243 Christmas Fruits

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243 Christmas Fruits Slot

243 Christmas Fruits Free Demo Play

With the arrival of the biting winter frost and the smell of cinnamon, permeating the air, one thing comes to our mind – it’s Christmas time! Everyone’s favourite time of the year that never seems to last long enough. Fortunately, Tom Horn Games seems to be cooking up quite the festive feast to keep our holiday spirit satisfied – 243 Christmas Fruits. Travel along as we embark on this frozen venture and explore all there is to the land of 243 Christmas Fruits, a Video Slot to keep us warm and remind us that Christmas is not a place or a date on the calendar, but a feeling in the heart.

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243 Christmas Fruits - Slot Review

Let’s be honest, hardly anyone can resist the Christmas theme. Even the grumpier among us will eventually be seen with their favourite woolly sweater, a glass of hot cocoa in hand and an uplifted corner of their mouth. While the holiday theme is admittedly overused, we need as much of it as we can get to get us through the year. Ever wondered why Christmas decorations are being put up months in advance? Or why gift shopping starts in November? Christmas is a pure expression of joy humans seldom experience! And the more, the better. Given the undying love for the holiday, it’s only to be expected there will be Slot games with ice landscapes and jubilant music, and Tom Horn’s 243 Christmas Fruits is no different – another way for people to immerse in the festive mood. If that sounds like your cup of tea (or cocoa), wait no further and venture into the world of 243 Christmas Fruits, a place where the fun never stops and Christmas continues all year long!

A 243 Christmas Fruits Carol

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there was a Video Slot under the name of 243 Christmas Fruits… okay, too cheesy. But still, before you start playing, you’ll need a brief retelling of all there is to know about 243 Christmas Fruits. Why? Because you can’t build a building without schematics, learn a language without the basics or, you guessed it, succeed at a video slot without knowing the ins and outs. Will it be cheesy? Most likely. Will you love it? Hopefully! But one thing is guaranteed – if you read along, you will master the workings of 243 Christmas Fruit and come out equipped with everything you need to make your next fortune.

243 Christmas Fruits operates using a 5×5 scheme, and we’ll quickly break that down into simpler words – the game has 5 reels spinning vertically, and 5 rows moving horizontally. The paylines available are a total of 243, which is not much, but still, better be appreciative or you might end up on Santa’s Naughty List. Jokes aside, the relatively small amount of paylines is a result of 243 Christmas Fruits being a medium volatility game, rather than a high volatility one.

Something you need to remember, aside from leaving Santa a tray of cookies and a glass of milk, is that 243 Christmas Fruits’ RTP is 95%, which is definitely not the best considering it’s not even a high volatility game, but we admit it could have been much worse. The minimum bet allowed is €0.5 while the maximum is set at €100. The only major, game-changing downside is that 243 Christmas Fruits’ max payout is only 100x the size of your initial bet, making it much less than desirable.


Congrats! You made it past the snowy streets and managed to reach the train station in time to catch the express train and go straight into the core of 243 Christmas Fruits. And as you get closer to your destination, you’ll learn another crucial component of the game’s functioning: Low and High-value Symbols.

Starting off, let’s talk about the Low-value symbols. Imagine them like the lesser part of an inseparable pair – you don’t really want them, but you need them or everything falls apart. In 243 Christmas Fruits, the Low-value symbols are the Orange, the Apple, the Lemon and the Cherry. You need to land a minimum of three to constitute a win. Landing a Low-value five-of-a-kind will reward you with 3x – 4x the amount of your bet.

Moving on, we have the High-value symbols. They are the Watermelon, the Kiwi, the Grapes and the Red 7. These are, as you can imagine, much more rewarding. Think of it like shaking the boxes under the Christmas tree the night before the big holiday – the High-value symbols are the Nintendo Switch you’ve always wanted among a pile of socks and ugly Christmas sweaters. Landing a High-value five-of-a-kind will reward you with anywhere from 16x to 40x the size of your bet, depending on which symbols you get. Just a friendly suggestion from us – aim for the Red 7. You can thank us later. 😉

From Wilds to the 243 Respin Feature

Wilds are arguably one of the most common features in Slot games, but still, we’ll explain for the uninitiated. In 243 Christmas Fruits, there is a symbol, the Joker, that’s called a Wild. The Wild symbol can act as a substitute for all other symbols and has the potential of initiating the 243 Respin Feature. The 243 Respin Feature is triggered when a Wild lands on a winning bet line on reels 2, 3 or 4. Should the feature be triggered, the symbols in winning combinations will explode and disappear, leaving space for another respin with a higher multiplier.

The Respins will continue until there are no more winning combinations or the multiplier reaches x5. Each new respin increases the multiplier until it reaches x5.

Quick X Feature

For the impatient among us, 243 Christmas Fruits has the Quick X Feature, which is really just a Buy Bonus. It allows you to purchase a respin round with an X multiplier guaranteed. The pricing-multiplier ratio goes as follows:

  • x1 Multiplier – €10;
  • x2 Multiplier – €20;
  • x3 Multiplier – €30;
  • x4 Multiplier – €40;
  • x5 Multiplier – €50.

Know that you don’t necessarily need to purchase the highest tier Multiplier as playing with 1x – x4 Multipliers allows for progression up to Multiplier x5. You cannot, however, level up when playing with x5 Multiplier.

Bottom Line

We have now arrived at the final station – the end of this review. If you’ve been following along, you’ll know precisely what kind of game 243 Christmas Fruits really is – one of casual fun and Christmas festivities. While the game doesn’t have many features and the max payout is rather low, it makes up for it with its admirable dedication to the festive spirit. Sometimes, we all need a pocket-sized version of Christmas, and with 243 Christmas Fruits, Santa has dutifully granted our wish.

Software Tom Horn
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 5
Paylines 243
Slot Game Features Bonus Buy, Free Spins, Re-spin Feature, Wild Symbol
Min. Bet 0.5
Max. Bet 100
Slot Themes Christmas
Slot RTP 95%
devices Mobile versionTablet versionDesktop version
243 Christmas Fruits Slot by image 23

Game Winnings and Payouts

243 Christmas Fruits Seven Symbol

x5 = 40x

x4 = 20x

x3 = 10x

243 Christmas Fruits Уьшеипьвдх Symbol

x5 = 24x

x4 = 14x

x3 = 6x

243 Christmas Fruits Kiwi Symbol

x5 = 16x

x4 = 8x

x3 = 4x

243 Christmas Fruits Grape Symbol

x5 = 16x

x4 = 8x

x3 = 4x

243 Christmas Fruits Orange Symbol

x5 = 4x

x4 = 3x

x3 = 2x

243 Christmas Fruits Plum Symbol

x5 = 4x

x4 = 3x

x3 = 2x

243 Christmas Fruits Lemon Symbol

x5 = 3x

x4 = 2x

x3 = 1x

243 Christmas Fruits Cherry Symbol

x5 = 3x

x4 = 2x

x3 = 1x


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