3 Lucky Witches

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3 Lucky Witches Free Demo Play

For about 3 centuries – between about 1450 and 1750 – tens of thousands of women throughout Europe fell victim to witchcraft. This slot from 4ThePlayer is completely Halloween themed, a theme that is of course very popular especially during autumn.

Partly inspired by 3 Lucky Leprechauns, 4ThePlayer tries to capitalize on the annual hype surrounding Halloween with 3 Lucky Witches.

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3 Lucky Witches - Slot Review

You’ll be amazed when you first take a look at the design of 3 Lucky Witches. After all, there is a lot to see. On the one hand, this is of course positive, because you notice that a lot of time and effort has clearly been put into putting together the visual design. On the other hand, it can also be scarily distracting and cause some clutter. We can actually agree with both views.

3 Lucky Witches takes place in a dark place at the edge of a forest. The full moon adorns the sky and bats fly through the air. You could say that a real Halloween atmosphere has been created in 3 Lucky Witches. The spooky soundtrack certainly contributes to that as well.

3 Lucky Witches

October is the spookiest month every year!

How does 3 Lucky Witches work?

3 Lucky Witches play at legal gambling sites with dimensions of 5×3. Winning combinations are made by spinning identical symbols from reel 1 from left to right on at least 3 consecutive reels. The position of symbols on the reel is not important for making winning combinations.

The RTP in 3 Lucky Witches is set at 96.00% and the volatility with which it is played is high. Your bet may vary each spin from a minimum of $0.10 to a maximum of $30 and you can win up to 5,000 times your bet in 3 Lucky Witches.


The prize wheel is actually what 3 Lucky Witches is all about. Cash prizes, win spins and mega picks can be won via the prize wheel.

Positive & Negative points of 3 Lucky Witches

Positive points

  • An important role for the prize wheel
  • Win spins can be played with a multiplier of up to x10
  • Win up to 5,000 times your bet

Negative points

  • Betting range is a bit limited

The prize wheel

The prize wheel consists of 6 levels, with the outer level – level 1 – containing the least attractive prizes. The inner level – level 6 – contains the best prize, namely the maximum cash prize to be won in 3 Lucky Witches (5,000 times your stake). To activate the prize wheel, you will need to spin scatters.

  • If you play 3 scatters, you start on level 1 (the outer level).
  • When you make 4 scatters you start on level 3.
  • Spinning 5 scatters puts you on level 5.

A spin on the prize wheel earns you a prize or a level-up. A level-up means that you can proceed to the next level and spin the wheel again. If you spin a prize, there are 4 possibilities:

  • A direct cash prize is paid out
  • Win spins are activated
  • Mega picks are activated
  • At the “?” the player may choose between 1 of the other 3 options

Win spins

How many win spins you receive depends on the level of the prize wheel. There is a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 20 win spins. The exact number is clearly indicated. Win spins are free spins, which are played with a x3 multiplier. However, if you have selected win spins via the “?”, they are played with a random multiplier of minimum x6 and maximum x10. Win spins are otherwise dead normal spins, although you are guaranteed that they are always winning. So each spin yields a cash prize, to which the multiplier is then applied.

3 Lucky Witches compared to 4 other slots from 4ThePlayer

Slot nameRTPVolatilityFree SpinsMultipliersMax. win
3 Lucky Witches96%HighYesYes5,000x
4 Fantastic Fish96%HighYesYes15,000x
12 Trojan Mysteries96.5%HighYesNo20,000x
7 Elements95%HighYesYes25,000x
1 Left Alive97%Med-HighYesNo5,200x

Mega picks

In mega picks, you get to choose a minimum of 1 (level 1) and a maximum of 5 (level 5) times from a selection presented to you. Each choice earns a cash prize, which is added up at the end of the feature and then paid out to the player.

If you like fast-paced gameplay and want to get in the Halloween mood, 3 Lucky Witches is really a slot for you. Everything revolves around the prize wheel, which can yield nice cash prizes. The prize wheel and the features that stem from it are completed at a fast pace, which means that 3 Lucky Witches is never actually boring.

In terms of theme and design, 3 Lucky Witches is a slot machine you have to love, although it is fun to play especially around Halloween.

A slot machine doesn’t always have to be complicated to be entertaining. 3 Lucky Witches is a good example of that.


Yes! In order to make it easier for everyone to access this game, a mobile version has been created. To play it, just go to the game’s page at your chosen online casino.

There are 4 prizes that can be won: Win spins, cash prize, Mega picks and a choice of one of the 3 above mentioned.

Yes! To make this game easier, it has been designed with an auto-game feature. This feature allows you to instantly launch spins between 10 and 100.

Each casino has its own welcome bonus system and special features. To get the best free spins offers, you can check out our list of casinos that offer the best free spin choices for 3 Lucky Witches as well as many other online slots!

Software 4ThePlayer
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 5x3
Paylines 243
Slot Game Features Bonus Buy, Bonus Wheel, Free Spins, Leveling system, Multipliers, Pick Me feature, Scatters, Wild Symbol
Min. Bet 0.10
Max. Bet 30
Slot Themes Magic, Witches
Slot RTP 96%
devices Mobile versionTablet versionDesktop version
3 Lucky Witches Slot by 4ThePlayer

Game Winnings and Payouts

3 Lucky Witches Black Cat Symbol

x5 = €30.00

x4 = €10.00

x3 = €2.50

x2 = €0.50

3 Lucky Witches Eagle Symbol

x5 = €20.00

x4 = €5.00

x3 = €1.50

3 Lucky Witches Book Symbol

x5 = €10.00

x4 = €5.00

x3 = €1.50

3 Lucky Witches Poison Symbol

x5 = €8.00

x4 = €3.00

x3 = €1.00

3 Lucky Witches Candles Symbol

x5 = €8.00

x4 = €3.00

x3 = €1.00

3 Lucky Witches Ace Symbol

x5 = €5.00

x4 = €2.00

x3 = €0.70

3 Lucky Witches King Symbol

x5 = €5.00

x4 = €2.00

x3 = €0.70

3 Lucky Witches Queen Symbol

x5 = €3.00

x4 = €1.00

x3 = €0.50

3 Lucky Witches Jack Symbol

x5 = €3.00

x4 = €1.00

x3 = €0.50

3 Lucky Witches Ten Symbol

x5 = €3.00

x4 = €1.00

x3 = €0.50


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