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It seems like the bison is a pretty popular animal amongst developers nowadays, as we are seeing an increasing number of slots covering the theme. Or, of course, they are simply looking to steal the public of the competition. Wild Bison Charge is a game developer by Pragmatic Play, which, by default, must put in ahead of the rest in terms of quality, because, as you might know, they are one of the best in the business, but this is exactly why we are going to go over details about the game.

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Wild Bison Charge - Slot Review

Layout, Betting & Multipliers

Wild Bison Charge features a 5×4 layout, which is a pretty basic layout for the industry. However, it is not the layout, but what happens on it that will draw your attention. Instead of having any specific payline numbers, the game has decided to go with Scatter Pays, which is a great and rewarding mechanic.

During gameplay, you will be able to select a wager ranging from $0.20 to $100, providing an excellent range for both novice and high-stakes players. Furthermore, the game’s highest multiplier is 12,000x, which translates to a jackpot of $1,200,000. Winning a jackpot of over a million is certainly a stroke of luck. If you happen to be fortunate enough to win, you will have no more worries about your wealth.

RTP & Volatility

The return-to-player (RTP) rate is a crucial factor that can determine the success or failure of a slot game in the iGaming community. This percentage represents the amount you will receive as you continue to spend more time playing and placing bets. Currently, the industry’s golden standard is 96% RTP, which means you will be getting that amount back in the long run.

Like many other games available, Wild Bison Charge offers casino operators the option to choose from different RTPs. The available choices are 94%, 95.08%, and 96.03%, as you can see, the last one is the only one meeting the norm and surpassing it. To determine the RTP at the casino where you are playing, you can either contact customer support or check if the casino has a separate page on the topic. As for the volatility, you will be playing in a highly risky and highly rewarding setting.

Theme & Symbols

The theme of a casino game holds great significance for its players. With an abundance of games available, players have the luxury of finding alternatives if they come across a component they don’t enjoy. All it takes is a willingness to explore. In today’s world of gambling, casino games are crafted with precision and attention to detail, delivering high-quality games that offer an immersive experience like no other.

Wild Bison Charge’s concept is definitely nothing new, so you can expect nothing new when it comes to features too. The game is set in the canyons and national parks in the USD, apparently. With the music bringing a bit of action to the game, it won’t be too bland. As for the symbols, the are pretty much exotic and symbolic animals found on the continent.

Bonus Features

There are a lot of games nowadays that heavily rely on bonus features to keep their players satisfied. This is perfectly fine with the players, as developers must improve and be creative in order to not stay behind. However, here, there aren’t really any unique features, although it is not too big of a deal.

Naturally, as with almost every other regular casino slot, this one too provides the players with the chance of triggering the Free Spins mode, which is inarguably the most popular feature. It will be a condition for you to land scatter symbols before the mini-game can behind. The minimum is 3 scatters, where you can also land 4 or 5, and you will get 9, 12, or 15 free spins respectively.

Once the free spins game triggers, you will have the chance to extend your free spins in the same manner. By landing 2, 3, 4, or 5 scatters you get 2, 3, 4, or 5 free spins. The only unique thing here is that if you start landing Wilds on the grid, they will remain there until the end of the free spins.

If you are not too patient, you can simply buy yourself the free spins game, but it will cost you 100x your bet. So for example, if you have a $1 bet, it will cost you $100 to trigger the free spins mode.

Mobile Support

In keeping with the trend of modern casino games, Wild Bison Charge’s developers have ensured that players can enjoy the game on their mobile devices. For avid gamers who prefer to avoid being tied down to desktop computers, this is fantastic news. However, there are certain risks that come with playing on your mobile. One of the most significant is the potential loss of internet connectivity, which could result in the unfortunate loss of your current wager.



  • Rewarding Bonus Games
  • Well-known Developer
  • Big Jackpot


  • Liquid RTP Rate
  • Overused Theme

Wild Bison Charge VS 3 Bison & Buffalo Slots

Slot nameJackpotMin. BetMax. MultiplierYear Of Release
Wild Bison Charge$1,200,000$0.2012,000x2023
Blazing Bison Gold Blitz$250,000$0.205,000x2023
Buffalo Blox Gigablow$250,000$0.202,500x2022
Buffalo Power Megaways$1,000,000$0.2010,000x2021

Closing Words

While Wild Bison Charge is nothing new under the sun, or in this case, in the iGaming industry, there is still something fun about it, which we can’t really put our finger on. It is very beginner-friendly because there aren’t too many features or anything unnecessary to confuse the players. As such, we can easily recommend the game if you have no prior experience in an online casino. But as always, because of the volatile RTP, make sure you check in with the casino’s customer support to see what RTP they use.



To answer that question, we will need to look at the liquid RTP of the game which goes from 94%, 95.08%, to 96.03%, meaning casinos can choose their RTP when renting the game, so be careful and get in touch with the casino’s customer support before playing.

Wild Bison Charge is a game developed by Pragmatic Play, which, if you didn’t know, is one of the biggest companies in the business.

The Free Spins event is the game’s most rewarding feature. It is triggered by landing 3, 4, or 5 scatters anywhere on the grid, which rewards you with a different number of free spins for the event.

Software Pragmatic Play
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 5
Paylines Scatter Pays
Slot Game Features Buy Free Spins, Free Spins, Multipliers, Wild Symbol
Min. Bet 0.20
Max. Bet 100
Slot Themes Animals, Wildlife
Slot RTP 96%
devices Mobile versionTablet versionDesktop version
Wild Bison Charge Slot by Pragmatic Play

Game Winnings and Payouts

Wild Bison Charge Bison Symbol

x25 = $500.00

x22-24 = $300.00

x19-21 = $225.00

x16-18 = $100.00

x13-15 = $60.00

x10-12 = $30.00

x9 = $20.00

x8 = $10.00

Wild Bison Charge Bear Symbol

x25 = $400.00

x22-24 = $250.00

x19-21 = $180.00

x16-18 = $80.00

x13-15 = $50.00

x10-12 = $20.00

x9 = $10.00

x8 = $5.00

Wild Bison Charge Wild Cat Symbol

x25 = $350.00

x22-24 = $200.00

x19-21 = $150.00

x16-18 = $60.00

x13-15 = $40.00

x10-12 = $15.00

x9 = $6.00

x8 = $3.00

Wild Bison Charge Eagle Symbol

x25 = $300.00

x22-24 = $150.00

x19-21 = $120.00

x16-18 = $50.00

x13-15 = $30.00

x10-12 = $10.0

x9 = $4.00

x8 = $2.00

Wild Bison Charge Wolf Symbol

x25 = $250.00

x22-24 = $125.00

x19-21 = $90.00

x16-18 = $40.00

x13-15 = $20.00

x10-12 = $7.50

x9 = $3.00

x8 = $1.60

Wild Bison Charge Ace Symbol

x25 = $200.00

x22-24 = $100.00

x19-21 = $70.00

x16-18 = $30.00

x13-15 = $15.00

x10-12 = $4.00

x9 = $2.00

x8 = $1.20

Wild Bison Charge King Symbol

x25 = $150.00

x22-24 = $75.00

x19-21 = $50.00

x16-18 = $25.00

x13-15 = $10.00

x10-12 = $3.00

x9 = $1.20

x8 = $0.80

Wild Bison Charge Queen Symbol

x25 = $120.00

x22-24 = $60.00

x19-21 = $40.00

x16-18 = $20.00

x13-15 = $6.00

x10-12 = $2.00

x9 = $0.80

x8 = $0.50

Wild Bison Charge Jack Symbol

x25 = $0.90

x22-24 = $50.00

x19-21 = $30.00

x16-18 = $10.00

x13-15 = $3.00

x10-12 = $1.00

x9 = $0.50

x8 = $0.20


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