At the top of the wheel are three pointers: the player chooses the pointer that will make him win: up to 200x the initial bet!

More and more: here too, “Double” and “Triple” bonuses are present.

If it’s your lucky day, these multipliers will double or triple your deposit and you’re in for another round: all these bonuses add up and your winnings go through the roof!

FAQs about Crazy Time

There are many alternatives to the Crazy Time casino game. Many roulette games like this one exist at online casinos. But Crazy Time is one of the few that offers a live game, presented by a live host on a television set. If you want to try another game with a live dealer, you can check out Monopoly Casino, which has more or less the same codes and is made by the same publisher.

Use a strategy that is considered to have very little volatility, keeping in mind to limit your losses as much as possible.

To withdraw your winnings from the Crazy Time online casino game, simply click on the cash out button. As soon as you click it, you will exit the game and be able to withdraw your money to your player account. All you have to do is transfer your money back to your bank account.

Crazy Time can be played on cell phones and tablets. The game designers have done a great job of making the game look great on different devices, taking into account the accessibility requirements of online gaming communities from around the world.

Software Evolution Gaming
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels None
Paylines None
Slot Game Features Multipliers
Min. Bet 0.10
Max. Bet 5000
Slot Themes TV Show
Slot RTP 96%
devices Mobile versionTablet versionDesktop version
Crazy Time Slot by Evolution Gaming


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