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If you are into weird, quirky, unexpected slot games, then 5 Monsters is definitely deserves your attention. There aren’t too many games that stand out this much, and the developer of the game – Max Win Gaming – has made sure to do just that. There are quite a lot of rewarding mechanics and features, which we are going to talk about in a moment. If any of that is interesting to you, we’ve got all of the information you need to know about, condensed in this article, so let’s get going.

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5 Monsters - Slot Review

Layout, Betting & Multipliers

5 Monsters has decided to use a regular, common layout of 5×5, but that is definitely not the main focus of the game either way. The game’s appeal lies in its design, features, audio effects, etc., which will definitely keep you amazed at all times. Instead of regular paylines, 5 Monsters has gone with the Scatter Pays mechanic, meaning you will need to land at least 7 matching symbols anywhere on the reels.

The game catres to its beginner gamers with a low minimum bet of $0.20, but doesn’t really do the same to its high-roller players, because of the $18 maximum bet limit. This is going to be a main reason why some players will skip on the game. Aside from that, the maximum multiplier is 55,555x, which stands true to the name of the game, just like the grid. The maximum bet, multiplier by the max multiplier results in a jackpot of $999,990 – a great addition to anyone’s bank account.

RTP & Volatility

While our reviews are presented in a conversational style, we make sure to incorporate all necessary technical information, even if it may come across as tedious to certain readers. In this case, we are talking about the rate of return-to-player (RTP), which is a noteworthy detail that deserves attention for gameplay reasons. The return percentage refers to the expected returns a player can receive while betting a lot in the game over an extended period of time. Slot games are expected to have a minimum RTP of 96%, as per the golden stnadard, however, not all games do that.

One of the best things about 5 Monsters is the fact that the developers have went with a static 96.38% RTP, which cannot be changed by anyone. This means, no matter where you decide to play, every casino that offers this game is going to also be offering its original RTP of 96.38%, which is quite high. This is a way better approach than going for volatile RTP rates, which can be changed by the operator of every casino.

Theme & Symbols

Casino games’ themes strongly influence both the atmosphere they project and the degree to which players will feel immersed. Diverse games evoke different feelings and emotions while some are more casual, others might feel adventures, and then there could be some that are even a bit mysterious and extra-engaging. It is no lie that the market is currently oversatruated which makes it difficult for software developers to come up with completely new ideas.

However, the same cannot be said about the developer of 5 Monsters, as they’ve used an alien-based theme, but it unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. The graphics, animations, and audio composition is simply great. The symbols are just as exciting, although there are some common ones like the regular shapes, but there are major symbols in the form of differently colored bacteria, MaxSymbols, Random symbol, Activator symbol, and some others.

Bonus Features

There are a lot of unique features 5 Monsters offers its players. But first, let’s start off with the trademark feature of the game – MaxSymbols. When you get a winning combination with symbols of a specific color, that is major, you will be filling the top bar and corresponding symbol to the ones you’ve just won with. After landing the combination, you need to land one or more of the colored symbols you’ve won the combination with for some extra progress.

Now, you will also notice there are 5 capsules in the bottom of the grid, which is where the monsters reside in. These show you what level you are in. You start off at level 0, and you need to unlock each monster, which happens by filling the bar on top, to reach the next level, until you unlock all 5.

Finally, we’ve got the game’s most interesting feature, the 5 Monsters themselves. This is also when you will be unlocking a Collector bonus, which, when triggered, rewards you with 3 free spins. During this event, two new symbols can land – the Multiplier and the Activator. The first boost your current winnings by 2x up to 5x, while the latter activates the ability of one of the Monsters found below.

Of course, every monster has a different ability and a name. The orange guy is called the Framer and randomly lands a couple of multiplier frames on the grid, on top of which if a regular multiplier falls, it results in a bigger total multiplier.

Next up, we’ve got the Payer symbol, which absorbs a multiplier symbol from the grid and adds it on top of all visible multiplier symbols. The blue guy is called the Booster, and he boosts up the value of one of the visible multipliers. Then, the red guy is the Collector, who collects all visible multipliers and adds them to your total winnings. Finally, we’ve got the green Mentalist, that takes two multiplier – first, the lowest, then the bigges – and multiplies them by one another.

Mobile Support

Although nothing you don’t know about, mobile gaming is getting pretty popular in recent years. As a result, gaming studios started making their game’s mobile-friendly versions a priority. And what’s more, nowadays it’s not surprising for a studio to begin making a game for mobile devices before porting it to desktop computers and optimizing it for that platform. As such 5 Monsters is also available for all of your handheld devices.



  • Big Max Multiplier
  • Great RTP
  • Scatter Pays Mechanic


  • Low Maximum Bet
  • Not For Everyone

5 Monsters VS 3 Max Win Gaming Slots

Slot nameMin. BetMax. BetMax MultiplierRTP
5 Monsters$0.20$1855,555x96.38%
Cotton Gang Affair$0.10$5010,000x96.01%
Golden Gods$0.10$1560,000x96.07%
Wanted Wildz$0.10$615,000x96.05%

Closing Words

5 Monsters is one of those games that is going to keep you engaged for a very long time. There are so many potential outcomes, that it is difficult to even know when you will have the advantage to experience it all. It has great RTP, a bit low max bet, but that should not be a problem, a good multiplier, a fantastic jackpot, and absolutely engaging bonus features, so we strongly suggest checking the game out.


Yes, 5 Monsters integrated a fixed RTP rate of 96.38%, which means no operator can change that percentage.

In the case of 5 Monsters, instead of regular paylines, your winning combinations rely on the Scatter Pays, where you need to land 7 of the same symbols to get a winning.

The game was developed by Max Win Studio, a company with some great games to its name.

Software Max win gaming
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 5
Paylines Scatter Pays
Slot Game Features Bonus Rounds, Buy Free Spins, Free Spins, Leveling system, Multipliers, Scatters
Min. Bet 0.20
Max. Bet 18
Slot Themes Space, UFO
Slot RTP 96%
devices Mobile versionTablet versionDesktop version
5 Monsters Slot by max win gaming

Game Winnings and Payouts

5 Monsters Green Planet Symbol

x15 = 60

x14 = 30

x13 = 16

x12 = 8

x11 = 4

x10 = 2

x9 = 1.4

x8 = 1

x7 = 0.8

5 Monsters Red Planet Symbol

x15 = 50

x14 = 24

x13 = 12

x12 = 6

x11 = 3

x10 = 1.6

x9 = 1.2

x8 = 0.8

x7 = 0.6

5 Monsters Blue Planet Symbol

x15 = 40

x14 = 18

x13 = 10

x12 = 5

x11 = 2.4

x10 = 1.4

x9 = 1

x8 = 0.6

x7 = 0.5

5 Monsters Purple Planet Symbol

x15 = 30

x14 = 14

x13 = 8

x12 = 4

x11 = 2

x10 = 1.2

x9 = 0.8

x8 = 0.5

x7 = 0.4

5 Monsters Orange Planet Symbol

x15 = 20

x14 = 10

x13 = 6

x12 = 3

x11 = 1.6

x10 = 1

x9 = 0.6

x8 = 0.4

x7 = 0.3

5 Monsters Curcle Symbol

x15 = 10

x14 = 5

x13 = 3

x12 = 2

x11 = 1

x10 = 0.6

x9 = 0.4

x8 = 0.3

x7 = 0.2

5 Monsters Square Symbol

x15 = 10

x14 = 5

x13 = 3

x12 = 2

x11 = 1

x10 = 0.6

x9 = 0.4

x8 = 0.3

x7 = 0.2

5 Monsters Triangle Symbol

x15 = 10

x14 = 5

x13 = 3

x12 = 2

x11 = 1

x10 = 0.6

x9 = 0.4

x8 = 0.3

x7 = 0.2


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