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Flaming Tiki takes on a concept that is not completely unknown to the iGaming community and turns it into a great, hot summer evening adventure on a tropical island. The game is developed by a studio called High Limit Studio, which is relatively new to the industry and is trying to make its way to the top. The game doesn’t have too much to offer, but it has a high hit rate, potentially great RTP rate, great visuals, and some other features which might grab and hold your attention.

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Flaming Tiki - Slot Review

Flaming Tiki Slot to Play

Layout, Betting & Multipliers

The newly launched Flaming Tiki introduces a layout of 5×3, which is one of the most common ones in the iGaming industry. While there is nothing too special about it, the design, background, and overall setting of the game is what makes it attractive. Aside from the grid and the layout, the game boasts 20 paylines over which you will have the opportunity to land your winning combinations.

The studio has opted for a betting range of $0.20 to $120, which is not bad at all, in fact, the impressive range enhances gameplay for players of all levels including those who are new and those who love to take risks. During the game, you will have the opportunity to land it big by hitting a 2,000x multiplier, which could lead to a staggering $240,000 jackpot.

RTP & Volatility

Although our reviews are written in a casual tone, we ensure that all essential technical details are included, although it might be a bit boring to some players. The particular detail that is worth your attention, despite not being the most exciting is the rate of return-to-player (RTP). The return percentage is the anticipated amount of returns a player can expect during gameplay over a longer time of playing. It is globally agreed that the standard RTP of slot games should be at least 96%, but not all games follow suit.

Flaming Tiki has a potential drawback, albeit unrelated to the gameplay, or at least not in a direct manner. Casino operators are given the choice to select from a range of RTP rates for their establishment between 92.01%, 94.06%, and 96.24%. Only the final option is going to be suitable for all players. The situation is going to be a bit troublesome, as the developer is a novice and is naturally attempting to attract a broad range of casinos. Aside from the RTP, the volatility of the game is low, which somewhat compensates.

Theme & Symbols

The theme of a casino game plays a very important role in determining the setting it dictates and how likely it is to immerse the players. Each game sets a different emotion – some are more quirky, while others are serious, but there usually is a lot of everything. As the number of games being developed increases, some game providers are struggling to come up with new ideas, due to which, they instead recycle previous ideas and try to bring them back to life sometimes.

Flaming Tiki is part of this category of games, which is not completely unique when it comes to theme and concept, but manages to attract the players’ attention with its beautiful visuals. Aside from that, there isn’t anything too special about the game’s graphics. The symbols are also pretty common. They consist of all suits of cards, sevens, Free Spins symbol, Wild symbol, and the unique Tiki symbol. Each of those brings in different values.

Bonus Features

We all know how important it is for slot games to have unique mini-games or special features. That is what makes gamers look forward to in a game while playing – the anticipation of landing a special, rewarding event. Flaming Tiki, although with big potential, only offers one event, which is going to disappoint a lot of players. But before that, let’s go over the symbols briefly.

The most common special symbol found in almost all slot games nowadays is the Wild. It is a symbol that can substitute any other symbol aside from the Free Spins symbol and the Tiki symbol in this case. Usually, the Wild will help you land more combos than usual, and can be multiple symbols at the same time, if a winning line is available.

Next up is the Tiki symbol, which is the game’s most rewarding “regular” symbol. You will notice a ladder on the left side of the layout. Next to each Tiki symbol, you will see that there is a different multiplier. This means that you will need from 3 to 9 Tiki symbols to land on the grid for you to get a multiplier from 1x to 2,000x, which is the biggest multiplier.

As for the Free Spins symbol, you will need to find a total of three to trigger the event. Before the event begins, however, you will need to spin the special wheel, which will decide how many free spins you will be getting during the mini-game. Also, you will get a certain multiplier when you spin it, which will apply to the total winnings at the end of the round, except for the Tiki symbols.

Mobile Support

In recent years, mobile gaming has experienced a surge in popularity, despite not being a completely new concept. This caused casino developers to ensure that their games are well-optimized for mobile devices. In fact, it is common for developers to begin the development process on mobile phones and subsequently, optimize the game for desktop usage, instead of the other way around as it used to be. On another note, it is a good idea to keep your connection to the internet while playing, because getting interrupted during a round will result in the loss of your bet.



  • High Hit Rate
  • Immersive Visuals
  • Great Max Bet Amount


  • Flexible RTP
  • Only 1 Mini-Game

Flaming Tiki VS 3 Island Slots

Slot nameHighest RTPHit RatioPotential JackpotMin. Bet
Flaming Tiki96.24%39.75%$240,000$0.20
Keep ‘Em Cool96.19%31.12%$500,000$0.10
Amazon Kingdom96.21%29.91%$250,000$0.20
Easter Island 296.02%16.30%$750,000$0.25

Closing Words

Flaming Tiki is a game with potential, but it, unfortunately, does not live up to the expectations of the players. However, because the software developer is rather new, we’d like to cut them some slack – but we still hope that they can bring up the quality level of their games. Aside form the game being somewhat bland, the flexible RTP rate, which can be changed by every casino operator that rents the game, could potentially be a problem, so get to know the percentage available in the casino you are staying at, before starting to play.



Flaming Tiki has a very high hit rate frequency of 39.75%, which means that you will be landing almost 40 winning combos for every 100 spins you make, in theory.

In Flaming Tiki, you will be playing in an environment of low volatility, which is perfect for beginners, as you won’t be losing as much, but you also won’t be winning as much as in a high-volatile game.

Yes, sadly, the game offers casino operators the option to choose what RTP rate they operate with. The highest RTP rate, in this case, is 96.24%, which is not bad at all.

Software High Limit Studio
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 5
Paylines 20
Slot Game Features Free Spins, Multipliers, Scatters
Min. Bet 0.20
Max. Bet 120
Slot Themes Adventure, Beach, Tropical
Slot RTP 94%
Flaming Tiki Slot by High Limit Studio

Game Winnings and Payouts

Flaming Tiki Triple Sevens Symbol

x5 = 37.5

x4 = 16.25

x3 = 2.50

Flaming Tiki Double Sevens Symbol

x5 = 20.00

x4 = 6.25

x3 = 1.25

Flaming Tiki Seven Symbol

x5 = 7.50

x4 = 3.75

x3 = 1.00

Flaming Tiki Spade Symbol

x5 = 3.25

x4 = 1.00

x3 = 0.50

Flaming Tiki Heart Symbol

x5 = 2.00

x4 = 0.75

x3 = 0.25

Flaming Tiki Diamond Symbol

x5 = 1.00

x4 = 0.40

x3 = 0.25

Flaming Tiki Club Symbol

x5 = 1.00

x4 = 0.40

x3 = 0.25


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