Tombstone: No Mercy

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With the Tombstone: No Mercy slot, Nolimit City once again moves into the very violent village of the Wild West. It is not really a sequel to their original Tombstone, rather a remake.

The Best Online Casinos & Bonuses to Play Tombstone: No Mercy for Real Money

Tombstone: No Mercy - Slot Review

In terms of gameplay, almost nothing has changed, yet they were able to raise the maximum win to 16,480 times your stake. The big change is an addition of Nolimit Boosters, called xBet. And you can buy the bonus games in different forms.

The RTP has been lowered slightly to 96.05%, and volatility remains extremely high. Five years earlier, Tombstone was their breakthrough. Can this slot therefore raise as much dust and tumbleweed? You can read how Tombstone: No Mercy came out of the test in this slot machine review.

PROs & CONs of Tombstone: No Mercy


  • Three bonus games
  • Chances of high winnings
  • Extensive Feature Buy


  • No major changes with the original

How to Play Tombstone: No Mercy

Tombstone: No Mercy, as is Nolimit City’s good custom, has a special-shaped playing field. The layout of the five reels is as follows: 2-3-3-3-2. This results in a total of 108 Ways to Win. You can play from as little as $0.10 and the maximum bet per spin is $100.

The aim is to collect the same symbol on the reels at least three times. These must connect and start on the far left to count as a winning combination of Tombstone: No Mercy.

The symbols you collect are the typical things you link to the wild west. You have cards, dynamite, revolvers, gold bars, horseshoes and pockets full of money. The card symbols are J, Q, K and A with a maximum payout of 2 times your bet per Win Way. The other symbols let you win 3, 4 or 6 times your bet on a 5-of-a-kind.

Tombstone: No Mercy

Tombstone: No Mercy is a fast-paced slot full of gunshots and bandits.

Bonus Features of Tombstone: No Mercy

In addition to the normal symbols above, there are three more special ones. These trigger the bonus features in this slot to bring you one step closer to the maximum payout of 16,480 times your bet. Here’s how they work in Tombstone: No Mercy.

Nudging Wilds

The Nudging Wild, also known as Outlaw Wild, is possibly one of our favorite symbols. They occur on the middle three reels and show wanted gangsters. On the second reel, this is always Skinny Joe, the horse thief. Next you have bank robber Edda Star and the notorious bandit El Gordo.

The Wilds are 3 symbols high and always nudge themselves to cover the entire reel. For each step, the overall Multiplier goes up by 1 step. So not only do they triple the number of lines on which you win, they can also make the total winnings x2 or x3. If you get all three, then it even becomes a maximum of x9.

Justice Spins

On the first and last reels you will encounter a Sheriff and Marshall badge. If you grab both of them, you win 3 Justice Spins. These authority figures put the Wilds under lock and key, keeping them Sticky. This also keeps the Multiplier active. If you win nothing, then there is no justice in Tombstone.

Gunslinger Spins

You’ll also encounter Scatters on the middle three reels. These are in the form of dollar signs. By collecting all three, you win 10 Free Spins named Gunslinger Spins.

During this bonus round of Tombstone: No Mercy, a progressive Multiplier applies. This goes up for each Nudging Wild and the number of nudges it does. Thus, the multiplier can increase infinitely.

In addition, Scatters are located on the first and last reels. On 1 piece, you win an additional Free Spin. If you collect both of them, you get 3 Free Spins.

Tombstone: No Mercy vs. 4 other slots from NoLimit City

Slot nameMax. winVolatilityRTPBetting range
Tombstone: No Mercy16,480xHigh96%0.10-100
Land of the Free57,000xHigh96%0.20-100
Punk Toilet33,333xVery high96%0.20-100
Rock Bottom20,000xHigh96%0.20-150
Walk of Shame9,822xHigh96%0.20-100

Bounty Spins

If you can combine both triggers of the bonus games, you win 12 Bounty Spins. Now the Wilds are Sticky and you play with an increasing Multiplier. Since you are limited in the number of Wilds you can win a maximum Multiplier of x10. This one does guarantee big wins every spin.

Feature Buy

So the biggest difference from the original Tombstone is that you can buy bonuses. There is an xBet or Nolimit Booster to guarantee a Scatter or Outlaw Wild for 2 times your bet. To get a Wild for sure, pay 5 times the bet.

In addition, you have Nolimit Bonus to trigger the various Free Spins of Tombstone: No Mercy. Justice Spins with an Outlaw Wild will cost you 50 times the bet. Gunslinger Spins will cost you 65 times the bet. And Bounty Spins are worth 950 times the bet, according to Nolimit City.

Plus you can buy three dollar Scatters and a Sheriff Badge for 242 or 360 times the bet. The difference is that you have a 20% or 33% chance of getting a Marshall Badge.


Tombstone: No Mercy has an irregular playing field with 108 Win Ways. These run from left to right and count from 3 matching symbols.

The Wilds of Tombstone: No Mercy are three symbols high each time. If they are not fully on your screen, they push themselves to be fully in view. Per step, they thus increase the spin Multiplier.

Nolimit City has four different versions of Tombstone: No Mercy in circulation. The best one you can find has an RTP of 96.05%. The others you play with a payout percentage of 94.03%, 92.01% or 87.04%.

Yes, there are actually three different types of Free Spins in Tombstone: No Mercy. You have 3 Justice Spins, 10 Gunslinger Spins and 12 Bounty Spins.

Software Nolimit City
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 5
Paylines 108
Slot Game Features Bonus Buy, Extra Paylines, Free Spins, Multipliers, Nudge feature, Progressive Multiplier, Scatters, Wild Symbol
Min. Bet 0.10
Max. Bet 100
Slot Themes Wild West
Slot RTP 96%
devices Mobile versionTablet versionDesktop version
Tombstone: No Mercy Slot by Nolimit City


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