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Around hip-hop music, which originated in The Bronx (New York) in the 1970s, an entire hip-hop culture has emerged. That hip-hop culture can be divided into 4 main core elements: rapping, scratching, graffiti and breakdance.

Around this hip-hop culture, AvatarUX has devised a slot machine. However, in doing so, they do not focus on traditional hip-hop, but rather on the 90s style, when hip-hop really started to become popular with the general public. You’re going to see it all in HipHopPop Popwins.

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HipHopPop PopWins - Slot Review

Technical specifics of HipHopPop

Who knows, maybe the statistics manage to provide an upward trend in our view of HipHopPop Popwins. In any case, we are very excited about the playfield in combination with the popwins mechanism. The standard playing field has dimensions of 5×3, but the number of rows can be expanded to 6 in the base game and as many as 9 in the free spins feature. This is, of course, due to the popwins mechanism. Namely, that mechanism causes each winning symbol to be removed from the playing area and then replaced by 2 new symbols. Those new symbols, in turn, can produce new winning combinations. You understand, this way a spin can take a while.

The minimum bet of each spin is $0.20 and the maximum bet is $40. A very high variance applies and the payout percentage is calculated to be 96.05% (just slightly above the general average of 96.00% that we maintain for online slots). Maximum you can win as much as 50,000 times your bet in HipHopPop Popwins.


What about your breakdance moves!?


By now you know how the popwins mechanism works, so then we can move on to discussing the features of HipHopPop Popwins. These are not in great number, as they really only arrive with a free spins feature. However, it must be said that this is an extensive free spins feature, which can be financially lucrative for the player.

Free Spins

Whoever manages to expand the playing area of HipHopPop Popwins in the base game to the maximum dimensions of 5×6, who activates the free spins feature. During the free spins feature, the playing field is standard 5×6 and you can expand the dimensions to a maximum of 5×9. Between spins, the playfield is reset to the standard dimensions each time, although those standard dimensions can change. Namely, if you manage to expand all the reels during a free spin to, say, 7 symbols, then the standard dimensions of the playfield will be 5×7 from the next free spin.

You basically get 6, 7 or 8 free spins at the start of HipHopPop Popwins’ free spins feature, but you can choose to take a gamble with the obtained number of free spins. However, keep in mind that a gamble could turn out wrong, meaning you will be returned to the base game.

PROs & CONs of HipHopPop PopWins


  • Win up to 50,000 times your stake
  • A hip hop slot without hip hop music
  • Place a bet on the number of free spins you win


  • Not suitable for beginners

If you choose to gamble anyway, you can spin a wheel a maximum of two times in a row.

  • If the wheel favors you, you will receive 9 free spins with synchronized reels during random free spins and/or guaranteed wilds during random free spins.
  • You can then choose to spin the wheel again. If the wheel favors you again, you will receive 10 free spins with synchronized reels during each free spin and/or guaranteed wilds during each free spin.
  • Alternatively, the wheel may end up on a golden segment. During the first spin that will yield 12 free spins and during the second spin 13 free spins. As for synchronized reels and guaranteed wilds, the same rules apply as above.

HipHopPop compared to 3 other AvatarUX slots

Slot nameMax. winBetting rangeRTPVolatility

Then, of course, we need to explain exactly what synchronized reels and guaranteed wilds mean. It’s all not very complicated:

  • Synchronized reels: the exact same symbols land on 2 adjacent reels.
  • Guaranteed wilds: guaranteed wild symbols land during these free spins.

A win multiplier is also active during the free spins feature of HipHopPop Popwins. This starts at x2, but is increased by +1 each time you manage to make a winning combination. The multiplier even increases by +4 if you manage to expand the playing area to the maximum dimensions of 5×9. All subsequent winning combinations increase the win multiplier by +4 each time. Incidentally, expanding the playfield to the maximum dimensions also results in 2 additional free spins.


The creator of this slot, as well as the PopWins mechanism, is the studio AvatarUX.

We offer a free version of this AvatarUX slot, so you don’t need to worry about spending any money.

Initially, the slot starts with 486 paylines which pay bothways, but throughout the gameplay, the number can increase up to 118,098.

In order to win on this slot, you must land on three or more of the same symbols. Plus, HipHopPop has a two-way payout feature, which increases your chances of winning big! If you’re not so lucky, try our other slots.

Yes, you can! There are several bonus buy options in HipHopPop PopWins.

Software AvatarUX
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 5x3
Paylines up to 118,098
Slot Game Features Avalanche, Buy Free Spins, Cascading Symbols, Expanding reels, Extra Paylines, Free Spins, Free Spins Mode Choosing, Gamble Feature, Pays Both Ways, Scatters, Synced Reels, Wild Symbol
Min. Bet 0.20
Max. Bet 40
Slot Themes Dancing, Music
Slot RTP 96%
devices Mobile versionTablet versionDesktop version
HipHopPop PopWins Slot by AvatarUX

Game Winnings and Payouts

HipHopPop PopWins Dollar Symbol

x5 = 15xbet

x4 = 7.5xbet

x3 = 4xbet

HipHopPop PopWins Singer Symbol

x5 = 8xbet

x4 = 4xbet

x3 = 2xbet

HipHopPop PopWins DJ Symbol

x5 = 6xbet

x4 = 3xbet

x3 = 1.5xbet

HipHopPop PopWins Damcer Symbol

x5 = 5xbet

x4 = 2.5xbet

x3 = 1.2xbet

HipHopPop PopWins Hip Hop Man Symbol

x5 = 4xbet

x4 = 2xbet

x3 = 1xbet

HipHopPop PopWins Radio Symbol

x5 = 4xbet

x4 = 2xbet

x3 = 1xbet

HipHopPop PopWins Sneaker Symbol

x5 = 2.5xbet

x4 = 1.2xbet

x3 = 0.8xbet

HipHopPop PopWins Ace Symbol

x5 = 1.6xbet

x4 = 0.8xbet

x3 = 0.4xbet

HipHopPop PopWins King Symbol

x5 = 1.6xbet

x4 = 0.8xbet

x3 = 0.4xbet

HipHopPop PopWins Queen Symbol

x5 = 1.6xbet

x4 = 0.8xbet

x3 = 0.4xbet

HipHopPop PopWins Jack Symbol

x5 = 1.2xbet

x4 = 0.6xbet

x3 = 0.3xbet

HipHopPop PopWins Ten Symbol

x5 = 1.2xbet

x4 = 0.6xbet

x3 = 0.3xbet

HipHopPop PopWins Nine Symbol

x5 = 1.2xbet

x4 = 0.6xbet

x3 = 0.3xbet


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