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Some development studios stand out for their very distinctive graphic touch, recognizable at first glance. This is the case of the Armenian studio Peter & Sons, which invites us to discover a world populated by adorable characters, embarking on a great quest to collect coins in a kingdom as magical as it is mysterious. This story appeared in April 2024 takes place through the Coin Blox slot machine and you are invited to participate in it by playing to try to collect up to 10000x the bet.

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Coin Blox - Slot Review

A charming medieval universe is offered to us, where the view opens onto a small peaceful village. A modest earthen house attracts the eye, but an imposing rocky mountain shadows it. It is at the heart of it that the Blox Corner game grid is embedded in it, promising a unique gaming experience of its kind.

Coin Blox is a high volatility slot machine that is played on a 6×6 reel grid with 50 paylines. Its RTP is 96.20% and the features come down to Monster Blocks, Synced Blocks and Coin Blocks as well as Free Spins and Bonus Games. This enchanted world is accessible with a bet between $0.10 and $50 per spin on the part of the player. Once the bet has been applied, the hunt for gold coins can begin.

PROs & CONs of Coin Blox


  • Colossal symbols
  • Synced symbols
  • Free Spins + Bonus game
  • Bonus Buy + Ante Bet


  • Only $50 max. bet

First of all, the winning combinations are obtained when 3, 4, 5 or 6 identical symbols line up from left to right starting with the leftmost reel. The strong symbols of the game are represented by various crystals, insect fossils of trilobites, then engraved coins and pebbles complete the list of symbols with lower payouts. There is also a Wild capable of replacing any paying symbol.

In terms of features, the game focuses on Monster Blocks where oversized symbols can appear at any spin. There are also the Synced Blocks where the symbols are transformed into the same type of symbol as well as the Coin Blocks function then two bonuses, the Free Spins and the Bonus Game.

Monster Blocks

Monster Blocks are oversized symbols that can appear on the reels covering 2×2 to 6×6 positions, they work as individual symbols.

Coin Blox

Be patient, once the bonuses are triggered, the fortune of the gnomes will belong to you.

Synced Blocks

This feature occurs randomly and when activated, transforms all Monster Blocks into the same symbol. Synced Blocks do not act on Wild symbols, Bonus symbols or Free Spins.

Corner Blocks

A block on the grid is filled with pieces of random sizes. The coins fall and are collected in a randomly placed collector. The collector can cover from 2 to 6 consecutive reels and collect coins on the reels it covers. The collected coins grant an instant prize. Once the coins are collected, the block turns into a strong or weak symbol. The Coin Blocks can include coins between 0.20x and 100x the bet in the base game or up to 500x the bet in the Free Spins. With the Coins Bet function, coins can pay up to 1000x the bet.

Free Spins

Trigger the free spins with 5 or more lighter symbols, you will win as many free spins as there are lighter symbols. The Synced Blocks and Coin Blocks functions will fire more often and the Coin Blocks will hold higher values. In addition, you will get additional free spins each time a Free Spin symbol appears on the grid. With 5 or more lighter symbols during the free spins, you will trigger the Bonus Game.

Coin Blox vs. 4 other slots from Peter & Sons

Slot nameRTPMax. winBonus BuyMultipliers
Coin Blox96.2%10,000xYesYes
Book of Books96.1%10,000xYesYes
Dragonblox Gigablox95.9%n/aYesNo
Dungeon Tower96%20,000xYesYes
Wild 196%10,000xNoYes

Bonus Game

This bonus can be accessed with 5 or more key symbols, granting as many Free Spins as there are key symbols on the screen.

The bonus is then played in 4 levels. The coins of different sizes appear on each level and with each level unlocked, all the coins of the previous level are collected and paid instantly. The values of the coins depend on the level, they can be worth up to 5x at the first level, plus 25x, 100x and 5000x at the following. Each level is unlocked by collecting a certain number of keys. For example, to access level 2, you will need to collect 5 keys, then 11 for level 3 and 17 for level 4.

Golden Bet & Coin Bet

By increasing your bet by 50%, you will increase your chances of accessing the Free Spins. Then by multiplying your bet by five, you will increase your chances of triggering the Coin Blocks function.

Buy Bonus

Alternatively, you can choose to activate the Bonus Game or the Free Spins for 100x or 70x the bet at any time during the game.

Up to 10000x the amount to be harvested in this kingdom

Peter & Sons takes us into a vibrant atmosphere through Coin Blox, where small characters accompany us for a fruitful coin collection. The visual animations and graphics make the game experience more immersive with unexpected effects such as rock falls or appearances of cute little elves. But the magic also happens thanks to the many features, with Monster Blocks, Synced Blocks and not forgetting the Coin Blocks which allow you to collect coins in spades. Moreover, it is during the Free Spins and the Bonus Game that the biggest winnings will be obtained.


Coin Blox has a payout percentage of 96.2%.

Yes, collecting 3 or 4 lighter symbols will win you just as many free games.

Each casino has its own welcome bonus system and special features. To get the best free spins offers, you can check out our list of casinos that offer the best free spin choices for Coin Blox as well as many other online slots!

Of course it is! Try your luck at Coin Blox slot machine in the safety of one of our recommended casinos. We suggest you take a look at our page dedicated to trusted casinos so that you can enjoy yourself with complete peace of mind.

Software Peter&Sons
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 6x6
Paylines 50
Slot Game Features Ante Bet, Bonus Buy, Colossal Symbol, Free Spins, Leveling system, Multipliers, Scatters, Synced Reels, Wild Symbol
Min. Bet 0.10
Max. Bet 50
Slot Themes Jungle
Slot RTP 96.2%
devices Mobile versionTablet versionDesktop version
Coin Blox Slot by Peter&Sons Icon

Game Winnings ans Payouts

Coin Blox Red Diamond Symbol

x6 = 800

x5 = 300

x4 = 120

x3 = 60

Coin Blox Moscito Symbol

x6 = 500

x5 = 200

x4 = 80

x3 = 40

Coin Blox Stone Symbol

x6 = 400

x5 = 160

x4 = 60

x3 = 30

Coin Blox Rings Symbol

x6 = 240

x5 = 120

x4 = 50

x3 = 20

Coin Blox Heart Symbol

x6 = 120

x5 = 60

x4 = 24

x3 = 12

Coin Blox Diamond Symbol

x6 = 100

x5 = 50

x4 = 24

x3 = 12

Coin Blox Spade Symbol

x6 = 80

x5 = 40

x4 = 20

x3 = 10

Coin Blox Clubs Symbol

x6 = 80

x5 = 40

x4 = 20

x3 = 10


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