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Candy Fall by Blueprint Gaming is probably best described as a world where candy and Tetris come together. And yes by Tetris we mean the classic game where blocks of different shapes fall down.

The game Tetris has been around since 1984 and became best known for being included with the purchase of the popular Game Boy console starting in 1989. Candy Fall is thus the modern sweet version of the “ancient” video game.

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Candy Fall - Slot Review

Get ready for a colorful candy world full of sweetness, because that’s what you can expect in Candy Fall. The colors are so bright that it almost hurts the eyes. In the background we see a world that is literally made up of candy. The playing field is in a kind of valley surrounded by tall piles of sweets. Think of jelly beans, wine gums, chocolate and much more. It almost makes your mouth water. It’s just all very reminiscent of Pragmatic Play’s Sweet Bonanza slot.

The symbols on the playfield of Candy Fall are at least as colorful and at first glance also seem edible. We are not dealing with a real version of Tetris here, which can be seen by the fact that not all blocks consist of 4 square units. However, all blocks do have a distinctive bright color, so you can easily tell them apart.

To the left of the playing area you can see what the next blocks are going to be that come into play. Of course, with a sugary slot machine like Candy Fall comes an equally sugary soundtrack.

Good & Bad sides of Candy Fall

Good sides

  • Very interesting & innovative gameplay

Bad sides

  • Joke of a max. win
  • Has disappointing statistics
  • Features are actually completely lacking
  • Very low RTP

We are dealing in Candy Fall with a playing field with dimensions of 6×6, which at the start of the spin is completely filled with blocks of different shape and color. Each game round, 12 blocks come into play. To the left of the playing field you can see what the next 3 blocks are going to be.

By clicking on a block in the “incoming candy” table, you can make the corresponding block disappear on the playing field. This happens with all 12 blocks that make their appearance during the active game round. After those 12 blocks, the game round is over and the balance can be taken. For each role that you have completely cleared – and thus on which no block or part of a block is visible anymore – you receive a cash prize. Each reel has its own cash prize, which is shown on top of the top symbol on the reel. That cash prize falls further and further down as you clear all the blocks on the reel, until the bottom of the reel is reached.

Each spin you play in Candy Fall with a minimum bet of $0.10 and a maximum bet of $10. Unfortunately, the maximum win is only 251 times the bet and the volatility with which you play is low. Furthermore, there is a payout percentage of 95.00%, which is also not very high. You really play Candy Fall for the unique slot experience and not for the thunderous numbers.

This is a shame anyway, from other low volatility slots we are higher RTPs. Here you can find all the best paying slots of the moment.

Candy Fall

Candy Fall is the slot machine for lovers of Tetris and/or sweetness!


Features are not actually present in Candy Fall. You will sometimes only see above 1 of the reels not a cash prize, but a “bonus” prize.

Bonus prize

Unfortunately, the bonus prize isn’t really a feature either. If the word “bonus” reaches the bottom of the playfield and is thus cashed in, 3 chocolate bombs appear on the screen. Of these, the player has to choose 1, which results in a random cash prize. That’s all there is to this “feature”.

Candy Fall vs. 4 other slots produced by Blueprint Gaming

Slot nameMultiplierPaylinesMax. winRTP
Candy FallNoNone251x95%
The StashYes57610,000x96%
Jungle FortuneYes409610,000x96%
Rise of AtlantinsYesScatter Pays10,000x96%

What do we think?

In itself, Blueprint Gaming has come up with a very clever concept for Candy Fall. After all, Tetris is still a hugely popular game and candy is also something almost everyone likes. So you would say that’s a perfect combination for a casino game. However, if you arrive with a slot machine in its current form, it will never end up being a success.

The gameplay is boring and far too simple. There is no depth at all, which made it boring to us pretty quickly. Moreover, Candy Fall’s statistics are nothing to get excited about.

Overall, we would rather skip this slot machine.


There aren’t any really. The base game is basic with no special features or boosters. There is only a bonus round which is not very exciting either.

No, there is no such bonus in Candy Fall.

There aren’t any. The game is played like a game of Tetris and whichever column clears out first grants the bet multiplier assigned to it.

You can try out the demo version directly on our website. If you mean to deposit real funds and try your luck with Candy Fall, you can check our list of trusted casinos and find one that suits your needs best.

Yes! In order to make it easier for everyone to access this game, a mobile version has been created. To play it, just go to the game’s page at your chosen online casino.

Software Blueprint
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 6x6
Paylines None
Slot Game Features Pick Me feature
Min. Bet 0.10
Max. Bet 10
Slot Themes Retro Games
Slot RTP 95%
devices Mobile versionTablet versionDesktop version
Candy Fall Slot by Blueprint Gaming


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