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If you play slots, the outcome of the spin is determined by a random number generator. You have absolutely no influence on the outcome. In video poker, however, having some skills can help you change the outcome of the hand.

In this page we’ll review the basic video poker guides, payouts rates, possible hands and casinos where you can play for real money.

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Real Money Video Poker Casinos

USA online casinos
7Video Poker Guide

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video poker

What is Video Poker

Video poker machines were first in the 1970s and they were referred to as “poker slots”. At first, video poker was not well accepted and it took some time until it attracted players’ interest.
Today, video poker is so common that every self-respecting online casino offers at least Jacks or Better, Tens or Better, Deuces Wild, etc. Video poker is often seen as video slots’ sibling. But what’s the difference between slots and video poker?

Essentially, all video poker variations are based on keeping some of the cards you are dealt and discarding others. Your decisions, the cards you keep, and those you discard do make a difference. If played skilfully, video poker has the best return to player percentages (RTP) with the Jacks or Better variation offering 99.5% return in the long run.

How to Play Video Poker?

All video poker variations are based on five-card draw poker. In video poker, you don’t have to interact with a live dealer. You do not compete against other players, either. Each video poker variation has its specific rules and slightly modified pay table.

When you decide which video poker variation to play, and adjust your bet and to push the Deal/ Draw button. You will be dealt 5 face up cards. Each of them has a keep/ discard button. Depending on the video poker variation you play, you need to make a careful evaluation of the cards you have been dealt and decide which of them to discard and which to keep. The cards you discarded will be replaced by new ones. Then, if the available cards are compared against the paytable and you are paid accordingly.

If you win, you can hit Collect. If you wish, you can try to increase your payout by taking part in a side game and click on the Double button, but not all variations have such a feature.

Value of Poker Hands

video poker hands

Royal FlushAce-king-queen-jack-10 all of the same suit. This is an unbeatable hand.10d-Jd-Qd-Kd-Ad
Straight FlushFive consecutive cards of the same suit5s-6s-7s-8s-9s
Four of a KindFour cards of the same rankQd-Qc-Qs-5h-Qh
Full HouseThree cards of one rank, two cards of another rank7d-As-7h-Ad-7s
FlushFive cards of the same suit8c-Ac-7c-2c-6c
StraightFive consecutive cards of mixed suits2 of diamonds, 3 of hearts, 4 of diamonds, 5 of clubs, 6 of spades
Three of a KindThree cards of the same rank10h-10d-10c-5s-Ad
Two Pairtwo cards of one rank, two cards of another rankJd-Js-7c-7d-9s
Jacks or BetterTwo jacks, queens, kings, or acesQd-Qh-8s-5h-Ks

*Legend: d = diamonds; h = hearts; s = spades; c = clubs

Video poker payouts

video poker payouts

HAND1 credit2 credits3 credits4 credits5 credits
Royal Flush25050075010004000
Straight Flush50100150200250
Four of a Kind255075100125
Full House918273645
Three of a Kind3691215
Two Pair246810
Jacks or Better12345

Ready for some basic video poker tips?

Base video poker tips:

Always draw for a flush over a straight when playing poker

1.Always draw for a flush over a straight!

don't drop aces on video poker

2.Don’t drop a low pair even if you have 3 high cards

poker tips: Always play with max coins

3.Always play with max coins

Video poker demo play

If you feel ready to try with your first video poker play – go ahead with a free play with NetEnt’s video poker.

Video Poker Variations

  • Jacks or Better – the most common video poker variation where the lowest winning hand is a pair of Jacks.
  • Aces and Eights – Also known as the dead man’s hand. The variation is based on the story about the legendary gambler Wild Bill Hickock who was dhot dead while playing poker. At that time, the Wild Bill held a pair of 8s and a pair of Aces.
  • Deuces Wild – All deuces counts as a wild card. For instance, if you have a deuce and a pair of kings, technically you have 3 OAK King
  • Double Bonus Poker – This is a variation of bonus poker with the only difference being the better payouts for 4 OAK
  • Double Double Bonus Poker – A variation of Double Bonus Poker
  • Deuces and Joker Wild – A combination of Deuces Wild and Joker Wild variations
  • Tens or Better – Your objective is to have at least a pair of 10s
  • Bonus Deuces Wild – A combination of Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild. If we had to point the video poker variation that challenges you the most that would be Bonus Deuces Wild

Ready to play for real?

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Video Poker F.A.Q.

Well, we have heard about hundreds of superstitions, hot and cold slots, biased roulette wheels, “due” machines, and what else. There might be a pinch of truth in all these, but the reality is slightly different.

Casinos cannot change the odds of getting a winning hand, but they can change the payout for winning hands. Likewise, casinos cannot change the outcome of a spin, but they can lower the default RTP slots are shipped with.

Applying the right strategy in video poker enables you to get a 100% return.

It’s a combination of skill and luck. You have no influence on the cards that will be dealt to you, but it is entirely up to you which of them to keep and which to discard.

Casinos cannot change the odds, but they can make paytable amendments.

The odds of being dealt a natural Royal Flush in a 52-card video poker game are 1 in 649,740.

  • Slots are more diverse in terms of themes
  • Slots have better graphics
  • Slots come with a wide variety of features
  • New slots are launched every other day
  • Video poker RTP reaches 100%
  • If you master a betting technique, you can improve your odds of securing a nice win

So if you are more interested in the fresh content and entertainment, video slots are a viable option.

Video poker offers quite a monotonous gameplay, but if you prefer taking calculated risks, you’d better stay away from slots, especially high volatility ones.

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