Year Round Riches ClusterBuster

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In spring, nature is reborn with the blossoming of flowers and the days grow longer. Then comes summer, synonymous with sunshine and warmth, ideal for relaxation. Then comes autumn, with its warm colors and foliage turning red, orange and yellow before falling. It’s time for harvesting and forest walks, as we patiently await winter and its snow-covered landscapes in the run-up to Christmas. Each season brings a certain unique charm, and that’s what Red Tiger wanted to highlight in its Year-Round Riches Clusterbuster slot released in October 2023.

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Year Round Riches ClusterBuster - Slot Review

For its fourth title in the Clusterbuster series, the Red Tiger studio wanted to take players on a seasonal adventure where the four seasons scroll by as the game progresses, revealing their magic and mysteries with multipliers, transformations, random wilds and mystery symbols.

With its neat, relaxing aesthetic, Year-Round Riches Clusterbuster represents the attractions of each season, both with its charming visuals presenting the appearance of a tree at each period of the year, and with its gameplay where the seasons bring different exciting modifiers.

Year Round Riches Clusterbuster

Enjoy all seasons of the year with this Red Tiger new slot!

Of medium volatility and with an RTP of 95.74%, Year-Round Riches Clusterbuster slot is played on a 9×9 reel grid capable of delivering wins when at least 5 identical symbols group together horizontally or vertically on the grid. The A, K, Q, J and 10 symbols can pay between 0.10x and 20x the stake, while symbols representing the seasons, such as the sun, flower, acorn and snowflake, can pay more, between 0.30x and 250x the stake. Winning combinations activate the cascade mechanism, which destroys symbols, making them disappear and allowing new symbols from above to land for a chance at more winnings.

Seasonal Clusterbuster

You’ll identify a cluster of inactive positions in the center of the grid, the positions outside this inactive block allowing them to be activated when winning combinations are formed nearby. The outer positions are divided into four sectors representing the four seasons of the year. Randomly during spins, one of the sectors can be activated, and breaking all the positions in a sector will trigger the feature corresponding to that season.

Year Round Riches compared to 3 other slots from Red Tiger

Slot nameRTPMax. winMultipliersBonus
Year Round Riches95.7%20,482xYesFree Spins
Tricks & Treats95.7%1,697xYesFree Spins
Dragons Clusterbuster95.7%7,931.2xYesFree Spins
Viral Spiral95.6%5,000xYesNo


After being activated during a spin, the Spring sector reveals a multiplier between 2x and 100x. Destroying the Spring sector while it’s active will release this multiplier, which will be applied to all spin wins.


Destroying the summer sector when active releases a tsunami on the reels, transforming losing symbols into the same symbol type.


By destroying the Autumn sector when active, leaves will start falling on the symbols, transforming some of them into random substitution Wilds.


By destroying the Winter sector when it’s active, snowballs will hit symbols, transforming them into a mystery symbol.

PROs & CONs of Year Round Riches ClusterBuster


  • The theme is very interesting
  • 4 different sectors of the grid
  • Different features
  • Bonus Buy option
  • Free Spins bonus round
  • Great max. win
  • Medium volatility


  • Low RTP

Free Spins

When the entire Clusterbuster block is broken, the player will receive 10 Free Spins during which at least one season feature will be active on every spin. An additional 7 free spins can be earned by destroying all the positions in the Clusterbuster block.

Buy Bonus

Two buy bonus options are available on Year-Round Riches Clusterbuster, Free Spins are accessible for 50x the stake while a random season modifier is available for 15x the stake.

Scroll through the seasons and win up to 20482x the stake

In the Year-Round Riches Clusterbuster slot, players are invited to move from one season to the next, discovering its on-screen charm while benefiting from its unique modifier. The primary objective of this slot is to destroy symbols to activate Clusterbuster positions, thus unlocking modifiers and free spins. In addition to its original gameplay, this seasonal slot machine immerses us in a very pleasant environment to play in complete tranquillity. Come and try your luck at winning top prizes of up to 20482x the stake by trying out the free demo version of the game to get started.


We offer a free version of this new Red Tiger slot, so you don’t need to worry about spending any money.

Year Round Riches Clusterbuster is a very interesting and eventful slot with its unique 4 seasons grid & theme. Every season offers different special features and the bonus round combines them all.

Cluster Pays is a feature where wins are formed by grouping symbols in clusters rather than traditional paylines, adding a different dimension to gameplay.

The Buy Feature allows players to purchase direct access to a slot game’s bonus rounds or features, saving time and effort.

Software Red Tiger
Slot Types Megaclusters
Reels 9x9
Paylines Cluster Pays
Slot Game Features Bonus Buy, Cluster Pays, Free Spins, Multipliers, Mystery Symbol, Scatters, Symbol Swap, Wild Symbol
Min. Bet 0.20
Max. Bet 4
Slot Themes Animation
Slot RTP 95.7%
devices Mobile versionTablet versionDesktop version
Year Round Riches ClusterBuster Slot by Red Tiger Gaming

Game Winnings and Payouts

Year Round Riches ClusterBuster Sun Symbol

x35+ = 250

x30+ = 75

x25+ = 30

x20+ = 10

x15+ = 5

x12+ = 3

x9+ = 2.5

x7+ = 2

x5+ = 1.5

Year Round Riches ClusterBuster Rose Symbol

x35+ = 150

x30+ = 50

x25+ = 20

x20+ = 5

x15+ = 2.5

x12+ = 1.2

x9+ = 1

x7+ = 0.8

x5+ = 0.5

Year Round Riches ClusterBuster Acorn Symbol

x35+ = 100

x30+ = 30

x25+ = 15

x20+ = 4

x15+ = 2

x12+ = 1

x9+ = 0.8

x7+ = 0.6

x5+ = 0.4

Year Round Riches ClusterBuster Snowflake Symbol

x35+ = 50

x30+ = 25

x25+ = 12

x20+ = 3

x15+ = 1.5

x12+ = 0.9

x9+ = 0.7

x7+ = 0.5

x5+ = 0.3

Year Round Riches ClusterBuster Ace Symbol

x35+ = 20

x30+ = 10

x25+ = 2.5

x20+ = 1.2

x15+ = 1.2

x12+ = 0.8

x9+ = 0.5

x7+ = 0.4

x5+ = 0.2

Year Round Riches ClusterBuster King Symbol

x30+ = 16

x25+ = 8

x20+ = 2

x15+ = 1

x12+ = 0.7

x9+ = 0.4

x7+ = 0.3

x5+ = 0.2

Year Round Riches ClusterBuster Queen Symbol

x30+ = 14

x25+ = 7

x20+ = 1.8

x15+ = 0.8

x12+ = 0.6

x9+ = 0.4

x7+ = 0.3

x5+ = 0.1

Year Round Riches ClusterBuster Jack Symbol

x30+ = 12

x25+ = 6

x20+ = 1.5

x15+ = 0.7

x12+ = 0.5

x9+ = 0.3

x7+ = 0.2

x5+ = 0.1

Year Round Riches ClusterBuster Ten Symbol

x30+ = 10

x25+ = 5

x20+ = 1.2

x15+ = 0.6

x12+ = 0.4

x9+ = 0.3

x7+ = 0.2

x5+ = 0.1


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