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Frogs are animals that we do often see featured in slot machines. For example, consider Fire Hopper, Push Gaming’s slot machine that was recently released.

Frogs are fun and friendly animals and therefore often evoke a positive reaction in people. Not surprisingly, Pragmatic Play has now also come up with a slot machine about frogs. They have decided to call the game Wild Hop & Drop. Wild Hop & Drop is not just about frogs, as the slot has much more to offer than that.

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Wild Hop & Drop - Slot Review

The design of Wild Hop & Drop provides a good first impression of this slot machine. In any case, the design of Wild Hop & Drop makes us very happy.

One of the first things we noticed about Wild Hop & Drop was that the playing area has large dimensions. After all, Wild Hop & Drop has 6 reels and 6 rows. For those who want to gamble online, you can do so at casinos from $0.20 and the maximum bet is $100 per spin.

The payout percentage is a respectable 96.36% and it is played with a high variance. The maximum winnable prize in Wild Hop & Drop is 5,000 times the bet.

Wild Hop & Drop

Wild Hop & Drop is a slot machine centered around amicable amphibians!


Before you start playing Wild Hop & Drop, it is important to know that this slot machine uses the cluster pays mechanism. That means that in this game you don’t have any paylines, but identical symbols can form a winning combination if they are adjacent to each other in a cluster. A cluster is winning in Wild Hop & Drop if it consists of at least 6 identical symbols.

Looking at the features of Wild Hop & Drop, the role of wild symbols immediately stands out. By the way, in the base game you will have to make do with those wilds, since the only other feature in Wild Hop & Drop is the free spins feature.

Wild symbols

Wilds of various sizes can land in Wild Hop & Drop. To be precise, they can land with sizes of 1×1, 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×5 and 6×6. So in the latter case, 1 wild covers the total size of the playing field. If you manage to spin that wild, you will receive a cash prize worth 5,000 times the bet as a bonus.

Upsides & Downsides of Wild Hop & Drop


  • Different sizes of wilds
  • Has a colorful and cheerful design
  • Uses the cluster pays mechanism
  • Progressive free spins


  • Average statistics

Free Spins

By far the most interesting part of Wild Hop & Drop is the free spins feature. To unlock it, you need to spin at least 4 scatters. That will then earn you 6 free spins.

At the start of the free spins feature, a 1×1 wild symbol is placed on the playing area. This wild symbol remains present on the playfield until the feature ends. It can change position between spins, though. It is important to spin as many scatters as possible during Wild Hop & Drop’s free spins feature, as they will be collected for you. Every 4 scatters collected will yield 1 to 3 additional free spins and cause the wild symbol to expand one position vertically and horizontally. Thus, a 1×1 wild symbol is then expanded to a 2×2 wild symbol.

The ultimate goal is to expand the wild to a 6×6 wild symbol. If you succeed, you get 1 more free spin, but after that it is no longer possible to earn additional free spins. Logically, you will receive the bonus prize worth 5,000 times your bet if you manage to expand the wild to its maximum size.

You might trigger the free spins feature with 5 or 6 scatters. This does not provide any other benefits, except that you have already started saving for the first expansion of the wild.

Wild Hop & Drop vs. 3 other similar slots

Slot nameProviderMax. winRTPMultiplier
Wild Hop & DropPragmatic Play5,000x96.3%No
Fire HopperPush Gaming50,000x96.3%Yes, progressive
Fat BankerPush Gaming25,000x96.4%Yes
Chicken DropPragmatic Play25,000x96.4%Yes

Fans of cheerful and funny slots will certainly appreciate Wild Hop & Drop.

There is a relaxed atmosphere, which helps make this a great slot machine to play. We especially like the design of Wild Hop & Drop. It’s a great design. That Wild Hop & Drop has “borrowed” the features from other slots, we do not necessarily find a problem, as they are applied and combined in a good way.

Wild Hop & Drop is just a very clever production by Pragmatic Play.


The Return To Player in this slot is 96.36%.

In this slot, you can win back a maximum of 5,000 times your bet. If you bet with the maximum amount of $100 that amounts to a top prize of $500,000.

Yes, you start with 6 Free Spins when 4 or more Scatters land in your field. During the feature, this number can increase to 21.

The playing area consists of 6 reels and 6 rows that work with the Cluster Pays mechanism.

Software Pragmatic Play
Slot Types Megaclusters
Reels 6x6
Paylines Cluster Pays.
Slot Game Features Colossal Symbol, Expanding Symbols, Free Spins, Scatters, Symbol Collection, Wild Symbol
Min. Bet 0.20
Max. Bet 100
Slot Themes Adventure, Animals
Slot RTP 96.3%
devices Mobile versionTablet versionDesktop version
Wild Hop & Drop Slot by Pragmatic Play

Game Winnings and Payouts

Wild Hop & Drop Frog Symbol

x26+ = $400.00

x22-25 = $96.00

x17-21 = $48.00

x14-16 = $24.00

x10-13 = $18.00

x8-9 = $12.00

x7 = $10.00

x6 = $8.00

Wild Hop & Drop Purple Frog Symbol

x26+ = $200.00

x22-25 = $64.00

x17-21 = $32.00

x14-16 = $16.00

x10-13 = $12.00

x8-9 = $8.00

x7 = $6.00

x6 = $5.00

Wild Hop & Drop Purple Blue Symbol

x26+ = $120.00

x22-25 = $48.00

x17-21 = $24.00

x14-16 = $12.00

x10-13 = $9.00

x8-9 = $6.00

x7 = $5.00

x6 = $4.00

Wild Hop & Drop Ace Symbol

x26+ = $80.00

x22-25 = $32.00

x17-21 = $16.00

x14-16 = $8.00

x10-13 = $6.00

x8-9 = $4.00

x7 = $3.00

x6 = $2.50

Wild Hop & Drop King Symbol

x26+ = $60.00

x22-25 = $24.00

x17-21 = $12.00

x14-16 = $6.00

x10-13 = $5.00

x8-9 = $3.00

x7 = $2.50

x6 = $2.00

Wild Hop & Drop Queen Symbol

x26+ = $50.00

x22-25 = $20.00

x17-21 = $10.00

x14-16 = $5.00

x10-13 = $4.00

x8-9 = $2.50

x7 = $2.00

x6 = $1.50

Wild Hop & Drop Jack Symbol

x26+ = $40.00

x22-25 = $16.00

x17-21 = $8.00

x14-16 = $4.00

x10-13 = $3.00

x8-9 = $2.00

x7 = $1.50

x6 = $1.00


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