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Sugar Twist is a game by Pragmatic Play, that looks awfully familiar, but they will probably act like they have no idea what we’re talking about. This is a candy-theme game, where the main point of attraction is the bright colors from which you might feel an eye burn. But in all seriousness, the game has a lot to offer, starting off with the medium-sized jackpot, the good RTP rate, and, most importantly, the cluster pays. So if any of that tickles your curiosity, join us for a quick ride.

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Sugar Twist - Slot Review

Layout, Betting & Multipliers

The game Sugar Twist has a visually appealing style that is sure to attract many players, but it might not be for everyone, due to the awfully bright colors. The game employs a typical grid size of 7×7, which is nothing new or surprising. Instead of regular paylines, you will be landing winning combinations thanks to the cluster pays mechanic, which could also bring additional wins.

Up next is the betting range of the game, which is perfect for both beginners and those who prefer betting big. You can bet as little as $0.20 but also up to $100, allowing everyone to enjoy the game on their own terms. You will have the opportunity to win big with a 5,000x multiplier jackpot in addition to the already impressive jackpot, which stands at the alluring prize of $500,000. Although it won’t be easy to land it, it will definitely reward you greatly.

RTP & Volatility

The return-to-player percentage is what the company calculates players should get back in the long run after playing. In the industry, the standard is 96% RTP, which is what all games go for, or beyond that. Make sure you avoid games that over lower RTP, or at least don’t play them for longer periods of time, because this will hurt your overall return rate. Also, the RTP rate is calculated based on millions of bets, meaning it will not be accurate during short-term gameplay.

Pragmatic Play has made sure to keep players happy by offering a 96% RTP rate, which matches the gold standard in the iGaming business. As such, you know you will always be playing for that rate, whenever you play the game, regardless of the casino you choose to play it at. That’s in contrast to games that offer volatile RTP, which casino operators choose from.

Theme & Symbols

The essence of an online casino slot game lies in its theme, which breathes life and personality into it. Nowadays, many players are seeking out new conceptual games, resulting in simpler options being overlooked, despite still having a dedicated audience. No matter your preference, you will always discover what you’re looking for at a casino, whether it be a specific concept or the overall design. So let’s see what Sugar Twist has in store for us.

While the name gives away half the story, you might be surprised by all the color selection of the game, which will either turn you away or grab your attention. Of course, candy-theme games are nothing new, but Pragmatic Play knows how to make a great game out of a cliche concept. The symbols are candy-based fish, hearts, stars, beans, and other similar symbols. The most important symbols, however, are the Multiplier symbols, and the Scatter symbols.

Bonus Features

If you’ve played any of the operator’s other titles, you know they always make sure to add some rewarding features and bonus games to their products. Sugar Twist is not an exception in this case, as the game will offer you an attractive Free Spins event, which is where all the magic happens. Aside from that, we have the so-called Multiplier symbols, which we will also make sure to talk about, so let’s get started.

The Free Spins event is triggered just like any other such event – by landing Scatter symbols. In this case, you will need to land anywhere from 3 to 7 symbols and you will get 10/12/15/20/30 Free Spins when the game begins.

During the event, any Multiplier symbols will remain until the end of the round, meaning the more you stack, the higher the multiplier and winner you get. But there is a condition for you to land Multiplier symbols.

This can happen only after you get a winning combo, a symbol gets removed, and then another winning combo falls in the same place. That’s how you get a 2x multiplier. The process can be repeated up to 128x, if you keep removing Multiplier Symbols.

Back to the Free Spins, you can extend your free spins run by landing additional Scatter symbols and it works the same way as triggering the event – 3 to 7 symbols will be required for which you get the respective number of free spins.

Once the event ends, you get your winnings, but you multiply them by all present Multiplier symbols on the grid, resulting in a huge payout, if you were lucky enough.

Mobile Support

Since all casino games are now available on any sort of device, Sugar Twist is also going to be available for play on the go. The game plays really well on mobile devices, proving that the developers’ optimization efforts were worthwhile. If you compare the desktop and the mobile versions you will notice that there aren’t too many differences when it comes to the visuals and organization of the buttons. There is only one thing to be careful about, and that is your internet connection. If it drops, you run the danger of losing your bet.



  • Good RTP
  • Maximum Bet Amount Is Great
  • Cluster Pays Mechanic


  • Similar To Another Game By The Operator
  • Might Not Be For Everyone

Sugar Twist VS 3 Sweet Slots

Slot nameDeveloperMobile SupportBetting RangeGreat Graphics
Sugar TwistPragmatic PlayYes$0.20 – $100Yes
Sugar RushPragmatic PlayYes$0.20 – $100Yes
Candy Wild BonanzaStakelogicYes$0.20 – $20Yes
Candy StarsPragmatic PlayYes$0.20 – $100No

Closing Words

While Sugar Twist is nothing innovative and might not be remembered for long, the game offers great conditions for the players who prefer bright colors, great betting options, a good jackpot, and Free Spins events. Overall, it seems that Pragmatic Play is trying to milk its previous successful title, but it is not annoying, because of the perfect execution, so we will let it slide this time.


In Sugar Twist, instead of paylines, you will be getting the cluster pays mechanic, which will require you to hit 5 of the same symbols, but the condition is that they have to be touching.

Yes, Sugar Twist will be available for all mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The neat thing here is that there is no difference between the graphics of both versions, as the optimization is perfect.

Both beginners and experienced high-rollers will have the ability to have fun due to the extensive betting range of the game – $0.20 – $100.

Software Pragmatic Play
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 7
Paylines 7
Slot Game Features Buy Free Spins, Free Spins, Multipliers, Scatters
Min. Bet 0.20
Max. Bet 100
Slot Themes Candy, Sweets
Slot RTP 96%
devices Mobile versionTablet versionDesktop version
Sugar Twist Slot by Pragmatic Play

Game Winnings and Payouts

Sugar Twist Pink Candy Symbol

x15+ = $300.00

x14 = $140.00

x13 = $70.00

x12 = $30.00

x11 = $15.00

x10 = $10.00

x9 = $5.00

x8 = $4.00

x7 = $3.50

x6 = $3.00

x5 = $2.00

Sugar Twist Orange Candy Symbol

x15+ = $200.00

x14 = $120.00

x13 = $60.00

x12 = $25.00

x11 = $12.00

x10 = $8.00

x9 = $4.00

x8 = $3.00

x7 = $2.50

x6 = $2.00

x5 = $1.50

Sugar Twist Purple Candy Symbol

x15+ = $120.00

x14 = $80.00

x13 = $40.00

x12 = $20.00

x11 = $9.00

x10 = $6.00

x9 = $3.00

x8 = $2.50

x7 = $2.00

x6 = $1.50

x5 = $1.00

Sugar Twist Green Candy Symbol

x15+ = $80.00

x14 = $40.00

x13 = $20.00

x12 = $10.00

x11 = $6.00

x10 = $4.00

x9 = $2.50

x8 = $2.00

x7 = $1.50

x6 = $1.00

x5 = $0.80

Sugar Twist Red Fish Symbol

x15+ = $60.00

x14 = $30.00

x13 = $16.00

x12 = $7.00

x11 = $5.00

x10 = $3.00

x9 = $2.00

x8 = $1.50

x7 = $1.00

x6 = $0.80

x5 = $0.60

Sugar Twist Pink Fish Symbol

x15+ = $50.00

x14 = $24.00

x13 = $12.00

x12 = $6.00

x11 = $4.00

x10 = $2.50

x9 = $1.50

x8 = $1.00

x7 = $0.80

x6 = $0.60

x5 = $0.50

Sugar Twist Orange Fish Symbol

x15+ = $40.00

x14 = $20.00

x13 = $10.00

x12 = $5.00

x11 = $3.00

x10 = $2.00

x9 = $1.00

x8 = $0.80

x7 = $0.60

x6 = $0.50

x5 = $0.40


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