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Any fans of the rock or metal genre who also like to try their luck from time to time? If the answer is yes, that means you are in the right place! Play n’ Go is planning on making us fans all happy. Lordi Reel Monsters is a medium variance video slot produced by Play’n GO and released on online and mobile casinos on the 28th of April 2022.

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Lordi Reel Monsters - Slot Review

Play’n GO has thus created yet another addition to its series of music-themed casino games. The reels are now taken over by Finnish hard rock band Lordi, who we remember both for winning the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest and, of course, for their outfits, which have led to them being compared to the US band Kiss, among others.

Grid & Specifics

Lordi Reel Monsters is a seven-reel wide, seven-row high grid slot with slots for 49 win and/or special patterns. The position of the winning combinations is irrelevant, as long as there are at least five matching winning patterns or wilds in the same group. The maximum win in Lord of the Reel Monsters is 4 000 x the bet.
The payout percentage is capped between 84.20% and 96.20% depending on the version and the volatility is medium.

Lordi Reel Monsters vs. 4 other Cluster Pays slots

SlotProviderRTPGrid LayoutMin. betMax. bet
Lordi Reel MonstersPlay n Go96.02%7×70.10100
Double RainbowHacksaw Gaming96.3%7×60.20100
Barn FestivalPragmatic Play96.4%6×50.2010
Lucky Leprechaun ClustersMicrogaming96.3%7×70.1050
Cash QuestHacksaw Gaming96.3%6×60.10100

Symbols & Betting

In the paytable, we list the blue, purple, green, orange and red symbols and the five members of the band, where the main winning pattern is worth a minimum of 250 x the stake for a group of 15 patterns. The wilds are represented by golden skulls or demons.
You can bet anywhere between $0.10 and $100, which makes this slot suitable for all kinds of players.

PROs & CONs of Lordi Reel Monsters


  • Base game modifiers
  • FS mode choosing
  • Decent default RTP


  • Nothing quite new
  • RTP could highly vary among casinos

Special features & Bonuses

Cascades & Symbol collection

Firstly, winning combinations are broken and new symbols fall into the empty spaces left by them. Meanwhile, eyes turn to the meter on the right-hand side (computer browser), with two levels for 15 and 40 broken winning patterns. When there are 15 broken symbols on the meter, we see one of five special features. See the list below:

  • Mr. Lord: 5-8 wilds are added to the grid.
  • Hella: Breaks all other patterns except the wilds and one to two groups of winning patterns.
  • Amen: Converts two to five groups of winning patterns to another type of winning pattern.
  • Mouse: Forms a winning combination.
  • Mana: Converts some winning patterns to wilds.

Free Spins

The free spins feature requires 40 winning combinations and therefore 40 patterns on the meter. Players can now choose one of two free spins modes, called Reel Monsters and Better Hate Than Never.

Lordi Reel Monsters FS

When you trigger the Free Spins round, you can choose between 2 modes.

Reel Monsters Free Spins Feature: each winning combination increases the multiplier by x1 and two special features.

Better Hate Than Never Free Spins Feature: wilds collection feature and three special features. Wilds are collected from winning combinations and are dropped onto the screen after the special features in batches of up to 5-10 pieces.


With its grid and special features, Play’n GO has made a traditional Cluster slot for them. The free spins feature is a nice choice for the player, if it wasn’t for the fact that there’s nothing new about it either.
However, for those who like grid games with lower volatility, Lordi Reel Monsters can be recommended even with these features.


The max. win is capped at 4,000 times the placed bet.

There are base game modifiers (wilds, symbol swap, guaranteed win) and 2 Free Spins modes that players can choose between.

Paylines: Cluster Pays

Grid: 7×7

Betting options: $0.10 – $100

RTP: 96.02

Volatility: Medium

Max. win: 4,000x

Yes, the game is suitable for mobile devices. The layout, whatsoever, will be a bit different from the desktop version.

Software Play N' GO
Slot Types Megaclusters
Reels 7x7
Paylines Cluster Pays
Slot Game Features Bonus Buy, Cluster Pays, Free Spins, Multipliers, Scatters, Wild Symbol
Min. Bet 0.10
Max. Bet 100
Slot Themes Heavy Metal, Music, Rock
Slot RTP 96.2%
devices Mobile versionTablet versionDesktop version
Lordi Reel Monsters Slot by Play N' Go

Game Winnings and Payouts

Lordi Reel Monsters red devil symbol

x15+ = 375.00
x12+ = 187.50
x10+ = 75.00
x9 = 37.50
x8 = 18.75
x7 = 11.25
x6 = 7.50
x5 = 3.75

Lordi Reel Monsters yellow zombi symbol

x15+ = 300.00
x12+ = 150.50
x10+ = 60.00
x9 = 30.00
x8 = 15.00
x7 = 9.00
x6 = 6.00
x5 = 3.00

Lordi Reel Monsters green zombi symbol

x15+ = 225.00
x12+ = 112.50
x10+ = 45.00
x9 = 22.50
x8 = 11.25
x7 = 6.75
x6 = 4.50
x5 = 2.25

Lordi Reel Monsters purple monster symbol

x15+ = 180.00
x12+ = 90.00
x10+ = 36.00
x9 = 18.00
x8 = 9.00
x7 = 5.40
x6 = 3.60
x5 = 1.80

Lordi Reel Monsters blue demon symbol

x15+ = 150.00
x12+ = 75.00
x10+ = 30.00
x9 = 15.00
x8 = 7.50
x7 = 4.50
x6 = 3.00
x5 = 1.50

Lordi Reel Monsters red symbol

x15+ = 75.00
x12+ = 37.50
x10+ = 15.00
x9 = 7.50
x8 = 3.75
x7 = 2.25
x6 = 1.50
x5 = 0.75

Lordi Reel Monsters orange symbol

x15+ = 60.00
x12+ = 30.00
x10+ = 12.00
x9 = 6.00
x8 = 3.00
x7 = 1.80
x6 = 1.20
x5 = 0.60

Lordi Reel Monsters green symbol

x15+ = 45.00
x12+ = 22.50
x10+ = 9.00
x9 = 4.50
x8 = 2.25
x7 = 1.35
x6 = 0.90
x5 = 0.45

Lordi Reel Monsters purple symbol

x15+ = 30.00
x12+ = 15.00
x10+ = 6.00
x9 = 3.00
x8 = 1.50
x7 = 0.90
x6 = 0.60
x5 = 0.30

Lordi Reel Monsters blue symbol

x15+ = 15.00
x12+ = 7.50
x10+ = 3.00
x9 = 1.500
x8 = 0.75
x7 = 0.455
x6 = 0.30
x5 = 0.15


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