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DJ Psycho is a musical Cluster Pays slot from Nolimit City. Although the word psychopath is in the name, it is not really a dark slot by the provider’s standards. After all, they are known for Disturbed, Gluttony and Mental.

Moreover, it is not often that Nolimit City releases a medium variance slot. They have stuffed DJ Psycho full of features. Because of this, you will need some time before you can properly follow what is actually going on. However, you do see several familiar mechanisms returning.

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DJ Psycho - Slot Review

As an RTP, the game gets a value of 96.05%, just like many Nolimit slots.

Before you start playing, it’s best to choose your bet. By default in DJ Psycho this is set at $1 per spin, but you can adjust it between $0.20 and $32. After this, press the spin button and the slot will give you 16 symbols.

As a Cluster Pays slot machine, a 4×4 playing area is quite small. Moreover, ten different types of paying symbols can be seen. Therefore, a cluster counts from as little as three identical symbols. The payout of these groups of symbols increases and reaches the maximum value at a cluster of 40 symbols.

The symbols you are looking for have five different colors and come in two types. You have the red, yellow, green, purple and blue symbols with icons as medium paying symbols and those without icons with low payouts.

PROs & CONs of DJ Psycho


  • Chances of extremely high winnings
  • Exciting gameplay
  • Packed with features
  • Beautiful theme


  • Very complicated gameplay

Bonus features of DJ Psycho

You’re probably thinking that it’s impossible to form a cluster of 40 symbols in a 4-by-4 playfield. That’s why DJ Psycho is full of special features that eventually make it possible to get “Remixed. That’s the maximum win of 25,420 times your bet.


After every winning combination, you can start a chain reaction. The used symbols disappear and new symbols appear in their place. Nolimit calls this feature Avalanche, but the symbols do not fall down in DJ Psycho.

Double symbols

While playing, you may encounter three different colorful symbols. These are Break, Bite and Drop. They cause specific other symbols to take on a second color as Crossed Symbols increasing your chances of getting a cluster. However, the difference between medium and low paying symbols remains.

The Break symbol gives itself and the orthogonally surrounding symbols the same second color. Bite, in turn, provides a second color to diagonally surrounding symbols. And of the Drop symbol you need two pieces, so they form a path between which all symbols get a second color.

DJ Psycho

When you unlock the Psycho Spinz bonus, you know that sick payouts await.


There are two types of Wild symbol that you will encounter at DJ Psycho. You have the xKnob that provides a Multiplier on spin. A random hand turns the Multiplier knob at the top right to add at least x1 to this. It resets after each spin, even in the Gees! Spinz bonus game.

In your play area, you can also see a gray X. That’s the xBPM feature which is somewhat reminiscent of xSplit or xWays. This is because all symbols on that row are doubled. With two of these symbols in the same row, you then get four symbols in each box. This is represented by an x2 or x4, which is not actually a Multiplier.

Beat Bar

To the right of the playing area is the Beat Bar. It is a super meter where you can save Multipliers for each color individually. Each time you form a combination, that color’s multiplier increases by x1. The xKnob Multiplier and that of each color are added together to determine your payout.

DJ Psycho compared to 3 other slots from NoLimit City

Slot nameRTPMax. winMin. betMax. bet
DJ Psycho96%25,420x$0.20$32
Misery Mining94%70,000x$0.20$100
Evil Goblins96.1%31,969x$0.20$100
Legion X94%31,000x$0.20$100

Gees! Spinz Bonus

On each spin, 1 to 5 of the colors will have the letters FS highlighted. If you manage to form two clusters in these color(s), you trigger the Gees! Spinz bonus. This gives you 5 Free Spins plus 2 spins per color where you have a x3 Multiplier. Also when you achieve a x3 Multiplier in a color during the bonus round you will receive 2 Free Spins.

Psycho Spinz Bonus

By getting a x5 Multiplier in any color, you tirgger the better Psycho Spinz. Not only do you play these Free Spins with high Multipliers in each color, in addition the xKnob Multiplier remains. As icing on the cake, you get at least 1 special feature with each Avalanche. This can be a Break, Bite, Drop, xKnob, xBPM or a regular Wild symbol.

Boosted xBet

xBet is Nolimit City’s feature for getting more chances to win a bonus. In this case, it gets boosted, costing you 2.35 times your bet. In return, you do have 3 times the chance of winning Gees! Spinz and 7 times more chance of Psycho Spinz.

Nolimit Bonus

DJ Psycho’s bonus games drop pretty regularly. However, if you can’t wait, there is the Nolimit Bonus feature. Here you get the following choices:

  • 50 times your bet: Start Gees! Spinz with a x3 in 1 color and 7 Free Spins.
  • 420 times your bet: Start Psycho Spinz with x5 in any color and 15 Free Spins.
  • 77 times your bet: Start Gees! Spinz with at least x3 in 1 color and 7, 9, 11, 13 or 15 Free Spins.
  • 209 times your bet: 20% chance of the first option and 40% chance of the second and third options.


In DJ Psycho, different symbols can cause surrounding symbols to become a double color. This is shown as Crossed Symbol where you see a second color as a cross on the symbol.

DJ Psycho gives you a maximum payout of 25,420 times your bet.

DJ Psycho works with the Cluster Pays mechanism. This means you don’t look for symbols on paylines, but groups of 3 times the same symbol or more.

Yes, by collecting combinations in the right color, you trigger Free Spins in the Beat Bar. DJ Psycho then starts the Gees! Spinz bonus with 5 Free Spins and 2 extra spins for every x3 Multiplier you have per color.

Software Nolimit City
Slot Types Megaclusters
Reels 4x4
Paylines Cluster Pays
Slot Game Features Avalanche, Bonus Buy, Cascading Symbols, Cluster Pays, Free Spins, Multipliers, Symbol Swap
Min. Bet 0.20
Max. Bet 32
Slot Themes Music
Slot RTP 96%
devices Mobile versionTablet versionDesktop version
DJ Psycho Slot by Nolimit City

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