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After the release of Katmandu Gold, the supplier ELK Studios launches a second opus called Katmandu X. The game takes players back to Nepal on a 6-reel grid with six symbols each. The slot uses a cluster pay system and incorporates features such as drops, multiplier, bonus game and colossal symbols.

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Katmandu X - Slot Review

Developed by ELK Studios, the Katmandu X online slot takes us to the top of snow-capped mountains in the heart of an exotic landscape. At first glance, the production reveals a game panel similar to a pagoda. The elements present are typically Asian by displaying different specific symbols. On the reels, several golden icons are available such as dragons, Phoenixes, tigers and turtles. Other symbols come into play and depict stone sculptures in blue, red, green and purple.

At Katmandu X, winning combinations contain at least five matching symbols worth 0.05 to 1.5 times the bet and 4 to 100 times the bet for more than 16 symbols. Being a cluster pay game, wins are applied when symbols are adjacent, regardless of their location on the grid. Thereafter, winning lines are removed resulting in a wild symbol before filling the slots with new symbols.

Katmandu X vs. 3 other slots from Elk Studios

Slot nameMax. winRTPBetting rangeVolatility
Katmandu X25,000x95%0.20-100High
Sumo Sumo25,000x94%0.20-100High
Avalon Gold25,000x94%0.20-100High

Playable on all devices, the free online casino game Katmandu X operates with high volatility. It has a 95% payout rate, providing five ways to enjoy the game. There is the X-iter feature with 5 specific choices. By choosing the standard version, the amount of bets turns out to be variable between $0.20 and $100 per spin.

How the game works

Overall, the free Katmandu X casino game contains 36 symbols positioned on the 6×6 reels. In order to win interesting prizes, you need to collect more than 16 symbols in a cluster. In any case, the avalanche mechanism is activated after each winning combination by adding the wild.

Katmandu X

Colossal symbols will make even bigger clusters!

Indeed, Katmandu X slot machine incorporates Wilds that come in various forms. For starters, wilds act as a substitute symbol and can increase the formation of multiple clusters. When multiple Wilds are involved in a win, they become a single wild that generates a multiplier value. This multiplier value is added to all wins in the next few rotations. In addition to these wilds, there are also explosive wilds that appear and delete the symbols around them. As a result, a drop occurs optimizing the appearance of winning lines.

Secondly, you have to watch out for the big symbols on the reels filling up to 4×4 positions. Even so, there are symbols in four distinct sizes of 1×1 Classic, 2×2 Super, 3×3 Mega and 4×4 Epic. These large symbols crush the smaller symbols as they land. The remaining icons consist of wildcards, bonus symbols or drop symbols.

On the bonus game side, getting three bonus symbols activates the free spins bonus feature. During this formula, the presence of the Yin and Yang symbols earns additional free spins. Also, if any of the three bonus symbols represent a Super Bonus, the feature is awarded. The Super Wild Strike feature can intervene and replaces the icons with multiplier symbols or explosive wilds.

PROs & CONs of Katmandu X


  • Wide betting range
  • Several bonus buy options
  • Win up to 25,000x
  • Colossal symbols


  • RTP is below average

Finally, by clicking on the X-iter purchase menu, five options are vacant and display various prizes. The list includes the Bonus Hunt, Exploding Wild, Super Wild Strike, Bonus and Super Bonus which cost 2×, 10×, 25×, 100× and 500× the bet respectively.

Finally, the Katmandu X slot from developer ELK Studios incorporates innovative features that produce substantial rewards. In addition, the winning potential reaches 25,000 times the bet.


Each casino has its own welcome bonus system and special features. To get the best free spins offers, you can check out our list of casinos that offer the best free spin choices for Katmandu X as well as many other online slots!

Yes, when at least 3 Scatters land in your field at the same time, this will earn you at least 5 Free Spins. The more Scatters, the more Free Spins.

Yes! To make this game easier, it has been designed with an auto-game feature. This feature allows you to instantly launch spins between 10 and 100.

The working principle of the Katmandu X slot is standard. Players need to decide the bet amount, spin the reels and wait for combinations of identical symbols to form in clusters.

Software Elk Studios
Slot Types Megaclusters
Reels 6
Paylines Cluster Pays
Slot Game Features Avalanche, Bonus Buy, Cascading Symbols, Colossal Symbol, Free Spins, Multipliers, Scatters, Wild Symbol
Min. Bet 0.20
Max. Bet 100
Slot Themes Asian
Slot RTP 95%
devices Mobile versionTablet versionDesktop version
Katmandu X Slot by Elk Studios

Game Winnings and Payouts

Katmandu X Bird Fever Symbol

x16+ = 100.00

x15 = 25.00

x14 = 10.00

x13 = 7.50

x12 = 6.00

x11 = 5.00

x10 = 4.00

x9 = 3.50

x8 = 3.00

x7 = 2.50

x6 = 2.00

x5 = 1.50

Katmandu X Dragon Symbol

x16+ = 50.00

x15 = 20.00

x14 = 8.00

x13 = 6.00

x12 = 5.00

x11 = 4.00

x10 = 3.00

x9 = 2.00

x8 = 1.75

x7 = 1.50

x6 = 1.25

x5 = 1.00

Katmandu X Tiger Symbol

x16+ = 25.00

x15 = 10.00

x14 = 5.00

x13 = 4.00

x12 = 3.00

x11 = 2.50

x10 = 2.00

x9 = 1.50

x8 = 1.20

x7 = 0.90

x6 = 0.75

x5 = 0.60

Katmandu X Bird Eagle Symbol

x16+ = 10.00

x15 = 5.00

x14 = 3.50

x13 = 3.00

x12 = 2.50

x11 = 2.00

x10 = 1.50

x9 = 1.00

x8 = 0.70

x7 = 0.60

x6 = 0.50

x5 = 0.40

Katmandu X Fire Symbol

x16+ = 7.00

x15 = 3.50

x14 = 3.00

x13 = 2.50

x12 = 2.00

x11 = 1.20

x10 = 0.75

x9 = 0.60

x8 = 0.40

x7 = 0.30

x6 = 0.25

x5 = 0.20

Katmandu X Wind Symbol

x16+ = 6.00

x15 = 3.00

x14 = 2.50

x13 = 2.00

x12 = 1.50

x11 = 0.90

x10 = 0.60

x9 = 0.50

x8 = 0.30

x7 = 0.25

x6 = 0.20

x5 = 0.15

Katmandu X Nature Symbol

x16+ = 5.00

x15 = 2.50

x14 = 2.00

x13 = 1.50

x12 = 1.00

x11 = 0.70

x10 = 0.50

x9 = 0.40

x8 = 0.25

x7 = 0.20

x6 = 0.15

x5 = 0.10

Katmandu X Water Symbol

x16+ = 4.00

x15 = 2.00

x14 = 1.50

x13 = 1.00

x12 = 0.70

x11 = 0.50

x10 = 0.40

x9 = 0.30

x8 = 0.20

x7 = 0.15

x6 = 0.10

x5 = 0.05


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