ImmorTails of Egypt

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ImmorTails of Egypt Free Demo Play

You may have thought you loved your pet, but the Egyptians really put their pets on a pedestal. They even invented gods with animal characteristics, such as the god Bastet, who had the head of a cat. The Egyptians loved pets so much that they sometimes even had them mummified. There was even a period when killing a cat was punishable by death, even if it was accidental.

That’s why cats were called the Immortails of Egypt. Play’n Go thought it was a great opportunity to make a slot machine about them, which they called Immortails of Egypt.

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ImmorTails of Egypt - Slot Review

Design & Theme

The playing area of Immortails of Egypt is located under a gateway, which is the entrance to a giant building. Which building that is is not immediately made clear. However, since this is an Egyptian slot machine, we assume that we are dealing with a pyramid. Numerous hieroglyphs are depicted on the pyramid, making the design extra mysterious.

During the free spins feature, the pyramid is entered and you land in the middle of the treasure room. There, a gigantic mountain of gold coins can be seen. This mountain of gold coins is, of course, the main prize of Immortails of Egypt.

All in all, the design of Immortails of Egypt is very well designed. In any case, we are very pleased with it.

PROs & CONs of ImmorTails of Egypt


  • Win up to 10,000 times your stake
  • Graphically very well designed
  • Symbol swap
  • Progressive multiplier


  • RTP could vary among casinos

RTP, Volatility & Betting

Immortails of Egypt has a medium to high variance of payout and has an as yet unknown payout percentage.

The minimum bet is $0.10 and the maximum bet is $100 per spin. The maximum prize of 10,000 times your bet immediately caught our eye. Furthermore, the playing field has standard dimensions of 5 by 3 symbols.

ImmorTails of Egypt

In Ancient Egypt, accidentally hitting a cat could have gotten you the death penalty!


Then on to the features of Immortails of Egypt. Those are pretty straightforward. After all, it’s all about the free spins feature, in which the highest prizes can be won. In the basic game it is mainly the waterfall mechanism that is important.

Waterfall mechanism

The waterfall mechanism basically works quite simply. We already know this mechanism from other slots and it is thus also used in Immortortails of Egypt. Winning symbols are removed from the playfield, after which new symbols fall from the top to the bottom to fill the empty positions. These new symbols can produce new winning combinations, allowing the spin to continue for quite a long time.

In Immortails of Egypt, the waterfall mechanism has several additional effects:

  • The first time the waterfall mechanism occurs, all black cat symbols are turned into wilds.
  • After 3 times the waterfall mechanism, all brown cat symbols are turned into wilds.
  • After 6 times the waterfall mechanism, all white cat symbols are turned into wilds.

If a snake symbol lands next to a wild cat symbol, the snake symbol is also turned into a wild. After the spin ends, all wild cat symbols and wild snake symbols are changed back to their normal form.

ImmorTails of Egypt vs. 3 other slots with egyptian thematic

Slot nameDeveloperMax. winBonusJackpot
ImmorTails of EgyptPlay n Go10,000xFree SpinsNo
Rise of RaAmusnet Interactive10,000xFree SpinsJackpot Cards
Mysterious EgyptPragmatic Play5,533xFree SpinsNo
Kings of GoldiSoftBet1,121xHold & WinNo

Immortails of Egypt free spins

Immortails of Egypt of course has a free spins feature, which you can activate by spinning 3 scatters. You will receive 8 free spins in that case. During the free spins feature, an additional row of symbols is added to the playing area and a progressive multiplier is also active. Every 3 times the waterfall mechanism takes place, the multiplier is increased by +1. At the end of the free spin, the progressive multiplier is reset back to x1.

Furthermore, reels are occasionally framed by a blue frame. If a wild symbol lands within that frame, it expands to the maximum size of the reel.


Immortails of Egypt has its positives and negatives. Positives are without a doubt the theme, the design and the fact that you can win as much as 10,000 times your bet. We are less pleased with the small number of features and the fact that the progressive multiplier is also reset between spins during the free spins feature.

Although Play’n Go could have gotten even more out of it, Immortails of Egypt is a very strong slot machine. The slot is not immortally good but it is very worthwhile.

FAQs about ImmorTails of Egypt

Yes, there are bonuses to be found in this game, access the game to find out all about them!

Yes, the theme of Egypt is quite popular among slot developers! Check out the recommendations directly on the game page.

Developer: Play N Go
Number of reels: 5
Number of Lines: 0
Bet: 0.10 to 100.00

Software Play N' GO
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 5x3
Paylines Waterfall mechanism
Slot Game Features Avalanche, Cascading Symbols, Free Spins, Multipliers, Scatters, Symbol Collection, Symbol Swap, Wild Symbol
Min. Bet 0.10
Max. Bet 100
Slot Themes Ancient Egypt, Egyptian
Slot RTP 96.2%
devices Mobile versionTablet versionDesktop version
ImmorTails of Egypt Slot by Play N' Go

Game Winnings and Payouts

ImmorTails of Egypt Cat Symbol

x5 = 9.00

x4 = 4.50

x3 = 2.25

ImmorTails of Egypt Sad Cat Symbol

x5 = 7.50

x4 = 3.75

x3 = 1.80

ImmorTails of Egypt Baby Cat Symbol

x5 = 6.00

x4 = 3.00

x3 = 1.50

ImmorTails of Egypt Snake Symbol

x5 = 4.50

x4 = 2.25

x3 = 1.20

ImmorTails of Egypt Cat Toy Symbol

x5 = 3.00

x4 = 1.50

x3 = 0.75

ImmorTails of Egypt Cat Ball Symbol

x5 = 3.00

x4 = 1.50

x3 = 0.75

ImmorTails of Egypt Ace Symbol

x5 = 1.80

x4 = 0.90

x3 = 0.45

ImmorTails of Egypt King Symbol

x5 = 1.80

x4 = 0.90

x3 = 0.45

ImmorTails of Egypt Queen Symbol

x5 = 1.50

x4 = 0.75

x3 = 0.30

ImmorTails of Egypt Jack Symbol

x5 = 1.50

x4 = 0.75

x3 = 0.30

ImmorTails of Egypt Ten Symbol

x5 = 1.50

x4 = 0.75

x3 = 0.30


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